The international web standards organization W3C is no longer active on X/Twitter and has directed all their followers to Mastodon. ( )

screenshot in darkmode of W3C on X/Twitter. Banner at top: "World Wide Web Consortium". Then the white and blue W3C logo. Text in the bio is: "The World Wide Web Consortium is no longer active on this platform. Please find us at W3C makes the Web work, for everyone" 

Lower down a pinned tweet: "The W3C is no longer active on this platform. Please find us on Mastodon at: @w3c!"
Fitik ,

You might check out this -

Yoz ,

Hope everyone from twitter moves to mastodon.

pizzawithdirt ,

Please no, no need for political extremists and bots on Mastodon.

ImADifferentBird , avatar

Hey, some bots are cool. There are even whole instances devoted to bots, like

Spambots can go to hell though, along with their creators.

cupcakezealot , avatar

I mean too late for that, considering both Truth Social and Gab use Mastodon forks. The good thing is that you can just defederate from them.

Roflmasterbigpimp , avatar


Asudox , avatar

This is great. A big thing like W3C switching to Mastodon surely will have an impact

aeharding ,

Good to hear!

nintendiator ,

Wow, they fixed 1 out of 1234567 possible issues, and is none of the actual web standards!

otter , avatar

About time

ActivityPub is a standard for the Internet in the Social Web Networking Group of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). The standard was co-authored by Evan Prodromou, creator of StatusNet (now known as GNU social). At an earlier stage, the name of the protocol was “ActivityPump”, but it was felt that ActivityPub better indicated the cross-publishing purpose of the protocol. It is the most widely supported standard (by some margin) in the Fediverse.

Full force fediverse

ruk_n_rul ,

I mean W3C created ActivityPub, it’s only fitting they peruse what they had created

ook_the_librarian , avatar

“Peruse” means to read carefully.

ICastFist , avatar

There are many memes to be perused

Deebster , avatar
MataVatnik , avatar

When the nerds that invent and maintain the internet do something then I know it means something

FaizalR ,

I just followed them on Mastodon a few days ago.

Maeve ,

They went downhill after ms got control anyway.

BarrierWithAshes , avatar

Yeah screw the w3c. Only use they got these days is for html tutorials.

Deceptichum , (edited ) avatar

May I present the super alternative:

And afterwards get everything else at:

BarrierWithAshes , avatar

Oh yeah. Forgot that exists. Their image-border generator was far better than the w3c equivalent.

cbarrick ,

Big +1 for MDN.

The Mozilla Developer Network should be considered the standard reference for frontend HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

(Aside from, you know, the actual standards. But those documents aren’t exactly approachable for new developers.)

DarkenLM ,

It isn't?

lea ,

Fun fact: w3schools has nothing to do with w3c and there used to be a whole website dedicated to giving them shit. They’ve apparently gotten much better these days though.

chicken ,

Honestly I have much less of a problem with some degree of inaccurate info than wasting my time by not immediately geting to the point in concisely giving me the bit of syntax I was searching for to begin with. That’s what they’ve always got right that other sources were getting wrong.

BarrierWithAshes , avatar

Oh so I have absolutely no reason to even like w3c at all? Dont use w3cschools much anymore these days. I know they have other stuff for more languages but theres better resources when it comes to those.

dpkonofa ,

What’s your issue with the W3C?

BarrierWithAshes , avatar

They allowed for the inclusion of DRM into HTML5. This DRM is not open-source, can't even be source audited and refused to back down. Such a move caused the EFF (electronic frontier foundation) to resign from the group. Here's the EFF's letter where they outline these issues if you want to give it a read:

I could also write about them bowing to Google but the DRM thing annoys me more.

And then Tim Berners-Lee has the audacity to complain about the state of the internet. Something his group could've actually stopped or slowed.

Tag365 , avatar

I’m pretty sure that trademarks were invented so companies could prevent confusion like this by using the legal system. That way no-one can try profiting off a similar branding, and no-one can harm their reputation by making poor products apparently in another company’s name. W3C has a trademark registration for their name.

Blaze , avatar

Great news

CaptainSpaceman ,

Let the web2 exodus, BEGIN!!!

EnderMB ,

Is “web2” a thing? I’ve only ever heard it used by web3 shills, and never outside of Twitter or LinkedIn.

nervoushair ,

web2 has some sort of actual technical meaning, web3 is crypto nonsense.

EnderMB ,

Does it? I remember Web 2.0 being a thing many years ago, but the only time I see web2 mentioned is either around social media or to describe “the old web” - both only used to shill web3 as “the future”.

cashews_best_nut , avatar

I was around for the dawn of Web2.0 as a web developer. It was used for a group of tech and design such as Ajax and rounded corners. You could say it was the next step after flat HTML pages that included more dynamic front ends with JS, CSS3 and HTML5.

DerisionConsulting ,

I remember the term being thrown around a lot in the early days of Youtube. The optimism of the internet being mostly based on dynamic content created by real humans all over the world, with a lower barrier to entry than before.

The internet was a much different place before social media platforms basically took over.

EnderMB ,

Wasn’t that slightly different, in that people were referring to Web 2.0 as the rise in dynamic content, and interactive web pages/applications?

fruitycoder ,

Shills ruin everything. More robust p2p and federated systems is awesome and seemingly the direction things should be heading (web 3). There is the real question of how do incentivise and fund the infra, and that’s where the shills pop in.

EnderMB ,

While to some extent that is true, where it always falls apart is in what tangible benefit this provides to the user. Federation is cool, and there are benefits in terms of moderation, but to the average person the difference between centralised and federated tools is usually that the federated tool has far fewer users/engagement. It’s the same for web3, in that the shills are selling something no one actually wants or can really benefit from.

fruitycoder ,

P2P and federation help reduce the capital and labor costs that is a major problem for these very large systems. That doesn’t seem needed based on past status quo but as the age of easy money ends these companies have to do what they promised their investors, squeeze costs and increase profits and consolidate their market share.

It’s not a forgone conclusion, big tech aren’t idiots neither the engineers or c level folks, but enshitfication gives new players Niches to compete in, but these new players almost need to use any cost reduction tech they can because we are in such a capital sparse environment.

I agree still on the shills. Most are get rich quick minded folks, with pump and dumps or worse just pure rent seeking. Again there is a place, I think, to find better ways to monetize people’s work they put towards running infrastructure (as compared to selling the outputs of the panopticon, pcyops for governments and corporations, and the charity of the privileged).

aeharding ,

If anything… I’m surprised it took so long!

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