ramsgrl909 ,

I just started TemTem and the UI there is just CLUNKY.

sebinspace ,

Steam, tho?

Thcdenton ,

Reddit was by far the worst.

0ops ,

Github's ui can honestly be pretty goofy sometimes. I feel like I'm navigating the website for the first time every time I use it, which is multiple times a week. Where's that setting? Which settings panel is it in? Where do I find that repo that I contribute to but don't own?

Ratulf ,

They all want to give you just enough control to make you think you chose what their algorithm recommended for you.

woodenskewer , (edited )
@woodenskewer@lemmy.world avatar

Spotify tried making their UI look like Instagram or tick tock. It was a push update change with no way to revert to normal. What you'd normally see on the screen where there was multiple pieces of information was now a shitty video clip previewing the play list or title being suggested. Everything was moved around.

I used it once to go to work. I was receiving my subscription for free from a friend. I called my friend to tell him that I deleted my account because I couldn't change the UI back to normal. I pay for a tidal subscription now.

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

I remember the first day I got on Discord. My friend said, "it's like IRC." Yeah, the chat part. Once I figured out how the fuck I could get to the place to chat with my friend.

Harbinger01173430 ,

YouTube isn't even following material design 3...

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

i like the YouTube ui excluding the channel page

rainynight65 ,

Anyone who thinks that these three have the worst UI possible has never had to deal with a really bad UI. Try Sharepoint on for size. Or Azure. Or Jira. And there's likely still way worse stuff than those.

Dkiscoo ,

Azure is so bad!

woodenskewer ,
@woodenskewer@lemmy.world avatar

I hate sharepoint so much.

bitchkat ,

For a tool whose purpose is to share stuff, I sure have a hard time finding things in it.

iegod ,

Jira got too useful for its own good.

espresso_con_panna ,

Microsoft stuff is always ... very consistently microsoft lol
it almost feels like they tried too hard to make it looks simple on the surface, and then ended up shoving all the rest randomly in drawers/cabinets/boxes/wherever...

CheeseNoodle ,

Honestly discords UI is pretty good its just weirdly missing some features entierly.

bitwaba ,

I've been using Discord since 2016.

I just found out on Wednesday that you can group servers by dragging and dropping them on top of each other to make a folder.

Makes me wonder how many of their quality of life features there are that most aren't aware of.

CheeseNoodle ,

Does this mean there's also a way to independantly change voice volume and everythign else volume within the app rather than having to re-do it in windows volume mixer every time I start my PC?

Dvixen ,
@Dvixen@lemmy.world avatar

Lol, nope. Volume is random each time.

Samuql ,

Does not apply to the mobile app

diannetea ,

My only real gripe with discord (off the top of my head anyway) is that why tf when the "new" button pops up does it just scroll down the server list instead of just actually taking me to the server and the post causing the notification

It doesn't even actually ever go to the right spot on the server list it just goes way down and then I have to usually go back up to get to it

Maladius ,

So who has a good UI for comparison?

NoFun4You ,

All of the apps that existed before the API changed (Reddit specifically)

drathvedro ,

Haha, you think those are bad? Try any professional tools, like CAD's, DAW's, or 3d modelling software.

Or, even worse, any internal corporate software, the bigger and the older the company is, the better... at being the worst, that is.

Or. actually, just go to an any airline's office to buy a ticket and witness the atrocity they have on their monitors. No, those are not blue screens of death. That bunch of gibberish is the actual UI. And the only way to interact with it is by typing in commands that read like something that Lovecraftian creatures would sound like.

wieson ,

Command line isn't actually bad UI for professionals. It's way faster than using a mouse.

drathvedro ,

Command line isn't bad, but that isn't quite it. It's a terminal, but not really command line, think more like htop as compared to gnu utils. And they use it not because it's efficient, but because it dates back to where there was no other option. It's extremely convoluted, and if you've ever had problems with airlines before (mainly baggage) - chances are, it's because somebody messed something up in this system.

Gabu ,

Are you a zoomer? Command line is way better than a billion little buttons

thevoidzero ,

I haven't tried many CAD softwares but AutoCAD has really intuitive UI. I used to be able to find most things by just thinking what tab it should be based on what it is. It actually inspired me to learn better programming and software design to make something intuitive. I haven't used it in years since I came to Linux so as long as they haven't changed it.

chiliedogg ,

Those systems are so much faster and more reliable than the bubbly shit we have now. All that crap on the screen is what we call "information density." It's designed for people who work with it several hours a day and understand it, not for some random to be able to learn in 15 minutes. It has a longer learning curve, but is way more efficient in the end.

gandalf_der_12te ,
@gandalf_der_12te@feddit.de avatar

I agree. That stuff tends to be much more stable than the newy swipe-and-drag interfaces. These designs are basically unbreakable. I dig that so.

lemon ,
@lemon@sh.itjust.works avatar

You forgot Quora. That site used to be semi-useful. These days I can never tell whether I’m reading an actual answer to the question or just some random recommended post that’s been shoved in in between.

r3df0x ,

It turned into Yahoo Answers when JBP promoted it.

Sigh_Bafanada ,

Right? Whenever I go on Quora I have to double-check whether the response I'm reading is actually the answer or just another post

dantheclamman ,
@dantheclamman@lemmy.world avatar

I think Quora is on another level. It's a weird zombie site these days

Arthur_Leywin ,

Discord's UI is bad?

Maven ,
@Maven@lemmy.world avatar

The mobile app

A_Random_Idiot ,
@A_Random_Idiot@lemmy.world avatar

mobile app is super bad.

Steams is bad too.

All these services had decent, simple, sleek UIs.

and then some dumb motherfucker came in and was all "K.I.S.S.? Whats that? We don't need that trash! Lets make it flashy and stupid and annoying to use!"

lud ,

How is it bad? Works pretty well for me.

Discord's UI in general is not the best in the world but I wouldn't necessarily call it bad.

drphungky ,

How do I get to my messages? Who knows?! How do I see the people on the server that used to be an easy swipe away?

They changed functionality. I don't mind a refresh, but they actually got rid of things and moved them around. It's really annoying to use.

lud ,

How do I get to my messages?

Just click on the messages button in the buttom bar.

How do I see the people on the server that used to be an easy swipe away?

Click on the top bar when in a server.

Could the UI improve? Yes absolutely. But people are very overdramatic.

JackbyDev ,

Steam is wildly bad. Why the hell is Library Downloads and Library... library the same tab but under different drop down? It makes zero fucking sense.

rosemash ,

There was recently an update to the mobile app that was very poorly received

Lennnny ,
@Lennnny@lemmy.world avatar

Discord user of 5 years, use it daily, I've had the update for a week or more, and I'm still fumbling with buttons to find what I'm looking for. It's really badly done.

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