Nath , avatar

There is no scenario where I'm willing to spend $6-8 on a coffee. I am not alone, I expect most people would not. Market demand simply won't support that price point.

At the same time, if the market were willing to pay $10 a coffee, you better believe that cafes would gladly charge that $10.

hanrahan , avatar

Yes they are expensive, but they have been for years. I have made my own for 15 years or so. My old Rancillio Espresso is still going strong 15 years later.

sqgl ,

Did the author choose airport coffee shops in the most expensive cities?

Prices much cheaper in other European cities

BakedCrossaint ,

Doesn't factor in cost of living, probably only exchange rates. Also Japanese coffee is terrible.

sqgl , (edited )

Admittedly that Sao Paulo coffee is expensive when factoring in ezchange rates.

But exchange rates do not explain the cheap Spanish coffee (which I presume is good quality).

sqgl ,
Marin_Rider ,

is it just me or is the news full of bullshit articles these days priming us for price rises in pretty much everything? sick of this shit

kowcop ,

I have noticed it too.. it is like propaganda. Why you should not wait and buy that house now, house prices have never been stronger.. now this

unionagainstdhmo Mod , avatar

This is especially weird coming from the conversation as well

Ilandar OP ,

Why is it weird?

unionagainstdhmo Mod , avatar

Actually never mind I hadn't read the article, which is well written and has the quality I would expect from a conversation article.

Ilandar OP ,

Well I wouldn't say it's as good as the best Conversation articles, which I find are the ones written by a team of academics about a new piece of research they've published. But I thought it was quite typical for one of their "lighter" pieces. Certainly I don't think there's anything inherently wrong with it or that it's part of some media conspiracy.

Ilandar OP ,

Prices rise regardless of whether they're discussed or not. If it makes you feel so uncomfortable then just don't read articles that are obviously about cost-of-living like this one.

Taleya ,

I'd be happy if it was due to the death of undervalued labour, but this is just straight up greed (the trend, not this article)

Marin_Rider ,

completely agree

abhibeckert , (edited )

When I make coffee at home, it works out to 65 cents per cup. And I make it exactly how I like it — so it tastes better than most cafes.

I'm prepared to pay more when someone else makes it, but not ten times that price. Sorry.

Ilandar OP ,

Yes, I have to admit I also struggle with the idea that people buy a "barista made" coffee every day of the working week. You can make great coffee at home for way less money and you have full control over how it's made and what ingredients you use.

I still buy coffee from cafes as part of weekend social meetups, though. I like the "cafe culture" independent places generate and I'm happy to pay more to support that.

Taleya ,

There's a homeless dude in NZ making decent coin using a thermos of boiled water and some instant coffee for like $2 a pop. It comes down to "do you want luxurious drink" or "ME NEED CAFFEINE NOW"

guillem , avatar

Just for a bit if perspective: the average monthly salary in Switzerland is around $11000 so maybe $10 for a flat white is more affordable.

MHLoppy ,
MHLoppy avatar

If comparison against average monthly wage is your benchmark, it's still proportionately cheaper in Australia with average monthly wage being $6,201.43 (i.e., >50% of $11,000, whereas the coffee price is <50% of $10.16).

Average wages here are also higher than the majority of the countries above us on the average-coffee-price chart.

guillem , avatar

To be honest it isn't my benchmark, I was just adding that to the context in the same way I could have added any other differential circumstance: my point is that it's more complicated than what the article says.

And that it's probably less about "someone think about the baristas" and more about the benefits, but that's another story.

sqgl ,

I don't trust the article.

I recall having coffee and croissant in a Salzburg historic courtyard cafe for cheaper than the price of one in a shitty Aussie suburban location.

Ilandar OP ,

You don't trust average price data because of a personal anecdote? Very strange take.

sqgl , (edited )

It is my own direct evidence, not someone else's anecdote. TBF Salzburg is in Austria which the article doesn't mention.

Ilandar OP ,

Your "direct evidence" is literally an anecdote lol

sqgl ,

Lol please don't be a dick lol on here LMAO it isn't Reddit ROFL

Yes it is an anecdote for you and everyone else. But for me it is direct evidence because it happened to me. Yes only a sample size of one but it is not an outlier, locals told me it is normal.

Ilandar OP ,
walter_wiggles ,

What a weird article.

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