Eyck_of_denesle ,

I hate Jared Leto cause I never be able to identify it's him until credits are rolled. I don't mind his acting or personal life but it's so defeating to me when I can't identify.

Snapz ,

... to Mars

PraiseTheSoup ,

Can't believe this thread was up for 2 days before someone made this joke.

Leviathan ,

Disinterest? Disgust.

RememberTheApollo_ ,

Ugh. One of my favorite non-franchises is becoming a franchise and Leto is taking it there. Oh well. Fingers crossed.

IWantToFuckSpez ,

Damn. I feel sorry for his co-stars.

NightShot ,

I have mixed feelings about Leto, but I do have a hankering for another Tron movie. The last one was like the first one but on steroids with Daft punk and everything. Listened to that soundtrack a million times.

Hope they/he doesnt mess it up to bad....

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

Check director's record.

This is probably going to be made by committee movie going through a checklist with standard action setpieces made by CG team with minimal to no input from the director.

NightShot ,

Your probably right..
Max manus is really good tho.

RegalPotoo ,
@RegalPotoo@lemmy.world avatar

I don't care who stars in it, unless they can get daft punk back together to do the score I give zero fucks

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

Bruh, they didn't even get last Tron movie's director back. You know, the guy who went on to direct Top Gun: Maverick.

Instead they got the guy who directed Maleficent 2 and Pirates of the Caribbean 5.

hexabs ,

Bro only deals in sequels.

Tier1BuildABear ,
@Tier1BuildABear@lemmy.world avatar

Huh, didn't even know there was a maleficent 2

hydrospanner ,

I didn't know there was a Pirates of the Caribbean beyond 3.

EfficientEffigy ,

Because there isn't and I don't care what anyone says.

cordlesslamp ,

Don't bother. I love the 1st one, but the sequel put me to sleep.

IGuessThisIsForNSFW ,

I always refer to Tron Legacy as 'Daft Punk ft Tron' because the music made that movie in my opinion.

AlligatorBlizzard ,

I might be interested if they can get Wendy Carlos out of retirement to do the score.

Lev_Astov ,
@Lev_Astov@lemmy.world avatar

There are, in fact other brilliant electronic artists who can do as much justice to Tron's legacy as Daft Punk did, pun intended. Speaking of which, I'd nominate Justice to name a well known one.

TheFonz ,

I liked justice for a short while, but they seem a little limited in their range. maybe M83? They killed it on Oblivion

Lev_Astov ,
@Lev_Astov@lemmy.world avatar

I like the sound of their upcoming album, but you're probably right. Personally, I'd die to hear Le Matos given a chance at it.

southsamurai ,
@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

I dunno, he's weird as fuck, but he can turn in interesting performances because of that. Could work.

smeg ,

I thought he was great at playing a creepy megalomaniac in Blade Runner 2049

Kata1yst ,
@Kata1yst@kbin.social avatar

Playing Jared Leto works for Jared Leto.

southsamurai ,
@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

Absolutely. And as a creepy sycophant in fight club.

Okay, so he mainly does creepy and crazy well lol.

That's only partially a joke, but he did start out doing melodrama on tv, and did well. Did great in requiem for a dream as his first real lead.

He does method and takes it too far, and he really does specialize in roles that are what you might call bat-shit crazy, with a bat-shit crazy movie as an exception in his supporting roles when he plays normal.

But I can't really say he screws up many of the roles. Even the notorious joker turn was in a badly written movie that edited out most of what he did.

TheQuietCroc ,

His best role was in American Psycho cuz Christian Bale kills him.

southsamurai ,
@southsamurai@sh.itjust.works avatar

Lmao! Dark, but hilarious

foonex ,

He is also great in Fight Club where Edward Norton beats him to a pulp.

PaupersSerenade ,
@PaupersSerenade@sh.itjust.works avatar

“You wish now that our places had been exchanged…that I had died and Boromir Bruce Boxleitner had lived.”

“Yes. I wish that”

MajorHavoc ,


xantoxis ,

Honestly don't understand why they keep putting him in movies

Mozingo ,
@Mozingo@lemmy.world avatar

Well it's produced by Leto, so ask him why he put himself in it.

