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[Book Review] Imperium Lupi by Adam Browne

I just read through this giant book twice in a row, and my TL;DR is that it’s a must-read for anyone that loves fantasy, furry or not. I picked up an EPUB copy from Etsy, and the ~$7 price tag is a steal for its quality and length. You can also find a copy of this book on the high seas, but the final retail version has far...

Any ongoing furry podcasts around?

Looking around for a furry podcast that still releases episodes, or a furry adjacent podcast that a weird furry like me might enjoy. The Dollop, Hardcore History and Written in Uncertainty are all I listen to and they are great for history and Elder Scrolls enjoyers, but some variety would be awesome :3

Kicks' Birthday Drawing (OC) (pawb.social)

I made some lineless art of my plushie Kicks for his birthday today! I also learned a little more about Kicks’ character and tried to incorporate some of those elements as icons for the background, such as the ladybug for enjoying nature, the bow for Sagittarius, and the shoe + handbag for elements of his buisness.

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