[Wishlist] BOINC Screensaver with WebUI

I have found several docker containers that allow you to run a BOINC server as a container, but I haven’t seen any that give you access to the BOINC screensaver. My ideal would be if the screensaver itself was shown on a dedicated port so it could be used easily as a display without any controls popping up....

Is it possible to inherit declarations from one Docker-Compose.yaml to another?

I just installed Immich and while all my other containers have just required me to add to them to existing yaml, Immich requires its own yaml. That's fine I guess, but for the library, I wanna host it on my NAS and so I made the volume in my main Docker-Compose.yaml, the Immich yaml was all like, "what you talking about Willis?"...

Can't grasp the idea that I need more than an adblocker for docker.

I know this seem like a typical “Your opinion man” post but honestly, is there anything really useful beyond hosting an adblocker? (read: complementary, not found elsewhere, that enhances own’s personal needs and/or life as a whole). And yes, I’m aware of what can be hosted – picture editors, video editors, webtops,...

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