MargotRobbie , avatar

What this shows us is that more people are joining lemmy, but even more people are either leaving or going into lurker mode, as Lemmy only counts people who have commented or posted in that time period as active users, whereas most social media counts any activity while logged in as active. You have to realize that people who use reddit as Google search results don’t usually interact with the content there and most won’t even make an account.

On the upside, with fewer people, it’s easy to get noticed here just by contributing good content since you don’t really get drowned out here because of the democratic upvote based sorting instead of black box personalized recommendation algorithms. So with relatively low amount of effort, you can make sure your content is being seen instead of relying on analytics and metrics.

The last thing to in mind that Lemmy is only one aspect of ActivityPub, and Mastodon’s growth is currently the highest right now because of the ecosystem created by the whale fall of Twitter, which indirectly grows Lemmy as Mastodon users can post directly to federated Lemmy communities.

pineapple_pizza ,

Do votes count as activity as well? Or just posts and comments?

meldrik , avatar

It really should.

Blaze , avatar

Strong agree

Coelacanth , avatar

I can see the arguments for both, to be honest. Ideally I’d like to be able to see statistics for both. Active Users and Active Contributors?

meldrik , avatar

You can already see how many posts and comments users make. Isn’t that the same?

Coelacanth , avatar

Well, as mentioned that is also covered by the Monthly Active Users metric that already is available. But in addition to that, I think it would be interesting to see the number of users who read and vote but don’t post or comment. Even though posting and commenting is the biggest part, actively voting is still an important part of the ecosystem.

meldrik , avatar

True, could be nice to see data on content consumers, and not just the content creators.

ComradePorkRoll ,

Agreed. Lurkers are what keep these sites alive.

Ategon , (edited ) avatar

I changed the algorithms in to take into account voters in the activity. Since stats are all calculated locally you can view any community from to get the monthly active users including that change

e.g. shows 27.8k users/month on p.d which is almost as much as the value here for all of lemmy excluding voters

CommunityLinkFixer Bot ,

Hi there! Looks like you linked to a Lemmy community using a URL instead of its name, which doesn’t work well for people on different instances. Try fixing it like this: !technology

irreticent , (edited )


*edit: so, that seems to not have worked in the Boost app. Is it a link for anyone else?

That doesn’t seem to make a hyperlink either.


AnActOfCreation , avatar

All three of those work in Thunder!

irreticent ,

Thanks! I guess it’s just a bug in Boost.

meldrik , avatar

That’s crazy! User/month goes from only 7.5k active to 27.8k. And that’s just people voting. What about people who only read a post?

Ategon , avatar

Dont have access to those stats in the database so adding on voting is the best I can do

Theres a post read table but its only people who have explicitly marked something as read and is way less than the post likes

Deebster , avatar

Do posts get marked as read when you read the comments? There’s the x new comments feature, so something must be storing that timestamp.

Ategon , avatar

I dug through the code and turns out the post read table does store when its read (with number of comments when it was read stored in a person post aggregates table), it just only stores it for people from your instance so I cant get accurate numbers from all of lemmy (and why it seemed like there was a low amount)

Die4Ever , avatar

Votes unfortunately don’t count

omnissiah , avatar

There seemed to be an influx of reddit users but probably didn’t like Lemmy’s own distinct user base (*nix users for example)

I am kind of glad it settled down because I much prefer Lemmy over reddit

Dizzirron ,

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  • madcaesar ,

    What did you call me???

    Scribbd ,

    That you are a magnificent bastard!!

    fosforus ,

    People are way angrier here than in Reddit, because in Reddit, mods usually clean up the angriest people from the whole platform.

    corrupts_absolutely , avatar

    r/all is literally astroturfed hate every other post for multiple years at this point, and its not going to be moderated any time soon

    irreticent ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • demesisx , avatar



    ComradePorkRoll ,

    We can be if it makes your experience better!! Watch!

    Dizzirron I bet you don’t even use Linux!

    corrupts_absolutely , avatar

    thanks margot robbie

    MargotRobbie , (edited ) avatar

    That’s esteemed Academy Award nominated character actress Margot Robbie to you!

    Boinkage ,

    Diane Diane what now??

    LostCat005 , avatar

    I just got recommended this site after posting on reddit re: predatory algos and the necessary regulations needed to protect people and how algos have manipulated the UX so much its disrupted the originally intended purposes; ie insta has effectively become a marketing and advertising platform.

    So in response someone suggested finding alternatives to the popular social media sites and used Lemmy as an example.

    I have been loving it thus far - its old school reddit.

    this is my first comment on lemmy!

