DogPeePoo ,

They mostly come at night… mostly

ToeNailClippings ,

I’m gonna steal this for my workplace 😁

TacoNissan ,

I could swear that this is my highschool

FlyingSquid OP Mod , avatar

Did your high school have an almost-solved spider infestation problem?

TacoNissan ,

No but it was a 140 year old building so I wouldn’t be surprised if it happened since I left

son_named_bort ,

They just need Spiders Georg to eat the rest.

Amir , avatar

The spiders are the ones resolving the actual problems

Underwaterbob ,

Buncha wimps. Spiders are not out to get you. In fact, they’re out to get far more annoying insects like mosquitoes and houseflies. Do you know how many diseases those two spread? Do you know how many spiders spread? Spiders are your friends!

r/spiderbro is one of my most missed subreddits.

Fisch , avatar

It’s not my fault my brain decided that spiders are extremely dangerous and I have to be scared of them 😭

Underwaterbob ,

I used to knee-jerk-reaction freak out over spiders, too. I’d probably still freak out if I turned my head and a big old wolf spider were on my shoulder or something. I have gotten over a significant amount of the fear, though. Enough to handle them occasionally if one needs rescuing from the tub or something. It helps we don’t have any actually dangerous ones where I live. I’d probably have a different attitude in Australia.

Fuck centipedes though. Bitey assholes.

AngryCommieKender ,

Where do you live that there are no venomous spiders? Even in North America, we have to worry about Black Widows, Brown Recluses, and Red(Brown) Widows.

Underwaterbob ,

Jeju Do, South Korea. We’ve got venomous snakes, though.

theKalash ,
Underwaterbob ,

Unfortunately, like 99% of niche subreddits that moved here, it’s practically dead.

asteriskeverything ,

Ok but like this is what pranks should look like.

billwashere ,

I’m putting this on the door into my office suite next week.

Agent641 ,

Some hairy leg tips poking out from under the sign too, I hope

Mordachai_Shedbacon , avatar

Brought to you by Spiders™

Norgur ,

Spider infestations are a very binary problem: they are resolved (0 living spiders) or they are not resolved (>0 spiders). Which one is it? So there is greater zero spiders? Then it's not resolved, Dave! Go take that sign down!

irmoz ,

Tbf, that depends on how you define “infestation”.

Maybe to them, it’s a matter of numbers and behaviour, and just one or two spiders chilling in the corner is no big deal.

Maybe it doesn’t become an infestation until there’s 10+ spiders, crawling at various points on and suspended from the ceiling, on the walls, under desks, behind your phone as you read this…

King_Bob_IV ,

Thanks Satan

Kase ,

Fuck you <3

DillyDaily ,

As an Australian, I’d also argue that an infestation depends on the species of spider, and how far out of the city you are.

10 daddy long legs (cellar spiders) is a bad time if you have to walk through them, but it’s not an infestation, I think I’d need 20 daddy long legs and a few hundred little babies before I say something is infested.

1 red back and an unhatched egg web would count as an infestation for me because I’m currently living in the city, but growing up in a regional town, you’d need 5+ before it’s infested.

I’ve got about 8 chubby bum garden spiders living under the capping of the colorbond, but the fence isn’t infested because they’re just garden spiders and they’re in the garden. That’s just where they live. I feel like I’d need 50+ spiders on the fence before I consider breaking out the mortein.

Norgur ,

See, I'm German. So there are two modes:

  1. No spiders

The phrase "kill it with fire" can be extended in German:

Kill it with fire, before it lays Eier!

Klear ,

Never realised Rammstein started as spider exterminators.

Mamertine ,

You can’t prove something doesn’t exist.

This is the problem with when scientists declare a think extinct. They can’t prove it’s gone. They can sample and say “we haven’t seen one in a while, we think they’re gone”.

It’s the same with spider infestation. I’d you have seen one for a while, you can declare it’s resolved, but you’re never really sure.

PS spiders are better than bedbugs. A former employer I was at had a bedbug problem. That sucked for people in that office.

Norgur ,

So what you're saying is that we should just burn it all to the ground? Got it. Let me get my napalm real quick.

Mamertine ,

It’s the only way to know for sure.

If you want to live in absolutes. Yes, but then you’ll want to irradiate the area to get any surviving spiders that were hidden underground.

Norgur ,

Ooh, good idea! Now where did I put my Plutonium?

WhiskyTangoFoxtrot ,

You want giant radioactive spiders? 'Cause that’s how you get giant radioactive spiders.

NigelFrobisher ,

When you work at Oscorp.

Gork ,

🤨 Mostly?

FlyingSquid OP Mod , avatar

Go in. You’ll be fine. Just don’t breathe through your mouth.

linearchaos , avatar

There are just 1 or two left Mostly

Ediacarium , avatar

Why do I hear dark souls music?

Willer ,


ummthatguy , (edited ) avatar

Edit: Forgive me, your highness, for my momentary lapse in memory. It shan’t ever happen again, my liege.

clayh ,

At least get the quote right holy shit

ininewcrow , avatar

Googles immediately: … how … to … make … napalm

Rin ,

Surprisingly straight forward

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