Pirasp ,

To me, of say: Sad, frustrating but also freeing. Lots of stuff changed in my life this year…

rip_art_bell ,
@rip_art_bell@lemmy.world avatar

Annoying on many levels

yessikg ,
@yessikg@lemmy.blahaj.zone avatar

Too fucking close to 1.5C for our sakes

jubilationtcornpone ,

As in most years, Dave Barry will have plenty of content for ‘the Review.’

Zonks ,

My wife of seven years divorced me for my (former) best friend after having an affair with him for a few months. And the entire social circle supported their actions so I was left alone and without any friends.

So, one of the shittiest years of my life.

However, I then found a whole crowd of neurodivergent people, and I am able to unmask fully and be accepted and loved for who I am for the first time in my life.

So, one of the best years of my life too.

I am very emotionally confused this year.

NoneYa ,

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  • Zonks ,

    “That’s between you guys.” - general response

    So people wanted to avoid drama, but by taking that stance they sided by default.

    And yeah, I’m in a much better place. Thanks for your kind words. I still struggle with the trauma of the whole thing, and probably will for a while, but I have much better people in my life and I’m reading philosophy and theory on love and self-love. It’s helping for future relationships.

    Resol ,
    @Resol@lemmy.world avatar

    I finally remember the fact that Loreen existed.

    Also, the Holy Land isn’t so holy after all thanks to the constant fighting that actually got worse last month.

    We all left Reddit. And Twitter.

    Yeah, it was pretty bad.

    Wahots ,
    @Wahots@pawb.social avatar

    Personally- great, a lot of good stuff happened. And ai have even more to look forward to in the coming year, as we prepare to take our relationship to the next level :)

    But more broadly, I’m very concerned about another Jan 6th/2016 approaching next year. What it means for us, our friends and neighbors, and Ukraine. So that is kind of floating over me. I can’t rest easy until the orange menace steps down, dies, or is permanently disfigured with some sort of shitting disease or something. And their team keeps losing political will the longer democrats keep the country going. Please, let’s all vote next year.

    1984 ,
    @1984@lemmy.today avatar

    I miss the 80s.

    m4xie ,

    Less disastrous than the past few years.

    Zevlen ,

    The Year when people learn the word “Global Inequality” …

    It’s not just shitty to live in US; It’s shitty to live anywhere now.

    Thanks Global Corporations and thanks Governments for doing absolutely nothing about the Global Elite/ global monopolies… Oh and thank You Religions; You also suck balls.

    Dvixen ,
    @Dvixen@lemmy.world avatar

    The year of exclusion and wanting to cease existing.

    HeyThisIsntTheYMCA ,
    @HeyThisIsntTheYMCA@lemmy.world avatar

    Kissinger died, so looking up

    DarkMessiah ,

    The last year I could barely afford things, if prices keep going the way they are.

    MargotRobbie ,
    @MargotRobbie@lemmy.world avatar

    The year of the beginning of the AI revolution, of the end of social media, of rising labor movements, of fallen titans orlf industries, of Barbies, and of Oppenheimers, and of rediscovering sincerity in a world full of absurdities.

    The year of great changes yet to come.

    Thteven ,
    @Thteven@lemmy.world avatar

    The middle of the end.

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