    Enfors , avatar

    Welcome! So far, in my experience, this is a much friendlier community that… many of the alternatives.

    CosmicCleric , avatar

    Welcome! So far, in my experience, this is a much friendlier community that… many of the alternatives.

    Usually. There’s definitely some who want to take their pound of flesh out of you when you disagree with them on something, but overall not so bad.

    SuckMyWang ,

    I disagree strongly with that opinion but respect you as a lemming

    CosmicCleric , avatar

    Fair enough. My perspective in the last day or two tells me otherwise, but I’m glad you’re having a great experience.

    irreticent ,

    There’re always going to be hotheads and bad faith actors in any platform, but I have noticed it is much more rare here on Lemmy. Much less vitriol as well.

    AmbientChaos ,

    Agreed on it being old school reddit! There are some UI wrappers that make it look and feel like old school reddit that I use and love you might enjoy. The wrapper is called mlmym and is open source. There are a few hosts you can use, I use this one:

    A direct link for your lemmy instance would be

    LostCat005 , avatar

    OMG thank you so much! holy amazing.

    irreticent ,

    Check out for an old reddit lime experience.

    irreticent , is like old reddit.

    Tetractys ,

    Fuck you! Hello.

    bobby295 ,

    Damn, I’d better keep commenting, I usually just lurk/vote

    some_guy ,

    Someone posted metrics for how many users vote. 131k.

    perviouslyiner ,

    halfyear includes people trying out different instances; monthly shows just the one(s) they settled on

    lntl ,

    Latest Jerboa release doesn’t work with Lemmy 0.19 so i spend less time here

    Clbull ,

    I’m contributing because I’m a bit of a meme repository and I get a more positive reception here than I do on Reddit.

    Lemmy is in a healthy state.

    grte , (edited )

    The actual content is way better now than it was the first couple of months after the Reddit thing. Initially a lot of the comments were either Reddit related or people trying to force communities that didn’t necessarily have the population to survive, yet. That’s all fallen away now and the content feels much more organic. Someone opening a Lemmy instance for the first time is going to find today’s front page much more engaging than what it looked like in June/July.

    Lemmy is becoming its own thing rather than a reflection of Reddit.

    In some ways a lot more responsive as well. The news that Kissinger died was all over Lemmy for hours before I noticed one post about it crack the front page of Reddit, for example.

    nicetriangle , avatar

    Yeah the stream of stuff hitting my front page is a lot higher in quality and volume in the last few months. I don't post on reddit anymore but still visit for content and I am doing that less and less lately.

    douglasg14b , avatar

    I’m finding the opposite…

    Lots of posts made by bots, with majority top level comments being short quips and attempts at jokes as opposed to discussion. So many discussions devolve into ad hominems almost immediately.

    Just like Reddit.

    It’s a social media phenomenon I think. The lowest common denominator will always dominate unless communities push against it.

    keanu0396 ,

    I’ve found myself getting frustrated with the number of lemmy communities that are essentially just bots mirroring the respective reddit sub.

    grte ,

    The bot specifically mirrors a lot of reddit, block that one account and the bot content drops significantly.

    HiddenLayer5 , avatar

    Quality over quantity. Reddit trying way too hard to capture the “normie” users is exactly what began its downfall.

    Smokeydope , avatar

    I like that I can somewhat recognize usernames across all the lemmy post I comment in. Im not sure if anyone really notices me or recognizes my username and goes ‘Oh hey its smokeydope again’ but I do that for some other active lemmy users and it starts to feel like we are all acquaintances working together to make an interesting experience for eachother and not just competing for attention without adknowledging eachother.

    Poem_for_your_sprog ,

    Oh hey it’s dopeysmoke again.

    anarchy79 , avatar

    Oh I see you all the time, you’re something of a local legend around here.

    deepdive ,

    Yeah… and sometimes you find some uttery shitty people who use multiple account to comment shame you or think they are better than you while having a self conversation on your post ! Uhhhg !

    deadinside91 ,

    FWIW Lemmy has fully replaced Reddit as my go-to toilet reading material, and I’m sure there are many other lurkers around here who don’t post much and thus don’t show up in these stats. The more niche communities are still lacking in content, yes, but these things are best left to grow organically over a long period of time to maintain quality. It was the same on Reddit too before the enshittification escalated.

    TheWoozy ,

    On my phone both lines are the same color.

    epyon22 ,
    Smokeydope , avatar

    damn imagine if this is how you found out you were blue-green color blind, I hope that your phones color rendering is just really shitty

    anarchy79 , avatar

    Much better time than say, defusing a bomb!

    anarchy79 , avatar

    How woke!

