US Republicans introduce bill to name airport after Trump ( )

US Republican Representative Guy Reschenthaler has filed legislation to rename the Dulles International Airport in Virginia as "Donald J. Trump International Airport." Congressional Democrats have mocked the idea.

Archived version:

waterSticksToMyBalls ,

How are these guys such cucks for trump?

aeronmelon ,

Donald Trump Memorial Airfield :D

Viking_Hippie ,

While we're at it, why not name the biggest airport in or near Guy Reschenthaler's district after Benedict Arnold?

Maybe Vidkun Quisling for that extra pro-fascism flair the Republican Party loves so much?

maynarkh ,

Just rename JFK after Adolf Hitler while you're at it, you gotta own the libs

kinkles , avatar

The leaked audio of the republican discussion was pretty eye-opening

Diplomjodler3 ,

I really don't want to listen to these shitheads. Can someone give a tl:dr?

negativeyoda ,

The Dulles Brothers were pieces of shit too... plus you'd end up in Dallas if you flew there no matter what it's called.

Lose/ lose/ lose

lettruthout ,

Just from the title I was guessing they were going with “Loser McLoser International Airport“

Peppycito , avatar

Reminds me of when they were going to name an airport after a Canadian Prime Minister. The Steven Harper International Terminal.

cerement , avatar

perfect for a United Airlines hub focusing on Boeing 737 Max planes …

The_Che_Banana , avatar

Why not bring the DC10s back! Make Airline (disasters) Great Again!

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