2024 Bahrain Grand Prix - [QUALIFYING] discussion thread

ROUND 1: 🇧🇭 Bahrain


Circuit stats

  • First Grand Prix: 2004
  • Number of laps: 57
  • Circuit Length: 5.412 km
  • Race Distance: 308.238 km
  • Lap record: 1:31.447 Pedro de la Rosa (2005)
  • 2023 winner: Max Verstappen

Track Map


hal_5700X , (edited )
@hal_5700X@lemmy.world avatar

Good luck, Alpine

I was hoping for Sargeant making into to in Q2 😑

safesyrup ,

What a surpise! Sauber is bad this year again. I‘m a sad swiss :(

CaptDust ,

Solid qualifying! The field is looking tight!

cum_hoc ,

A bit off-topic but, given the lap time that Max (and Charles) managed to put in this qualifying session, if the race is close, either of them might be tempted to get the fastest lap point and break Pedro de la Rosa's record this year.

june ,

I feel like, if they couldn’t beat it in quali, they won’t beat it in the race.

WhiteHawk ,

It's the fastest race lap, the quali times were 2s faster than that

june ,

Somehow I had it in my head that the record lap was 1:26 lol

Don_Beefy ,
@Don_Beefy@lemmy.world avatar

Great showing by Mclaren, but I still wonder how the cars will hold up throughout the race

lazycouchpotato ,
@lazycouchpotato@lemmy.world avatar

Aside from the Alpines getting knocked out at Q1, no major surprises in qualifying.

alphacyberranger ,
@alphacyberranger@lemmy.world avatar

That's so damn tight.

dimspace ,
@dimspace@lemmy.world avatar

Checo really not doing himself any favours.. outqualified by both ferrari and mercedes

Thade780 ,

If he keep on going like this I wouldn't be surprised if Sainz took his place next year.

june ,

That’s exactly what I was thinking. I bet RB tries to get Carlos before promoting Danny. I think Danny’s biggest advantage right now is how much Christian likes him. Though Danny seemed to have pace in the RB19 that he doesn’t seem to have in the AT/RB. I’d be curious to see how Yuki does in the RB19/RB20 for a head to head comparison.

Thade780 ,

how much Christian likes him

After reading the leaked text (and assuming in good faith that they are real in my extremely humble opinion) I am not sure how much value that has.

june ,

I didn’t see anything in the screenshot I saw. What text?

Thade780 ,

Did you see the link to GDrive, or just the screenshot compilation posted yesterday? If you go through all the texts it is bad.


june ,

Just the screenshot. I’ll check this out. Thanks!

june ,

Oof yea. Assuming this is real it’s definitely quite damning.

espentan ,

Good work by George to get 3rd.

Don_Beefy ,
@Don_Beefy@lemmy.world avatar

Especially considering where Lewis finished.

june ,

Repeat of last year it seems

purrtastic ,

Lewis sacrificed qualy by optimising for the race. We'll see how that goes.

alphacyberranger ,
@alphacyberranger@lemmy.world avatar

Vamos Fernando

alphacyberranger ,
@alphacyberranger@lemmy.world avatar

Awesome work by Hulk so far

espentan ,

His qualifying game is really on point, isn't it.

Microw ,

And they didnt broadcast any of his laps lol

When his time lit up, I was like "whoa, he's second, track evolution must be crazy!"

Nah, was just him being crazy

espentan , (edited )

I wonder if Max has an answer to that lap by Charles..

Edit: He did.

espentan ,

I was hoping RB would be a bit further up the field..

Edit: Maybe they are further up than I thought.

espentan ,

Don't think Perez will be a huge threat to Max this year either..

june ,

He needs to step up and get closer. I’m betting I’ll be disappointed by him again.

alphacyberranger ,
@alphacyberranger@lemmy.world avatar

And boom

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