    Aarrodri ,

    I don’t care I’m here to stay. Only community I miss is formuladank for F1 shitposting. Been trying to get it going here but no traction yet. Everything else, Lemmy 4 life.

    Got_Bent ,


    No traction


    HowManyNimons ,

    So dank!

    noli ,


    96VXb9ktTjFnRi ,

    Don’t let yourself be fooled. Lemmy is doing great. It’s got a lot more user than half a year ago and it will continue to grow. You should look at the bigger perspective here. People are starting to understand the point of the Fediverse more and more and it will eventually take over enshitified platforms such as Reddit

    anarchy79 , avatar

    I’m quite happy with the small town pub atmosphere myself. Good prices, good banter, the occassional bar fight… Just my style.

    pinkyprincessfiona ,

    I like your style…

    nicetriangle , avatar

    Yeah the threadiverse has really improved for me in the last few months. It seems a lot more active with solid discussion happening.

    computerscientistI ,

    It’s dead Jim.

    Ategon , avatar

    Zoomed out graph including some months before the join wave

    Users/month are relatively stable now at 33x users/month compared to pre join wave (users/month is people who have posted or commented)

    dumpsterlid ,

    Seriously, people need to stop getting in their heads about this shit. We are doing awesome, we can sit around and let lemmy slow loose users for a longggg time before we have even begun to actually be backtracking.

    This is what winning looks like, it’s just the realistic version of winning.

    sarmale ,


    atyaz ,

    This whole section of the graph will be that invisible part on the left in a couple years. Going up and down is normal as long as it’s trending up.

    i_like_birds ,

    It’s ok, it’s just us cool kids left

    telllos ,



    My mum says their cool.

    anarchy79 , avatar

    That’s right, for once us COOL kids run things, not those mean jocks and their cheerleader girlfriends…

    Veneroso ,

    Don’t worry fam. Spez has several moves left in the Elonshitification playbook.

    He hasn’t even begun to malign ethnic or religious groups, accept no blame, and blame said groups’ advocacy organizations for the problem!

    Subverb ,

    Let’s see what the earth thinks.

    unexpectedteapot ,

    Oh, he has. You are just limiting your view to English-speaking subreddits, while non-English reddit is booming with terrorists.

    If you really want to know how these companies would operate their websites, just look at the corners there of regions where they can’t or won’t be sued, or no press will cover the kind of awful content they allow.

    JadenSmith ,

    Here’s the thing though… I’ve been on Reddit for over a decade before Lemmy, and whilst there may be less interaction the interactions themselves have been far more sincere. People are more willing to engage, and even with this random comment there’s a chance someone would comment below.

    The community feel of Lemmy is something, at least I’ve found, Reddit had lost a very long time ago.

    Sort of a quality Vs quantity thing I guess?

    CaptnNMorgan ,

    It’s novel for sure. But I miss being able to scream into a void

    Lilstinker69 ,


    anarchy79 , avatar

    Scream not into the void, I may scream back.

    CaptnNMorgan ,

    Then it’s not a void

    crawancon ,

    well all that’s just like, your opinion man.

    Alborlin ,

    It’s sometimes unbearable on Lemmy. I have stated that using Linux is very hard for noobs and it’s not useful still for general audience. I have got so many downvotes just because of this, you won’t believe. It feels like community is Linux users , who are acting as nerds or are nerds, and they are somewhat inclusive of outsiders. Lemmy feels like a club for only the so called intellectuals and they want to barr regular person getting in. This is also evident with Lemmy worlds or alternative of subbreddits. If you try to find some they still don’t exists. Further Lemmy is very hard to understand , even I struggle to understand how it works. But the access to different Lemmy’s is good, via boost app. The Lemmy worlds though they don’t look as polished as Reddit does but that’s cause Lemmy is evolving. So in summary Quality of posts, strong sense of non inclusivity by lemmye’rs , understanding of how Lemmy works and old feel of Lemmy are the reasons is keeping people out.

    Peppycito , avatar

    I feel you. I don’t give one single fuck about Linux. My lemmy experience got better when I filtered out Linux across the board. The “hive mind” here is way more super-geek than reddit ever was. I’m a craftsman, just about the only reason I turn my computer Chromebook on is to send invoices. And that makes a lot of lemmy mad it seems. I feel way more like this guy here than I ever did on reddit.

    Alborlin ,

    Same here

    anarchy79 , avatar

    If Linux fandom is your biggest gripe, I’d say we’re in pretty good shape here.

    anarchy79 , avatar

    In fact kind of reminds me of how Reddit was back then.

    weeahnn , avatar

    I bring the quality. 😊

    imaqtpie , avatar

    in awe

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