comador , avatar

My wife doesn’t buy her own, she just steals mine.

burgersc12 , avatar

I deserve a sweatshirt that smells like her too! We only need two, just swap every once in a while, its so simple!

toiletobserver ,

I was totally expecting a political meme based on the picture

Sculptor9157 ,

The hands are tiny, but not orange.

egeres , avatar


Draegur ,

How to break up with your partner…

Kolanaki , avatar

His smell won’t last forever.

Give it back every once in a while to refresh it.

rockSlayer ,

and it’s too many damn pages for any man to understand

I’ll see myself out

AllonzeeLV ,

Fyi, anyone can just purchase a Men’s hoodie.

cantstopthesignal ,

They do it for the thrill.

driving_crooner , avatar

And the smell

GreenMario ,


metaStatic ,

it's not about the hoddie

Draegur ,

But it won’t smell like him

Rakonat ,

Believe me, I’ve tried. Not only did my ex steal my hoodies, but some of her friends also stole my hoodies and my ex was seemingly okay with that.

I understand to a point why girls like to have guy’s clothing, but its no less infuriating when a significant chunk of your wardrobe seemingly disappears

synae , avatar

What’s a men’s hoodie?

PunnyName ,

But it doesn’t have the smell of your loved one.

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