FeetinMashedPotatoes ,

I can't fucking stand this guy, why does he keep getting roles. God damnit

7heo ,

He is the absolute opposite of Heath Ledger: one of the worst, arguably the worst, method actors, the worst "Joker" interpretation ever, a pretentious tone deaf asshole, and alive. What a shame.

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

Heath Lesser

- Honest Trailers

7heo , (edited )
AtomfriedMegaforce ,
@AtomfriedMegaforce@lemmy.world avatar

It's tronning time

MashedTech ,

My favorite part was when Jared Leto appeared on the screen and then started tron all over the movie while saying "It's tronning time. Let's get tronning."

AtomfriedMegaforce ,
@AtomfriedMegaforce@lemmy.world avatar

The best part will be when they bring the movie in cinema...twice

Croquette ,

So how many flops does Jared Letto needs to stop being considered for roles?

Death_Equity ,

Hollywood Accounting is his job security.

FartsWithAnAccent ,
@FartsWithAnAccent@kbin.social avatar

What kind of asshole inflicts more Jared Leto on the world?

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

One of the producers listed on IMDb is... Jared Leto

DrSleepless ,

It's morbin time!

Yamainwitch ,

This was the absolute perfect meme format to deliver this news. What a disappointment of the casting director.

Mango ,

Aww goddamnit.

CaptainBasculin ,

Would still watch if the soundtrack's similarly good as Legacy.

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

Would still listen if the soundtrack's similarly good as Legacy.


bloubz ,
@bloubz@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Daft Punk is retired unfortunately

MeatPilot ,
@MeatPilot@lemmy.world avatar

Unfortunately Daft Punk is no more, so get ready for...

Soundtrack by: 30-Seconds to Mars

Appoxo ,
@Appoxo@lemmy.dbzer0.com avatar

Not into actors and out of the loop (besides the movie announcement)...
Is that good or bad and why is it bad?

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar


As in alleged cult leader bad.

exocrinous ,

You mean alleged abusive religion leader bad. Cult in the definition you're currently using is a slur created by Christians to push the narrative that small religions are inherently abusive. Cult didn't mean abuse before the Satanic Panic.

TxzK ,
@TxzK@lemmy.zip avatar

All religions are cults as far as I am concerned

exocrinous ,

And here we have an example of an atheist picking up a weapon made by Christians to persecute indigenous and pagan religions... and using it to persecute indigenous and pagan religions but also big ones too. And that's what many people consider to be social progress.

TxzK ,
@TxzK@lemmy.zip avatar

I don't give a shit about what religion you believe in, big or small, monotheistic or polytheistic. You have the personal right to believe in whatever bullshit you want to believe in; that should be none of my business as long as you don't force it upon others or justify bigotry with it.

There are many definitions of cults, including some that only apply "unorthodox" religious or philosophical beliefs. And some more broad definitions, like (from Wiktionary)

"The veneration, devotion, and religious rites given to a deity (especially in a historical polytheistic context), or (in a Christian context) to a saint."

and especially

"A group of people having an obsession with or intense admiration for a particular activity, idea, person, or thing."

And I think these definitions fit for all religions, unorthodox or not. All religions are cults, and I am not saying that derogatorily. All religions are equally valid (or invalid) because all of them rely on beliefs without evidence, just different ones. And one set of dogma is hardly any better or worse than any other set of dogma. Just don't force yours on others and keep to yourself, and I am fine with any set of dogma.

exocrinous ,

Ah, okay. I misunderstood you because you used the word cult in a very sweeping way right after I said it was a slur. I understand you now.

I would make the contention that at least one religion exists and has evidence: The worship of money. Money isn't real, it's a social construct given power and made part of our reality by our belief in it. It's mystical. Many people spend their entire lives worshipping it. They want it, they venerate it, and they seek wisdom from the people who have it. The worship of money is misguided, and unwise, and it fundamentally mistakes the point of life. But it is evidence-based. People worship money because they see its material power over the world and respect it as the giver of life, love, and happiness. That sounds like a religion to me, and there's no empirical proof which can dismiss these claims about money that are the core belief system of Mammon.

AVincentInSpace ,

What does cult mean, then? I for one am on board with not creating a euphemism to spare the feelings of "religions" where one person gets to rape all of the rest.

exocrinous ,

A cult is any small religion. Often pagan religions, the remnants of genocided indigenous religions, and many religions descended from the golden dawn. Oh, and it's also that thing Jesus had up until Rome declared it their state religion. And personally, I like the religion of Jesus a lot more than Post Roman Christianity.

If we're talking about abusive religions, there's absolutely no difference between one rapist's religion and an international religious organisation of rape apologism like the Church. There's no reason you need a different word to describe the two. They're both abusive religions.

Aganim ,

And mistreating fellow actresses, "because that's what my character would do and I'm a method actor", bad.

7heo ,

Yeah, this utterly spoiled 52 years old baby sees method acting as an excuse to indulge in his worst and most childish excesses. It is nothing short of a miracle that no one ever asked him to play Ted Bundy. And the depiction would have been a real life Zapp Brannigan playing his character like Chris Kattan played Jed Mosely in "How I met your mother", but unironically. 😐

burgers ,

even setting aside the guys personal qualities he's just a real turd of an actor. in recent memory he's ruined or attempted to ruin suicide squad, blade runner 2049, and house of gucci. his performance in house of gucci is possibly one of the worst accents ive ever seen an actor commit to, hes literally doing a Mario impression for two hours.

plus he's a method actor, which is frankly ridiculous given the quality of his output, so whenever you see him on-screen playing like, a sea captain, you have to suffer with the knowledge that real people in his life probably had to watch him try to order hardtack and salt pork from a benihana's

Gbagginsthe3rd ,


I was so excited for another Tron movie.

TheBat OP ,
@TheBat@lemmy.world avatar

So was I, buddy.

So was I.

100_percent_a_bot ,

Bro is going to sit in a computer for half a year to prepare for the role

slacktoid ,
@slacktoid@lemmy.ml avatar

Probably talk to Tay for inspiration

pH3ra ,
@pH3ra@lemmy.ml avatar

30 seconds to barf

RotatingParts , (edited )

My original response (below) was posted to the wrong post. Duh ... me. Please ignore.

"The company said any fluctuations it decides to test in the future “would be designed to benefit our customers and restaurant crew members.” " How sweet. They're doing it for us. What a bunch of BS.

ninjabard ,

Methinks you responded to the wrong post.

bloubz ,
@bloubz@lemmygrad.ml avatar

Jared Leto is now a restaurant owner, please keep up

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