Fuck Cars

‘Mini Holland’ scheme in Walthamstow hailed as major success as traffic falls by half, cycling and walking scheme is model for other cities ( www.standard.co.uk )

Campaigners have called for “mini Holland” walking and cycling schemes to be introduced in towns across Britain after the first London pilot scheme produced dramatic results....

They Transformed a Nasty Stroad With Bus Rapid Transit - (CityNerd) ( www.youtube.com )

In Albuquerque NM, they not only built world class BRT infrastructure -- they leveraged it to transform old Route 66 into a safer, more people-friendly corridor. Albuquerque Rapid Transit, or ART, is already a big ridership success, but there's so much more potential. So today we're taking a tour of the US's only Gold-rated BRT...

Tire toxicity faces fresh scrutiny after salmon die-offs ( phys.org )

"You've got a chemical cocktail in these tires that no one really understands and is kept highly confidential by the tire manufacturers," said Nick Molden, CEO of Emissions Analytics. "We struggle to think of another consumer product that is so prevalent in the world and used by virtually everyone, where there is so little known...

Where Driving Consumes the Most of Your Life (And the Least) - CityNerd ( www.youtube.com )

In 1974, Ivan Illich wrote that the typical American male spent 25% of his waking life either driving a car or working for the income required to pay for one. 50 years later, is this true? And, which cities consume the most -- and least -- of our time with driving?

Businesses Are Getting People Killed ( darrellowens.substack.com )

Though small in number, the elected interests of most local cities give disproportionate attention to business interests and their pro-driving beliefs. Even in progressive Berkeley, home of many climate scientists from the university, transportation decisions are dictated by science illiterates and business interests, not the...

If You Hate Density, Maybe Don’t Live in A City (Oh the Urbanity!) ( www.youtube.com )

When you argue for housing reform to legalize denser development in our cities, you quickly learn that some people hate density. Like, really hate density, with visceral disgust and contempt for any development pattern that involves buildings being tall or close together.

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