Fedia submissions stopped federating out again?

I've noticed that recent submissions made in both @LoLFanArt and @FloatingIsFun don't seem to have federated out:


Both magazines had a post within the last 24 hours (one by me, one by another user). Issue with Fedia or mbin?

A selfie of Jerry Bell with the caption "I showed you my post please federate".
jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

ok - it's fixed now. My apologies for the problems.

kbal ,

The more I see of its sysop the more I like this place. Thanks for keeping it all running.

Whilst it's on my mind can you recommend a place to report general mbin bugs? It doesn't seem able to see m/baduk@lemmy.ml and a few others I've noticed. Neither was kbin until recently.

jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

My best recommendation is to create issues in their github repo here: https://github.com/MbinOrg/mbin/issues

MHLoppy OP ,
MHLoppy avatar


jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

I am working with the most excellent mbin team trying to figure out why this is happening...

jerry Admin ,
jerry avatar

I’ll take a look. That seems to coincide with when I applied the latest mbin updates

kbal ,

Yeah I noticed that yesterday as well. Not for the first time, and not always just on mbin. It's beginning to look as if something about the way kbin/lemmy federation is designed must be fundamentally broken.

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