[Discussion] [Question] Red Beans and Rice

So I have never had this dish! Most dishes I cook I have tasted a variant of it so I know how it should taste when I make it, but Cajun/Creole/Louisiana food in general is something I’ve never had the pleasure of trying first hand but the spices always look really tasty. Does anyone have a good recipe to share with me, with...

[RECIPE] Sushi Bake ( )

Since there was some curiosity about what a sushi-bake is, here's my own recipe for it. Sushi-bake is basically a "deconstructed" sushi roll where the ingredients are layered instead of rolled then baked in the oven. There are different variations of how it's made, so this is my take on it. Apologies if I don't have exact...

How can I make (east) asian food healthy?

many east asian dishes included some ready made sauce like 豆瓣酱 or 柱侯酱 in chinese cuisines or 고추장 in korean cuisine. These sauces make our dishes delicious but unfortunately they are very high in salt and/or sugars. Is there some way to make the dishes with these sauces from scratch or without such high...

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