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Have strong opinions, but I welcome any civil fact-based discussion.

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If you like international and eclectic news, come and join me at @worldwithoutus (Link for Lemmy = worldwithoutus).

I've also started helping out at @worldnews, (Link for Lemmy = worldnews), @movies, (Lemmy = movies), and am a ghost at @13thfloor (Lemmy = 13th Floor). avatar


I've been called "a giant faggot" but I'm medium at most. ♥️ cover avatar


DRS GME and end the ponzi. Bleed the 1%

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I am very typical earthling. I like earth food and earth drink and earth sports and earth media. Im all about earth things because I am so typical and earthling. so typical as to be very boring and not worth investigating or looking into because I am definately from earth. cover avatar


Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time.

He has seen his birth and death many times, he says, and pays random visits to all the events in between. avatar

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Interested in being a mod for a community I manage, send a dm.

We do what we can, when we can.

Mantra I follow closer to:

We should focus our actions, time, and resources on Direct Action, Mutual Aid, and Community Outreach.

FYI: I am human, feel free to check my reCAPTCHA log /s cover avatar


Artist and futurist. cover avatar


We’re White Liberals!

Just vote for Biden, one more time. Come on, this’ll be the last time, then Trump will be gone and we’ll all dance under a rainbow. cover avatar


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The most annoying thing about being famous is having to tell everyone how famous you are.

Also: @Maven

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