bradorsomething ,

Both Ukraine and Russia will have unstable demographics after this war, and the one that accepts and assimilates migrants the best will win in the end.

BennyHill , avatar

Fresher meat for the meat grinder

nac82 ,

Russia was going to grind the meat either way. It's not fresh meat for the grinder. It's tougher meat sent to break the grinder.

SupraMario ,

Meat grinder is on the russian side.

awwwyissss , (edited )

If you ever die defending your home and family maybe someone will call you meat too.

Typical hateful propaganda from

BennyHill , avatar

My home and family didn't bomb ethnic Russians in Donbas, doesn't have a neo nazi battalion, and isn't fighting an unwinnable war backed up by nato.

bradorsomething ,

Which of the four future states russia will break into do you live in?

The_Che_Banana , avatar


You're done with your fist enlistment in the US military by 22!

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