Asafum ,

A handful of already obscenely wealthy people will get vastly more wealthy and we'll all be stuck with the shit "products" they've ruined with AI... Totally not a broken system we have.

moon ,

Another benefit of the deGoogled movement and moving to more FOSS alternatives is that you're largely immune to these sort of things!

boaratio ,
moon ,

LLM coding AI is a really useful tool, not enshitification. They're also entirely optional. Way different then shoving it into random products and services without consent.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

ai has potential in databases.

Willy ,

for/and levels of health science never imaginable.

let's not forget tnt was both a great and awful invention. I know this is different but there is no putting the genie back in the bottle.

ai will be the new normal for as long as there is normal. all y'all saying its stupid or a fad are like the people who said the same at the beginning of the net.

speaking of which, without the net we couldn't have ai. or at least LLMs.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

ok, static.

Willy ,

What does that mean? Sorry, I’m sincerely curious

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

my attention refuses to read your comment

Willy ,

What does that mean? Sorry, I’m sincerely curious.

Grimy ,

Its the equivalent of putting his hands on his ears and screaming childish babbling to drown you out.

pewgar_seemsimandroid ,

it takes me multiple attempts to read it.

Willy ,

Yeah. It’s not well written. Should have had AI correct it. Follow-up coming soon.

Willy ,

AI will revolutionize health science in ways previously unimaginable.

Let's not forget that TNT was both a remarkable and terrible invention. While this situation is different, there's no turning back now.

AI will become the new normal for as long as there is a "normal." Those dismissing it as stupid or a fad are like the skeptics at the dawn of the internet.

Speaking of which, without the internet, AI—especially large language models—wouldn't exist.

Mastengwe ,

This is what everyone wanted though, isn’t it? I mean, we were trying to warn people about this shit for a long time- but we’re downvoted into oblivion for merely suggesting that AI was going to fuck shut up.

gedaliyah , avatar

Can I just make a special note of appreciation that this image is not itself AI generated. *golf clap

ptz OP , avatar

I've never used an AI image generator, so why start now? lol. Though I did use Google image search to find "train with rocket on it" which probably does use ML under the hood to classify images. So it's not completely devoid of irony lol.

kindenough , avatar

Bullet train to the brain

deegeese , avatar

Go fast and burn the customers.

Hobbes_Dent ,

Should be the enshittification yacht (Nestle logos NASCAR style). Runs on water.

Carmakazi ,

AI's most successful accomplishment is going to be its ability to parse the astronomical amounts of personal data corporations and governments have been collecting for the last 20 years. Enshittification and the identification, surveillance, and targeting of dissidents.

PseudorandomNoise , avatar

parse the astronomical amounts of personal data corporations and governments have been collecting for the last 20 years

Always the plan, funnily enough. They didn't necessarily know what they'd need the data for, just knew it was valuable and should be sucked up and saved until the opportunity presented itself.

Rai ,

Check out the latest episode of the excellent podcast “Search Engine”… Very much relevant and very much terrifying.

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