OC A Rare PortaCount Accessory: The TSI 8120

If you've been thoroughly reading /m/CPCSupport, you might be aware of the most common accessory for the 8020A, the N95-Companion, which was integrated into later models of the PortaCount. But did you know there's another, more obscure accessory for the PortaCount?

Consider yourself lucky! ...if you manage to find this accessory at a discount. I could only find one unit on the largest auction site for an unreasonable price, and they haven't shown up in any government auctions yet.

The 8120 is believed to be TSI's answer to the ATI's PMLT/TDA-99M, an already rare fit tester. So unsurprisingly, the 8120 is almost nonexistent. You can't even more than half a page worth of results on a Google Image Search.

What is this thing?

The accessory essentially adds standardized elastomeric testing involving stuff like the drink tube and the exhalation valve, features of the TDA-99M, to the PortaCount. Oh, did I also mention:

  • It was released after the end 8020A manufacturing, yet the 8120 still supports it?

  • But it doesn't support the 8040.

  • And it's placed 10 model numbers behind the super-expensive 8130, which has the 8119 accessory?


Here's the manual, if you're interested. And the 8120 is not just limited to super expensive CBRN respirators either; here's a manual for the 3M Bayonet adapters, which no one has been able to find yet.

Yeah, even if you find an 8120, with no adapters, you're not going to be able to use it for its intended purpose anytime soon. But feel free to let us know if you've found or acquired one.

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