Meta to close Threads in Turkey to comply with injunction prohibiting data sharing with Instagram ( )

Meta said on Monday that it plans to “temporarily” shutter Threads in Turkey from April 29, in response to an interim injunction imposed by the Turkish competition authority last month over the way Meta shares data between Threads and Instagram.

The Turkish Competition Authority (TCA), known as Rekabet Kurumu, noted on March 18 that its investigations found that Meta was abusing its dominant market position by combining the data of users who create Threads profiles with that of their Instagram account — without giving users the choice to opt-in.

Drinvictus ,

It's so weird to see Turkey doing something right.

WeLoveCastingSpellz ,

Yea,as a turkish person I baffled at them doing something not terrible

raspberriesareyummy ,

Good. Fuck the Zuck

haui_lemmy , avatar

I‘m somewhat waiting for folks to pop up defending meta. Where are all the meta inclusionists and shills?

electro1 , avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • haui_lemmy , avatar

    I think we can do both. Hate the web getting closed up and hate meta at the same time. :D

    The interesting part is that meta among other trillion dollar companies is the reason why the web is this much closed up.

    tourist , avatar

    Zuck gave me CPR after I busted a nut so hard I passed out

    saved my life that day

    ericjmorey , avatar

    This seems like a reasonable thing to require of services that aren't dependent on each other for basic functionality.

    GlitterInfection ,

    Seems like the type of thing that if you cared about it you wouldn't use a Meta product in the first place.

    ericjmorey , avatar

    From a government and societal perspective, there's value in limiting anti-competative activities.

    GlitterInfection ,

    I am using their competitor's products without issue, so I'm not seeing how this is anticompetitive.

    But I do hate Meta.

    woelkchen , avatar

    This seems like a reasonable thing to require of services that aren’t dependent on each other for basic functionality.

    They don't. All Meta/Facebook services can be decoupled since the EU enforces the DMA gatekeeper status. Meta just needs to add Turkey to the same decoupling whitelist as the EU countries, and the issue is immediately solved.

    Maeve ,

    Zuck is far too greedy to do that. I bet he was at the private meeting discussion of whether shock collars would keep his security detail in line.

    autotldr Bot ,

    This is the best summary I could come up with:

    In January this year, Turkey’s TCA said it would be issuing Meta with an additional $160,000 fine each day for non-compliance with the previous order.

    For context, Facebook’s sibling company, Instagram, launched Threads last summer, in large part to capitalize on the exodus of Twitter users following Elon Musk’s controversial takeover.

    Turkish regulators had announced the investigation on the way Meta linked Threads with Instagram in December, concluding last month that there was a strong case to answer for.

    This leads us to today’s announcement that Meta will pull Threads, temporarily at least, pending further discussions and legal resolutions with Turkey.

    “We disagree with the interim order, we believe we are in compliance with all Turkish legal requirements, and we will appeal,” Meta wrote in a blog post today.

    In the build up to April 29, everyone using Threads in Turkey will receive a notification about the impending closure, and they will be given a choice to either delete or deactivate their profile.

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