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Shkshkshk ,
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This is what its like working in childcare. Kids do stuff like this all the time.


Shkshkshk OP ,
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@pteryx @196 no that's just poor classroom management

pteryx ,
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@Shkshkshk @196 Suffice it to say that I suffered through over a decade of "bad classroom management", a lot of which went above and beyond mere attempts at containing screaming and crying... and meanwhile, the "teasers" (the teachers insisted that the verbal bullying be called "teasing") got away scot-free.

I ultimately dropped out of school because of the way the teachers treated me, even two years after they actually finally decided putting the bullies on notice was a worthwhile step.

Shkshkshk ,
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Queer.af instance was taken down by the


Cross-posted from https://makai.chaotic.ninja/notes/9poqkck6bq

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

where tree

cmat273 ,

They took the domain and the server was taken down by the owner after that but close enough lmao

bimmer ,
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@196 rule

casmael ,

Hey easy buddy not all of us can afford the overheads of a full camera crew

Annoyed_Crabby ,

Which beg the question: is there a BMW behind the plane? 🤔

Shkshkshk ,
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Blahaj_Blast ,
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Somehow worse.

Blahaj_Blast ,
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I shit you not, this is the literal translation.

SATAN is👹⚔️ workin overtime 💪💪to make a new level of hell 🪚⚒🪚cause 🎉🎉💀HENRY PISSinger☠️ has FINALLY FUCKIN DIED🪦🪦🎉🎉!! u may know this proPIGandist🐽🐽 by his greatest hits: BOMBINGS 💣, GENOCIDES 👎😡😢, MILITARY💂 COUPS💥, and other 🚔🚔CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY🏴‍☠️!! but DID U KNOW 🧠❓he was also someone hillary clinton 👵🏻 considered a close personal friend😘👯‍♀️🆒!! he devoted his life to DICKlaring 🍆🍆war 🚫AGAINST 🚫 the CUMMIES💦💂💦 and other unCUNTstitutional 🍑🦪🦪🍑things and ppl called him a hero🤔🤷😡👎‼️⁉️ today we pour one out 🍻 🥂🍾 for one of the WORST PEOPLE🤢👿🤢 to ever do it‼️ so SPREAD ↔️THOSE LEGS 💃💃 like ur the freedom 🗽🗽of infWHOREmation 📚📜📚act && send this to 2️⃣1️⃣ people u want to give u their TRICKY DICK 👁👅👁. GET5️⃣ BACK, you’ll give someone a déTENTe ⛺️🪵 IN THEIR PANTS get 🔟 back and you’ll be getting realpoliDICKED 🤤🤤🍆🍆DOWN with that MISSILE TREATY😏🚀🚀😏 tonight‼️

KataKabun ,
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bunny rule


problematicPanther ,
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I hope she’s okay.

TheBlue22 ,

Went to a vet, going tomorrow as well

ssfckdt ,
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shameful past moment rule


millions ,
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@196 liberty rule

Shkshkshk ,
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Dick Stallman Rule


It is I, the great and powerful Arch Wizard of Mastodon. I have used my arcane magicks to post this to Lemmy. You must like, boost, or reply to this post within one day, or else I will manifest within your abode to install a GNU/Linux distro on your computer.

withquieteyes ,
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@196 Read pluralistic and rejoice

Tasio ,
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gift i made the last year rule

error420 ,
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@196 explodes penis with mind

AppleBlondo ,

@196 George Jorje

ssfckdt ,
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@196 With /r/196 open again on Reddit, what happens to Lemmy version?

artisanrox ,
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The Rule that Heals

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