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recklessengagement , in Free moneyrule glitch

We got a "bill" from a company like this that wanted ~300 bucks to "list your companies name on our website". That was it. You paid them, and you got added to the list of accountants that didn't read the fine print. Pretty clever, if obnoxious.

kautau , (edited )

This is common with domain registrations too. They will mail an unsuspecting company a request to pay for “continued domain protection” for a domain close to expiration, which means literally paying them to send another letter when the domain is up for renewal again. The don’t do anything with the domain, you just pay them to mail you letters when it’s close to expiring

Daxtron2 ,

This is genius, I should automate it

frezik ,

The whois data is usually anonymized these days. However, there are companies that forget to check that box.

Spammers often deliberately make their messages full of spelling and grammatical errors because they want to target people who are just that naive. Might have a similar thing going on here.

Piemanding ,

I got those letters when I registered a domain. It was so annoying.

kautau ,

Nowadays any registrar worth their salt will provide free Whois protection for TLDs that support it, but it was absolutely a racket at the time

TheBlue22 , in is he goated with the rule?

Bro, I’m 23, and I feel 50 looking at todays memes. What the fuck is even going on anymore my guy

daellat ,

Dopamine release pushed to the extreme. If a video takes longer than 10s it needs a second video or reactor in split screen. Also loud = funny

FMT99 ,

Loud had always been funny. Pewdiepie got his start screaming at Minecraft.

Pharmacokinetics ,
@Pharmacokinetics@lemmy.world avatar

I am 23 also but I feel like I am 80… ehh what’s that sonny?

Agent641 ,

I can’t even yeet, dawg.

bmsok ,

Kobe for accuracy. Yeet for distance. The golden rule.

MonkCanatella ,

Born le wrong generussy

FooBarrington ,

quirked up lemmy user with a little bit of swag busts it down confused style … is he goated with the sauce?

ohlaph ,

No cap fam, but they got the rizz, so…

ClaireDeLuna ,

The less you try to understand it the more it makes sense. (Also 23)

Stupid slang is stupid but it has existed forever (70s had groovy, and jeepers creepers). I say loosen up and enjoy the stupid words. I remember in highschool common slang words were…jit (younger person), fam(friends), on-god(honestly/swear to god), shook (startled, surprised), thirsty(desperate), extra(too much). All of these words were stupid and I resisted using them, but now I just kinda vibe with the people in my life and the stupid slang slowly seeps in.

Granted I’ve low-key adopted a lot of random shit from different generations just because I enjoy the word more than the original one. Idk life is short, so why waste time trying to understand things that are just going to change in a year, when you can just be in the moment and focus on what’s important?

Takumidesh ,

I think it’s funny that you used slang that has just been adopted into common language in your post, like low key and vibe.

Slang is normal, and language evolves over time, new words and phrases being created is fine and some of them stick and others don’t.

ClaireDeLuna ,

Whenever I think of slang I just imagine that scene from the office, “why use lot word when fewer do trick?” Slang is basically that statement being applied into an actual functional modification to language.

So fuck it fam, live it up. Vibe with the times or whatever. Just don’t overdo it lest you sound a little silly (but that’s the worst that comes from slang…you just sound a little silly)

Rolando ,

70s had groovy, and jeepers creepers

fwiw “jeepers creepers” is from the 1930s.

ClaireDeLuna ,

Oh huh, til. Ngl I assumed it was 70’s due to Scooby Doo :p

dewritoninja ,

Fam can’t handle the slangussy

ClaireDeLuna ,

Fam ain’t got that DAWG in em 😔

Malgas , in Birthday Rule Horse

The Joy of Cooking, fuck yeah!

shani66 , in Ohio Rule

Here's hoping

VoteTrump , in Mii Rule

Brain damaged.

gndagreborn , in Omegle rule
@gndagreborn@lemmy.world avatar

Rip omegle.

outer_spec , in Alien rule
@outer_spec@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

I’m pretty sure Scout Tf2 is also part of this species

Ragdoll_X OP , in Alien rule
@Ragdoll_X@lemmy.world avatar

As someone who's never properly watched Jerma every time I see a random clip of him it just further cements my belief that his blood is liquid crack.

thatsTheCatch ,

Me too! I have a vague idea of who he is, but I'm purposefully not properly watching him because I enjoy pretending he's a cryptid of which I only get information in small drops

MossyFeathers ,

I've seen clips of him IRL and I'm convinced that he's the exact same person IRL as he is on stream. In some ways it makes him more wholesome because it means he's as nice IRL as he is on stream, in other ways it makes me worried because it means there's a crackhead psycho on the loose and no one is stopping him.

Edit: his community is just as insane as he is, if not moreso. I miss the Jerma subreddit.

BautAufWasEuchAufbaut , in tradpole rule
@BautAufWasEuchAufbaut@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar
  • isn't commonly used by fascists to sell illusions of a past where minorities weren't so pesky
LesDeuxBonsYeux , in Rule

Just break his spine

Riven , in hbomberrule
@Riven@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

His latest video on plagiarism was a great follow up to his Oof/Tommy talarico one.

gmtom , in cRule world
@gmtom@lemmy.world avatar

And this is why I just to being a man, my dysphoria is mild so it's less painful than the realities of transitioning.

Kusimulkku , in Mii Rule

Seeing it like this does make the whole thing seem weirder

wander1236 , in Public Domain Rule
@wander1236@sh.itjust.works avatar

Not with the gloves

survivalmachine , in Prulegress

My biggest complaint about hyprland is I tried it on a whim last month when I got bored of waiting for Plasma 6 to come out and I fell in love so hard I have zero desire to go back to KDE now even with new stuff on the horizon.

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