"If you are concerned about fascism, you would wish to halt Russia": Historian Timothy Snyder blasts U.S. Republican Lawmaker Green of her accusation of Ukraine being a 'Nazi state' - (video, 4 min) ( )

Here's the video:

Would you teach your kids how to pirate?

My gf and I have had discussions about teaching morals to kids. In that vein, I asked myself, would I teach piracy to my kids? Yes, it’s technically illegal and carries inherent risks. But so does teenage sex carry the risks of teenage pregnancy, and so we have an obligation to children to teach them how to practice safe sex....

Can you live without YouTube ?

Today in a Privacy community a post about YouTube. No word about privacy but all about which software or settings are needed to watch videos and the money needed to host videos. It made me wonder whether some of you can lead a meaningful life without YouTube. Or will a cold turkey bring the worst out of you ?

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