Does anyone else get inbox fright?

If stage fright is the fear that one has, when performing

Then inbox fright is the fear/dread I have, when it comes to getting replies or reactions, after I post...

Especially if its related to political content

You never know if you're going to pulled into a struggle session over something and sent nasty messages, overall

patak , avatar

I used to have such fear, especially when I was younger. not just an inbox fright but also some sort of "reaction fright" meaning that I was scared a lot about people's reaction in a face-to-face conversation

cabron_offsets ,

I used to. Don’t give a flying shit anymore. Sometimes people agree with me, sometimes they disagree. Fuck it, whatever.

Transporter_Room_3 , avatar

sees 1 new notification oh cool someone responded to something let's see what it is

5 notifications hmm. Well something I commented on must have hit the front page / trending

22 notifications oh god what community decided to take issue with me now... (after blocking a few instances, the amount of gif and emoji spam on my inbox has drastically reduced)

june ,

Exactly the same lmao. If I have more than 10 notifications I’m asking myself what I did

Omega_Haxors ,

I used to on reddit back when it was a game of Reddit 50/50 if you were going to get a normal comment or gaslighting attempts from a nazi.

altima_neo , avatar

Man, I get excited when I get replies. Means someone thought something of my comments, be it positive or negative.

doggle ,

Oh yeah. Big time. Stems from a broader social anxiety, in my case.

Postreader2814 ,

Used to. I realized that the worst that happens is that you pissed off some dickhead who writes bad words to you. You don't get hurt or die or anything. It's just some words.

NikkiDimes ,

Listen here, you little shit. That's a good point.

ripcord , avatar

Not me.

BonesOfTheMoon ,

Yes. Mostly people on Lemmy are positive, but every so often some nutsack turns up.

oscardejarjayes , avatar

Maybe on a messaging platform with IRL people, but never on somewhere like Lemmy. If anything, I really enjoy seeing that number go up! 59 unreads right now (I never check the box, the only way they go is replies).

rawrthundercats ,

I have this with checking emails at work. I hate when I have a new email and don't know what it's about to say.

atkion ,

Ughhhhhh, just logging in in the morning and seeing the tab header go to 'Inbox (27)' is awful.

NikkiDimes ,

How do you get it to say 27? Mines like 500, I think...

teawrecks ,

This was a thing on reddit too. Don't think that Lemmy is immune to group think or even bots intentionally farming divisiveness. If anything, the inconsistent moderation by design makes it even more susceptible.

I try to tell myself to just roll my eyes at pointlessly negative comments, throw it a downvote if I think it's not contributing anything useful, and move on. Otherwise they'll drag you to their level and beat you with experience, as it were.

exocrinous ,

If you get banned from one instance with any level of drama, the admins will gossip about you to their friends who admin other instances. Then you're banned from two to three instances, and the next time you get into any kind of debate or disagreement, "ah, I see you were banned by three different instances, you must be a troublemaker." Before long the situation is, "I see that a dozen instances all completely independently decided to ban you. You must be a piece of shit." ONE person can get you kicked off most of the fediverse because of the level of trust and respect for authority there is here.

Anyway, ACAB.

Resol , avatar

At first I didn't like the fact that my Lemmy client didn't support notifications, but it turned out to be the greatest thing about it. It basically helped me cut down on social media time.

iknt ,

You can hide the notification icon, and check unread in when you want to.

Ublock Origin Dashboard -> My filters, add:[href="/inbox"].nav-link

Catpurple ,

Yep, that's me. When I still actively used reddit, I felt this with every message, was always afraid I was off the mark, or didn't read the room, or said something wrong or ignorant.

I just turned off notifications and ignored my karma count to just post through it. Though, I usually said things that either never got any votes, or that people seemed to generally agree with. And I was relieved whenever I did notice the numbers going up instead of down, and occasionally worked up the courage to check responses and continue conversations, but usually nothing.

This has really not changed since moving to Lemmy, and really just persists through every website. It sucks, I mostly just don't comment.

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