Abortion pills that patients got via telehealth and the mail are safe, study finds (

In March, the Supreme Court will hear a case about mifepristone, one of two drugs used in medication abortions. A key question in that case is: Was the Food and Drug Administration correct when it deemed the drug safe to prescribe to patients in a virtual appointment?...

Americans who live alone report depression at higher rates, but social support helps (

People living alone are more likely to report feeling depressed compared to those living with others, according to a new study by the CDC's National Center for Health Statistics. And that effect is particularly stark for people living alone who say they have little or no social and emotional support....

Utah is pushing back against ever-tightening EPA air pollution standards (

When it comes to its chronically poor winter air, Salt Lake City already has topography working against it. Steep mountain ranges on either side of the city create a giant bowl, where dreaded winter temperature inversions trap cold air that stagnates with dust, factory smoke, and diesel exhaust from the city's expanding web of...

Research at the heart of a federal case against the abortion pill has been retracted (

A scientific paper that raised concerns about the safety of the abortion pill mifepristone was retracted by its publisher this week. The study was cited three times by a federal judge who ruled against mifepristone last spring. That case, which could limit access to mifepristone throughout the country, will soon be heard in the...

As 'magic mushrooms' got more attention, drug busts of the psychedelic drug went up (

In recent years, there's been growing interest in psilocybin, the psychoactive ingredient in "magic mushrooms" or "shrooms" as a potentially beneficial therapy for mental health conditions. At the same time, drug busts of mushrooms went way up between 2017 and 2022, and the amount of the psychedelic substance seized by law...

Technology in the hands of patients changes the practice of medicine (

Dennis Thomas O’Connor, now 75 years old, talks about the health problems he’s had. They include heart disease, prostate cancer and being seriously overweight. But he was lucky to meet the right doctor and learn about the tools he could use to take control of his health....

A growing wave of local governments are erasing billions in medical debts (

This week, New York City pledged to pay down $2 billion worth of residents' medical debt. In doing so, it has come around to an innovation that started in with local governments in the Midwest, and is ridding millions of Americans of health care debt....

In Washington state, pharmacists are poised to start prescribing abortion drugs (

Over the past several months, a handful of community pharmacies in states where abortion remains legal have begun to take advantage of a new rule that allows them to fill prescriptions for the abortion pill mifepristone. Prior to the rule change, which was finalized last January by the Food and Drug Administration, pregnant...

California, Illinois and NYC succeeded in getting 2020 census numbers double-checked and increased (

Illinois is adding tens of thousands of people to its population total, and California is getting misplaced sailors on an aircraft carrier put in the right location after successfully asking for a review of their 2020 census figures....

Election-year politics threaten Senate border deal as Trump rallies opposition (

A politically treacherous dynamic is taking hold as negotiators in Congress work to strike a bipartisan deal on the border and immigration, with vocal opposition from the hard right and former President Donald Trump threatening to topple the carefully negotiated compromise....

Kenneth Smith could be the first person executed with nitrogen gas. He spoke with NPR (

Alabama has already tried once to execute Kenneth Smith. On the evening of Nov. 17, 2022, Smith lay on a gurney as workers tried for an hour to insert needles into the veins of his hand, arms and collarbone so they could put him to death by lethal injection. Just before midnight, the execution was called off....

Taiwan's election was a vote for continuity, but adds uncertainty in ties with China (

The election on Saturday of Taiwan's vice president and candidate of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP), Lai Ching-te, to be the island's next leader highlights Taiwanese voters' support for political continuity, but may add fresh uncertainty into already frosty relations with China....

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