The longer Biden enables Netanyahu, the more his presidency is at risk | Mohamad Bazzi (

Biden, a supposed foreign policy pragmatist, doesn’t seem bothered that the US is one of the few states that continues to wholeheartedly sustain Israel’s war on Gaza. In fact, Biden has staked his political future on his support for Netanyahu and Israel – and Biden is losing. In this year’s presidential election, where...

TIL about Sublinks, a Java-based alternative to Lemmy's backend (

Today I learned about Sublinks (here), an open-source project that aims to be a drop-in replacement for the backend of Lemmy, a federated link aggregator and microblogging platform. Sublinks is designed to be initially API-compatible with Lemmy, allowing existing Lemmy clients, such as Lemmy-UI, to integrate seamlessly....

Briten sauer: Scholz soll Geheimnis verraten haben ( German

Frankreichs Präsident Macron denkt über den Einsatz europäischer Soldaten in der Ukraine nach und erntet Kritik. Aussagen von Kanzler Scholz befeuern die Debatte. Denn ihm zufolge seien längst Briten und Franzosen vor Ort. Die NATO-Partner reagieren ungehalten, gerade weil Scholz in Sachen Taurus zögert....

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