Seagoon_ , avatar

Is it oodie weather yet? 🤔

CEOofmyhouse56 OP , avatar

I think part-time. Morning and night shifts.

Llabyrinthine , avatar

Already Oodie’d this evening. Hehe.

tombruzzo ,

Extra long weekend thanks to food poisoning. Work may not like the extra time off but I'm not in the mood to do them any favours right now

Seagoon_ , avatar

oh no, i hope you're feeling better soon

RustyRaven Mod , avatar

Apparently this morning's power outage was a just preparation for tonight. I think a transformer just blew up - there was a massive bang, a flash of light and the power is out to the whole area. I saw a few neighbours heading up the road to investigate, but as I'm already in my pjs I'm staying put. The emergency app is showing it as a tree down on the corner, and I expect that I will have sleep broken by the sound of workmen and chainsaws tonight. My new little emergency torch/radio is doing a pretty good job at least.

calhoon2005 , avatar
Duenan , avatar

Score! Discounted salad and super discounted hot cross buns.

1.60 for a dozen at Woolies.

just_kitten , avatar

Love it when you score a good deal like that! Treat yourself without breaking the bank.

Duenan , avatar

Yup, ate some and dinner. I’m well fed and they were pretty good too!

Gibsonisafluffybutt ,

When you haven't handed out treats for the 47th time today:

imoldgreeeg , avatar

You monster!

oztrin , avatar

First day of work since I got the lurgie. Managed fairly well.
Fortunately it's the quiet week.

Gibsonisafluffybutt ,

I'm crafting the resume with a "Christian" first name. Let's see how this plays out.

useless_modern_god , avatar

Jesús ?

Seagoon_ , avatar



CEOofmyhouse56 OP , avatar

My husband has had a "Christian" name for 30+ years now.

Gibsonisafluffybutt ,

He's middle eastern right? If so, I totally get why.

CEOofmyhouse56 OP , avatar

Yep. His Arab name is only short and you say it how it's spelt but hey whatever gets you the job.

Gibsonisafluffybutt ,

Exactly. I love my name but it is what it is for the moment.

Seagoon_ , avatar

Choose a name with the same number of syllables, the same hard sounds and if possible the same end. That way you will respond in a natural way when your name is called.

for example. Hasim becomes James/Jim

Gibsonisafluffybutt ,

That's a great idea!

Seagoon_ , avatar

Names are precious. Keep your real name for with your loved ones , in private of course.

CEOofmyhouse56 OP , (edited ) avatar

They're more likely to go with Harry or Sam

just_kitten , avatar

It's really sad that this has to be done but I totally understand having to do what you gotta do to get back on the ride.

I am extraordinarily lucky that I work in a small industry with skill shortages and am at the point where they'll read my whole resume rather than throw it out at the name. Different story if I decided to go into a different field tho.

RustyRaven Mod , avatar

Package has moved from Sunshine to Westmeadows. I don't think that brings it any closer to me, but at least it is still on the move and not lost or forgotten.

bull , avatar

I just want to give a quick shoutout to the unsung heroes of Easter: Thumbnails. As in the fingernails on your thumbs.
Is there any other time of the year when it's more important to have a good thumbnail?

If you're unsure what I'm banging on about.. check out my half-price post-Easter haul for reference:

Force_majeure123 ,

Damn you got some premiums eggs in there. Score

Nath , avatar

Historically, my magic price-point has been $1/100g. I had a quick look at the easter stock this morning, nothing is below $2/100g. I guess I'm just not that desperate.

Bottom_racer , avatar

Downpipes cleared!

So some lessons learnt over the years..

  1. Fuck leaves and debris in gutters and putting it off
  2. Fuck too much water
  3. Right angles in downpipes can get fucked
  4. Use your ears to see hear if you've unfucked it
  5. Having no plumbing plan is bad and fucked. Write it down, all of it.


Electronic_Owl , avatar

Wise words friend, our overflowing gutters kept waking us up during last night. Looks like one of them has rusted through as well.

melbaboutown ,

I hate that so much. If you're unlucky it could flood your ceiling/eaves. In the end those bristle things were installed in the gutter to keep leaves out

just_kitten , avatar

Before anyone blames trees for existing I'd like to suggest a gutter guard to help keep leaf debris from clogging up the gutters themselves and any downpipes.

Duenan , avatar

I hope to have a nap when I get home and settle down. I think I only got one hour's sleep last night :(

TinyBreak ,

There was someone playing a song from Interstellar on the piano just now in Melbourne Central. It was beautiful! I was totally entranced, stopped my youtube, stopped eating, just sitting there totally caught up in it. I didn't get to see them before they disappeared, wish I could've said thankyou.

Catfish , avatar

Nice change from the guy with the Chinese ‘violin’ who seems to know 2 songs

CEOofmyhouse56 OP , avatar

I'm about to vacuum. He is not going to like it.

anotherspringchicken , avatar

Hello, RSPCA? I’d like to report a vacuuming…

CEOofmyhouse56 OP , avatar

mowing, laughing children, vegetables, cats, flies....

Baku , avatar
Bottom_racer , avatar

Have a few regrets not cleaning one of the gutters before last night. Not a happy downpipe.

If there's one thing that comes up in convos seemingly every time about problems with a house, it's water.

It giveth life, it taketh time and cash monies.

Seagoon_ , avatar

Watching the guy from Site Inspections it's nearly always water damage. When it's not structurally unsound frames or fake Hebel.

The old homes from the 60s and 70s are looking better and better.

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