Where are all those price cuts thanks to AI implementation m

So many companies cut their workforce as much as 10-15% citing that those jobs can be fully automated by the use of AI but I am still waiting to see any meaningful price cuts of their products from the said companies, etc.

Otherwise this will mean that they are doing this just to increase their profit margins and please their shareholders and don't care about their customers or workforce.

vermyndax ,

I never heard of any company promising price cuts due to AI and layoffs. Even if they had, I wouldn't have believed it one bit.

yarr ,

When a company saves money they almost never pass it on to the customer. Just a sad reality.

Illuminostro ,

You spelled "Wage Cuts" wrong.

Asafum ,

Yeah economics is about "how do I maximize profit and never reduce prices." Then they just lie about how supply and demand works or how productivity increases and mergers will help prices go down. Prices only ever go up.


intensely_human ,

The way supply and demand works is the thing that forces companies to give up profit is a competing company willing to take a little less profit (and hence undercut prices).

It doesn’t work if there’s no competition, or insufficient competition.

xkforce ,

So in other words, it doesnt work in the real world

force ,


economics is a dumb field, we should get rid of it (and the economy)

intensely_human ,

Shall we drop a few asteroids on the planet while we’re talking about destroying ourselves?

afraid_of_zombies ,

Don't defend economics, you aren't being paid too. All of economic thought is either trivially true or brought to you by someone who has a motivation to lie.

intensely_human ,

It does work in the real world. That’s why food doesn’t cost a billion dollars a meal.

That being said, the forced business closures we had a couple years ago definitely consolidated markets, reducing competition and driving prices way up.

Silentiea ,
@Silentiea@lemm.ee avatar

Sounds like there is a space for a competitor if anyone with enough capital wants to invest. It's one industry, Michael. How much could it cost, ten million dollars?

bitwaba ,

That's pretty much it in a nutshell. Anyone with the hundreds of billions of dollars necessary to compete in that space is already there, and doing layoffs.

Cowbee ,

Once the labor force is truly laid off en masses as AI gets better, then competition will force prices lower, dramatically reducing margin for profits. It's the Tendency for the Rate of Profit to Fall, you just have to wait a few years for the full effects.

10-15% cuts are nothing compared to what may come.

xkforce ,

You are so very naive

Cowbee ,

How so? This is basic Marxist analysis.

Badeendje ,
@Badeendje@lemmy.world avatar

No no, the value proposition is not that it's cheaper. It's more consistent. 24/7, same output, no sick days or vacation, no own opinion... It does what you tell it, to the T.

The cost is the same and paid by the companies to the ai suppliers. Same as with the medication that cured hepatitis. The pharmaceutical company calculated the total cost of care for a terminal hepC patiënt, and then set the price of the medication to 80% of that.. it's cheaper so we're the good guys.

Corporations will charge what the market will bare.

filister OP ,

Haha, saying that it does everything to the T shows how little you have used generative AI, as it seems to hallucinate every now and then or return inconsistent results on more complex prompts.

And the worst part is that the AI is still like a black box and it is extremely difficult to compare the quality of different prompts, as it will return all the time different outputs if you ask it the same thing.

Additionally, I truly believe we are currently in the AI honeymoon period where people have extremely high expectations about the capabilities of the AI and we will soon reach a threshold of what the generative AI can achieve which will be like a awakening for the whole industry.

Just look at the self driving cars who were predicted to show up on the streets and we still don't have a full Level 4 capable car.

Badeendje ,
@Badeendje@lemmy.world avatar

It was a hyperbole, but perhaps I should have said "it is good enough for many tasks".

Sure are a customer service rep it might give a customer the occasional refund, or as an HR rep it might award some extra leave. The bottom line is that it does not need to be perfect, humans are not either.

And the honeymoon period, for sure. A lot of people project their wishes on ai, and the selling people are more than happy not to correct them. And as long as Space Karen can get away with selling stuff that has not panned out and race 0 reprecussions.. why wouldn't others do it.

The examples we (the collective we) get from those at the perceived top of our society, is blatant lies, Grift, theft, more lies.. and it pays off! Companies selling AI are no different, there is no downside to over promising and under delivering.

But I stand by the reason why this is not going to bring proces down.

zcd , (edited )

It just means billionaires can do another few victory laps around the Earth in their private jets while the world burns. We need to eliminate them and institute universal basic income

Mr_Blott ,

Buy ETFs then

Illecors ,
@Illecors@lemmy.cafe avatar

Those extortionate licensing fees are not going to pay themselves!

bouh ,

Are you discovering capitalism now?

Nativeridge ,
@Nativeridge@aussie.zone avatar

Son as we finish swimming!

As soon as we finish swimming...

Netrunner ,
@Netrunner@programming.dev avatar

Don't you mean price jumps?

gapbetweenus ,

In the pockets of investors?

weeeeum ,

Nope. Worker productivity has increased many fold over the last 50 years, meaning each person can produce many times more goods.

