Enhancer for YouTube is gone ( discourse.mozilla.org )

Yet another popular extension has disappeared under mysterious circumstances. It seems that its author might have requested its removal, but if so then even in that case the longstanding Mozilla policy of telling its users absolutely nothing about what happened applies.

It happened a month ago but it took me this long to notice since the feature I like best only recently stopped working. It's the sort of thing that requires periodic updates to keep up with changes to the youtube UI.

Does anyone know of another extension that can automatically resize the youtube player to fill the browser window? Or, for that matter, the invidious one?

LinkOpensChest_wav ,
@LinkOpensChest_wav@lemmy.one avatar

A recent update made it non-functional. It will eventually be updated, but who knows how long.

It doesn’t do everything, but toward the end of my reddit era, someone posted in r/firefox that they were developing this neat addon. They’ve kept developing it since then, and I’ve really had a great experience with it.

It’s perfectly compatible with uBO and Return YouTube Dislike, and I’m at work now so I can’t check, but I think it does have many options for player sizing.

Rooki ,
@Rooki@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah same on my side its super weird such great extension just vanished.

acastcandream , (edited )

Since when have browser companies thoroughly updated us about individual extension removals? Seems like the extension author is the one who needs to say something.

Bceez ,

The extension will eventually come back:


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