SendMePhotos ,

Bro why does this freak me out.

NotMyOldRedditName , (edited )

It is highly unsettling. Its real enough and I think it's the imagining walking past that and it feeling like a glitch in the matrix.

JargonWagon ,

Germans would hate to live in that house due to no lüften.

far_university1990 , (edited )

Und so verwirren sie alle us-amerikanischen Einwohner

stellt das Fenster auf kipp

menemen , (edited )

There is nothing more German than a Rollladen that gets closed religiously at 18:30, even in summer when there is daylight till after 22:00.

dejected_warp_core ,

Finally, enough wall-space for all my bookshelves.

ipkpjersi , (edited )

I mean, true, technically windows ARE the largest heat loss source. Also they are very bright!

LarmyOfLone ,

We really should have insulated window blinds or shutters that easily / automatically close at night or in the winter.

UrPartnerInCrime , avatar

Germany is laughing at us rn

LarmyOfLone ,

They are not really in style anymore in germany either.

UrPartnerInCrime , avatar

Idk, when I lived there 5 years ago every house being built around us was getting them installed

morhp ,

Most new homes are getting electric roller shutters by default. They're controlled by a light switch (or via smart home) and are pretty much invisible when open.

LarmyOfLone ,

Thanks, good to hear!

dejected_warp_core ,

Drawback: zero ventilation. I sincerely hope Harry Homeowner here doesn't have any pets, especially ferrets.

helenslunch OP ,

Does your house get ventilation through closed Windows? Or do you just leave them open year-round?

ipkpjersi ,

True but then you can just get an HRV/ERV.

dipshit ,


Railison ,

I suppose no backdoors either

wolfruff ,

Door appears to have a Window

starman2112 , avatar

Only one though, so they're good

nifty , (edited ) avatar

Linux user probably can’t afford a home, so maybe a MacOS user

lol downvotes are funny considering at least two threads on the front page are about unaffordable housing prices. Wasn’t trying to be mean, just an attempt at topical humor, sheesh

psud ,

I bought a house with the money saved from buying windows*

*This is a lie

VampyreOfNazareth ,

The iHouse

SubArcticTundra , avatar

I see he hasn't installed the window manager yet

ChaoticNeutralCzech , avatar

Nah, just a Russian millionaire with problematic opinions.

4am ,

So, what’s this really? Is it photoshopped or is it a pump station/electric substation?

Obi , avatar

Yeah these days this is done in 2min with remove tool.

helenslunch OP ,

I mean I just found it on the web but I'm sure it's 'shopped.

stebo02 , avatar

probably for the purpose of "I've uninstalled windows" or some similar joke

SatansMaggotyCumFart ,

It’s been GIMPed.

Undearius , (edited ) avatar

It could be some type of service building made to look like a house so that it blends in better with the neighbourhood.

Here's an example of an electrical substation made to look like a house.

ComradePorkRoll ,

I get it, it's because this house lacks personality. Like a Linux user.

1984 , avatar

Shit, guess if I stuck with windows all those years ago, I would have a personality like yours..

Sounds like I made the right choice!

ChaoticNeutralCzech , avatar

Lack of windows is a personality trait for computers AND homes

Shady_Shiroe , avatar

For an emo/dark computer, you build an anti rgb pc with a case that has a glass side panel

slazer2au ,

Things people do to avoid window tax.

Hiro8811 , avatar

Theres a tax

SlopppyEngineer , (edited )

There used to be

These days we have a license cost for Windows.

Hiro8811 , avatar

This seems to be America though.

guyrocket , avatar

A. Huxley wants to live here and have television walls instead of windows.

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