platypus_plumba , (edited )

— But you're 19 and she's 16!!

— Sorry, that's the rule *puts hat*

troyunrau , avatar

That would be fine in Canada and other countries where age of consent is somewhat less abruptly defined. Teenagers have sex, usually with each other, and usually one turns 18 before the other.

Chev ,

Where is the problem?

blindbunny ,

c/polyamory ?

Fal , (edited ) avatar

My wife and I are within 2 months of each other. Honestly I can't imagine being with someone with even a small age gap. And by that I mean even someone that graduated a different year as me. We get to talk about the same events happening at the same time in our lives.

Fredselfish , avatar

Really well then my wife being 37 means I am well in my zone me at 43.

Mongostein , (edited )

Yeah that’s nothing

6 years is a big deal if you’re 18, but not if you’re 40

And despite this rule, if both are over 30, who really gives a shit?

Fredselfish , avatar

I don't and we 7 years apart I turn 44 in May she just turned 37. Some people make a big deal about it but I don't care.

Mongostein ,

My last relationship was with a woman 7 years older than me. My only problem (at first) was that she didn’t get my ninja turtles references :(

Fredselfish , avatar

Man that sucks. TMNT was my favorite thing growing up. Had all the toys and sets.

funkless_eck , (edited )

it starts becoming a big deal when you hit 1000. Dating a 507 year old? Scandalous.

BmeBenji ,

hefty boomer humor energy from this comic

VampyreOfNazareth ,

I'm sure they had this in 1896

BmeBenji ,

Had what? Comics? Webcomics? “I hate my wife heh heh” jokes?

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