The Open-Air Detention Camps of San Diego ( )

Driving into Jacumba Hot Springs, a town eighty miles east of San Diego, California, an imposing stretch of the border wall emerges, slicing through the rugged desert terrain. Visible along the town’s main street, the thirty-foot-tall steel wall’s long shadow looms over its roughly 600 residents....

Panama’s Supreme Court Declares Mining Law Unconstitutional ( )

Panama’s Supreme Court declared a controversial copper mining project in the Latin American country unconstitutional. In a unanimous decision against the Canadian mining company First Quantum, the court suspended the extension of the mining contract, which had generated months of protests from citizens....

‘Call of Duty’ Doesn’t Just Depict Bad History—It’s Pro-War Propaganda ( )

I just started playing COD Black Ops Cold War because I got it through my PlayStation Plus subscription and wanted to try it out. I’ve previously played some others like Modern Warfare (1 and 2) and WWII. While it always felt a bit over the top and propaganda-ish, I really liked it for the blockbuster feeling and just turning...

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