e_t_ ,

That is a fascinating image. It lets you see how color information is encoded in video. The vertical green bar is a glimpse of the luma (Y) channel. To the left is the chrominance blue (Cb) and to the right is the chrominance red (Cr). But the chroma channels are (obviously) supposed to be aligned with the luma, yielding full color video. Unfortunately, I can't offer a suggestion why they aren't aligned.

TootSweet ,

Does that issue happen with all videos or just a few? Is this screenshot from a streaming service like Max or something?

vikingtons ,
@vikingtons@lemmy.world avatar

Can you tell us which OS, GPU, Graphics driver and some display info like HDR status / bit depth info?

SquareDrop7892 OP ,

It seems when I update graphics drive. It resolved
the issue.

cyborganism ,

Have you tried to disable all extensions to see if that fixes the problem?

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