blanketswithsmallpox ,

I recognize the five main people and a sneaky Mile Tyson behind Bautista. I wonder if the rest are actual tough guy actors.

RizzRustbolt ,

I just figured out who they should cast as Sparky Sparky Boom Man in Avatar.

balderdash9 , avatar

Why does Terry Crews have Mexican gang tats lmao

Decoy321 Mod ,

I don’t think Benedict Wong has any either.

B1ackmsth ,

I thought it was supposed to be Ma Dong-seok

MagnyusG ,

That’s Ma Dong-seok, the badass guy from Train to Busan.

A Korean depicted with Yakuza tattoos…

carl_dungeon ,

Different tat, but is it inspired by this? Ma Dong-Seok

RedEyeFlightControl , avatar

You never heard of his alter ego, Terry Cruz?

Toes , avatar

Can Can

STRIKINGdebate2 OP Mod , avatar

Dude. My mom is letting us have montain dew during the sleepover. Why do you have to be a nerd @Toes ? I wasn’t going to tell you this but you are only here because my mom told me to invite you.

Toes , avatar

My mom says that I only can have diet. Do you mind?

The_Picard_Maneuver Mod , avatar
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