antidote101 ,

Face it, the country needs to switch to an open list proportional representation system in parliament and the senate.

naevaTheRat ,

Problem: Aussies have no way to trigger changes to these rules without widespread political unrest and the majors absolutely wont weaken their position.

hanrahan , avatar

Well,I did my bit and voted Green 1 thru 7. Alas didnt help much.

antidote101 ,

I wouldn't say that, every vote for the greens pushes both parties in that direction because it lets them know that's where they need to go to win votes.

They call it a protest vote, and protest can be an effective means of long term change and signalling to the powers that be.

Protest voting does a lot more than it's given credit for.

zero_gravitas ,

Sounds like the Greens did well:

However, it's clear the Tasmanian Greens have made significant gains this election — the party could have as many as six seats in the new parliament.

Sounds like there's also a chance they'll help form minority government, which would be pretty much the best result anyone could reasonably have expected.

TassieTosser ,

Same, I was really hoping Eric Abetz wouldn't get in though. He needed to go quietly into the good night.

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