Wages have been stagnant and cost of living is through the roof, despite all of this increased efficiency, productivity, fewer workers and much cheaper operating costs.

We're fucked lol

Tar_alcaran ,

But the number, and wealth, of billionaires is way up!

meekah ,
@meekah@lemmy.world avatar

"For a beautiful moment in history we created a lot of value for shareholders"

guyrocket ,
@guyrocket@kbin.social avatar

I hope UAW gets and starts the 4 day workweek trend. I doubt employers will suddenly start paying decent wages so that might be the best we get.

Semi-Hemi-Demigod ,
@Semi-Hemi-Demigod@kbin.social avatar

I hope they lead a general strike in 2028

alehc ,

Genuine question. Why hasn't free market forced the prices to drop? If company X makes Y twice as cheaply, it could drop its prices like 20% and having way more customers and way higher profits. Why hasn't this ever happened?

weeeeum ,

Good question. I personally think it's because of conglomerates and large companies. Nestle has so many brands that it'd be a full time job to avoid their products. They are unfathomably huge, and so are many other food companies. They know how to play ball with each other, people have to eat, and they will pay anything.

Additionally supermarket chains likely play into it, same concept. Walmarts, targets etc killed off many small business and local grocery stores, they can also charge whatever they want. In fact the dollar store would go to tiny towns, compete and murder the local grocery with low prices, and monopolize the towns food needs with processed crap, these are called food deserts.

mnemonicmonkeys ,

Nestle has so many brands that it'd be a full time job to avoid their products.

Not quite. I actually checked a couple years back and there was only 1 product that I bought from them: bagged Starbucks coffee. I just had to switch to a local coffee roaster to fix that.

That being said, I tend to make the majority of my food from scratch, but that's actually not that hard if you know what you're doing. Plus I don't eat snacks, which also helps.

Illuminostro ,

Because "Free Market" is a myth.

Grandwolf319 ,

Yeah, I always wondered this, why would competition lower prices? If something is selling at $100, why would I make it and sell it way below that?

Sure, I might give a small discount at first to lure customers, but once I have enough market share, wouldn’t I rather sell it for $100?

KevonLooney ,

Competition lowers prices because ideally no one has a lot of "market share". Think about a small farm community where 10 people have chickens, 10 people have pigs, 10 people grow wheat, 10 people grow carrots, etc. Maybe everyone grows potatoes or something, so those aren't sold at the market. They're just eaten.

This is a situation where no one person can control the price of things, but they still fluctuate based on supply and demand. Say it's Christmas and everyone wants to make egg nog. The cost of eggs and cream will rise because farmers can't just increase the amount of eggs and milk produced. Say there's a crop sickness and half of the wheat dies. The price of wheat will rise, since farmers can't make enough to satisfy the demand for bread.

After both of these problems have passed, the prices will come back down because no one person controls more than 10% of the price for their goods. If one person charged $6 per dozen eggs after Christmas was over (everyone else charges $5, as normal), they would not sell very many eggs. The average price is not increasable by one person. And any one person could quickly sell all their eggs just by charging slightly less. (This assumes that goods are interchangeable in quality.)

Grandwolf319 ,

Your assuming the sellers are not cooperating with each other.

Sure, at first it could be like that, but as time goes on, those 10 people would either form a group, merge into a few or just one, or even just at one point suggest to each other to keep a certain price.

My point is, there is no guarantee that the sellers would play by the “ideal rules” when they just have one goal.

Silentiea ,
@Silentiea@lemm.ee avatar

I mean it's technically illegal, but then so are a lot of things.

Grandwolf319 ,

Another thing that they could do that I just realized is following bad examples.

Once there are established players and one of them is big enough, it would just do a anti consumer practice for the sake of better profits, once competition notices sales didn’t drop significantly, competitors follow suite.

A great real world example is the headphone jack, replaceable phone batteries and the screen notch.

raldone01 , (edited )

To some degree barrier of entry.
Let's say I want to create a smartphone. I know it's possible to do it cheaper, without selling customer data or with special features.

You would need crazy amounts of start captial to even enter the market and the current leaders would make your entry as miserable as they could with huge sales and temporary minor pro consumer moves.

If you could get the captial you would probably fail there or cave and accept some kind of deal where you become rich and your company gets ingested and dissolved by current market leaders.

afraid_of_zombies ,

Well it has but it isnt going to be commented on. My house was built in 1899 and we have a shortage of closet space remember once getting annoyed and wondering out loud "did people just have less clothing at one point". I said that as a man who quite literally did an engineering internship with a textile machine company. Of course clothing has gotten a lot cheaper.

Now cost disease is hitting us all where it hurts so of course it is the thing we all comment on.

But hey we can't afford a degree, a doctor, a place to live, or to go to a restaurant anymore but on the plus side you can buy anything mass produced for very little.

illi ,

Otherwise this will mean that they are doing this just to increase their profit margins and please their shareholders and don't care about their customers or workforce.

Oh my sweet summer child... that's exactly what it means. Always has.

sacbuntchris ,

So buy ETFs

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