MossyFeathers ,

Are we sharing plushies now?

They’re protobeans, and yes, they all have names, colors in parentheses.

Top row: Aziraphale (white), Rose (light pink), Maple (leafy bean), and Crowley (black)

2nd row: il Diavolo (crimson), T H E S H O R K (SHARK BEAN), Herman: the Sixth-Dimensional Planet Smasher (lilac), Olivia (lavender)

3rd row: Quinn (red), (Dizzy Miss) Lizzy (yellow, she’s always the wrong-way up), Roswell (green), Gordon Freebean (orange), John Freebean (blue)

Bottom row: Violet (purple), Rivet (yellow/blue).

The big mound is THE GREAT MOTH UPON WHICH THE WORLD REVOLVES or just “The Moth” for short. He has an old jacket with a broken zipper because it’s getting cold out (that’s also why most of the beans are tucked into fluffy socks or hats). Rivet and Violet are in the pockets, Aziraphale and Crowley are in the sleeves. The purple guy against the wall is Acrid.

These fucks have names too, though they’re currently in trouble because they pushed another plushie off the bed while I was asleep to make more room (I have a twin bed).

From left to right: Nazca, Mojave, and Nyx. Mojave is very proud of his polo shirt, Nyx is channeling some “dark Kermit” vibes and Nazca is just happy to be warm.

mossy_ ,

I don’t think we are but your plushies are very nice

Sammy , avatar

Excuse you, we are totally talking about plushies now.

MossyFeathers ,

Thank you mossy! c:

mossy_ ,

You’re welcome mossy!

outer_spec OP , avatar

Those are fantastic plushies! Where did you get them? Or did you make them yourself?

MossyFeathers , (edited )

Thank you! The protobeans came from BossMonsta, The hidden moth is from Squishable, the Acrid plush is one of the official Risk of Rain plushies from RobaRoba (dunno if they’ll ever make more, but they should), the dragons are from Creep Cat Toy Company.

The Creep Cat (elemental) dragons are more expensive, but very high-quality. There’s a lot of embroidered detail. Unfortunately it looks like they’ve sold out of most of them, dunno if they’ll be restocking them. I’ve also got one of their roadkill possums on the way.

The moth is approximately pillow-sized and very soft. He’s having to serve as a platform at the moment because bed too small. I’m hoping I’ll be mentally and financially stable enough to move out within the next year or so though, and then they’ll get to sleep on the bed and he won’t have to act as a platform anymore.

Acrid is just happy to have friends now.

The Protobeans are just goofy little fucks. They get into all kinds of mischief and are very intelligent but not very smart and their ability to remember things is fluffy at best, so they can solve problems pretty quickly but still talk in dial-up.

They all have relationships as well, for an example John Freebean who was Gordon Freebeans brother was one day in an office typing on a computer. He got an email from his brother that said that aliens and monsters were attacking his place and aksed him for help so he went..

Herman the Sixth-Dimensional Planet Smasher and Olivia are the “parents” as they’re the first two I got. They’ve got no idea how protobeans are made, they think they just come in the mail.

Quinn, Lizzy and Roswell like to pretend to be a traffic light.

Edit: also Aziraphale and Crowley are a reference to Good Omens. If you haven’t read/watched it, you should. It’s really, really good.

outer_spec OP , avatar

I love that the “elemental dragons” are just. Blatantly the different dragon tribes from Wings of Fire but they’re not saying it out loud for copyright purposes

Jimbo , avatar

Aww man I don’t like how Acrid plays but gib plushh! Surely another run for Risk of Rain Returns

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