KingJalopy ,

Ooh ooh, I know this one!

xantoxis ,

Oh, damn, someone needs to take his money away he keeps spending it on terrible actors

QuaternionsRock ,

Eh, as much as the dude creeps me out, he was phenomenal in WeCrashed. Probably because the character was relentlessly insufferable.

Suicide Squad and Morbius were awful scripts, I don’t think anyone could have saved them. I also get the sense that sci-fi/fantasy isn’t really his jam, so I’m not hopeful when it comes to Tron.

Duamerthrax ,

Doesn't he have a sex island for his cult?

VindictiveJudge ,

Hypothetically, how would one acquire one of those? Asking for a friend.

Duamerthrax ,

The sex island or the cult? I think cocaine and collect blackmail on a sizeable fraction of Hollywood is a start in both regards.

Scolding7300 ,

Is he considered a bad actor?

boogetyboo ,
@boogetyboo@aussie.zone avatar

I don't think he was until his ego caught up with him. Then whatever you see him in, it's just Leto 'acting', not the character. No immersion.

He also runs a sex cult so there's that too.

Cruxifux ,

And thirty seconds to mars was a terrible band.

If I ever have to hear the kill again it might, ironically, drive me to kill someone.

all-knight-party ,
@all-knight-party@kbin.run avatar

Even the best songs can be driven into the dirt from being overplayed. 30 seconds has made some pretty good music, though, there's a reason that song got popular.

Cruxifux ,

I’m a metal head from a small town that had to put up with so many parties where the emo chicks I was trying to get with put it on endlessly. I didn’t like it the first time I heard it, and it never grew on me.

cobysev ,

He's a... method actor. He's one of those guys who will literally live in the role until production is finished, on and off camera.

He got a lot of hate for playing Joker in Suicide Squad (the first one), not only because their version of Joker was a cringey edge lord instead of the brilliant psychopath he's usually portrayed as, but also because, while he was "in character," he did a bunch of awful things to his costars, including mailing them used condoms. All because his character would've done those things and he was trying to live out the role in real life.

Then he acted in Morbius and was again awful to deal with until filming was wrapped, and it sparked a whole debate over whether method actors were even good actors in the first place.

I mean, as far as I'm concerned, if you can't seamlessly slip into a role when the cameras turn on, then you're kind of a shitty actor. If you need to adopt the role and be that character for the entire production timeline, then you kind of suck at acting. But that's just my opinion.

otacon239 ,

I imagine most of the time, method acting doesn’t really produce a better result for the audience. I will say one of my favorite movies, Man on the Moon, was done with Jim Carey doing method acting and I can’t imagine that movie being the same if he didn’t. For yet another blah-tier superhero movie, probably not worth it, but on the rare dramatic role that calls for it, I can understand its use cases.

exocrinous ,

I also enjoyed the method acting used for the movie ABED.

Kecessa , (edited )

Have you watched the behind the scene documentary for Man on the Moon though? Because Carey was being an asshole too...

state_electrician ,

Why do actors only go method when portraying assholes?

TheQuietCroc ,

So they can have an excuse for their behavior

exocrinous ,

How about we just have a rule that method actors can't play evil characters?

Blackout ,
@Blackout@kbin.social avatar

Everybody says his joker is the best

Plasma ,
@Plasma@lemmy.ml avatar

Nobody says that...

Cruxifux ,

Same reason why half of MTVs time slots are ridiculousness.

Awful people with money become producers and self insert themselves into everything.

kandoh ,

He's a pretty good actor. Paul Allen, Angel Face, the dude don't my so-called-life. He's a lot like Gary Oldman in that mainstream audiences don't really clue in that it's the same guy from that other movie they watched.

Only when the internet figured Gary Oldman out they thought he was the most underecognized actor ever. When they figured Jared Leto out they demanded he never be cast in anything ever again.

Probably because he's a creep.


Yeah... Gary Oldman is on the same level as the Morbius/worst Joker guy.... GTFOH

SatansMaggotyCumFart ,

Angel Face getting shit kicked was pretty cool.

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