Cr8zy_Ivan , (edited )

Question about Firefox's Add-On Facebook Container. I really appreciate the fact that Firefox works very hard for us to keep our privacy online. However, I've realized that the Facebook Container Extension Breaks a fair number of Websites, which tells me that Facebook Tracks something like 98% of all internet.

This morning I tried logging into the Mozilla Connect Website and I was surprised to see that the Facebook Container broke it also. I'm wondering one of two things: Either Mozilla now is using Facebook Trackers on their Website, or the Facebook Container Add-On has some bugs, and it breaks random Websites.

Anyone else come across similar issues? Is it in the realm of possibility that Mozilla actually uses Facebook Trackers on their Website themselves??

cloudless , avatar

I just visited via Firefox with FB Container enabled, and it looks normal to me.

BTW, I have ublock origin with filters for social media.

Cr8zy_Ivan OP ,

@cloudless Oh, interesting. I wonder what's making my Browser bug out. I do have a bunch of other Extensions as well. Perhaps there's an overlap and bugging of certain functions. Thanks cloudless!

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