NigelFrobisher ,

Women will have equality under pain of death.

shalafi ,

Because they're the only country that applied for the post. That's a fact.

Maybe other countries then stayed out of the running to force the spotlight on Saudi Arabia? That's an opinion.

moistclump ,

Why didn’t other countries apply? Is it a costly undertaking?

Jimmycakes ,

The rest of the countries are tired of women having rights, they brought Saudi in to shut it down without any guilt on their parts

shalafi ,

As I said, I'm guessing the other countries bowed out to let the Kingdom squirm.

"All right boys! You wanna talk gender equality? Go for it."

It's a game they didn't want to win. I love high-level diplomacy like this. Wild shit.

AnUnusualRelic , avatar

Because it's a rotating thing and all kinds of unlikely countries get to preside over lots of committees at some point?

As it's the UN and all countries are theoretically the same?

Mikufan , avatar

Because UN was never anything besides a joke.

_cyb3rfunk_ ,

Why do you think the UN is a joke?

Mikufan , avatar

Because Saudi Arabia can talk about gender equality there...

Brain , avatar

Five countries with veto power on the UN Security Council control everything, and they spend almost all their time bickering with each other because they all want to be the big dog at the table. Sadly, most of those are currently involved in actions that the Security Council should be trying to stop, not engage in.

The UN Member States send somebody that represents whatever current administration is in power, not necessarily the citizens of the countries it's supposed to represent. If I'm not mistaken a proposal was made in the late 90s about forming a Parliament Assembly but that went nowhere so we are stuck with the General Assembly whose votes mean nothing.

The sex scandals involving UN Peacekeepers. When Peacekeepers arrive, sexual abuse of children tends to go up. How do they do nothing about this?

The UN doesn't function; some aid gets where it needs to be, but there have been past scandals with that from what I remember. I find the UN to be dysfunctional and set up to fail.

_cyb3rfunk_ ,

Would you say they fail to make things better at all, or that the things they do is insufficient?

Brain , avatar

I would say that depends on a person's situation, sitting behind a computer in America and seeing things that go bad, it's easy for me to see them as dysfunctional. If I were sitting in Darfur or Sudan starving to death and they managed to get a convoy of food to my location, I'd probably see them as making life better even if I'm not happy with some of them doing bad things.

I guess it's I think too often they tend to do things in a way that is less than efficient. Not being party to the myriad of laws they have to cut through to get aid to these places, I'm not sure what could be done better there, I'm very unhappy with the sexual abuse claims and how nothing seems to be done about it. So I guess it's they are insufficient.

ryathal ,

The UN is great at what it does, let super powers control the world in a mostly peaceful way. Other- countries thinking they have a voice is a plus.

gregorum , avatar

Money. I bet it’s money.

originalucifer , avatar

same reason so many rural nowhere counties are run by idiot conservatives; no one else shows up.

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