UnderpantsWeevil ,
@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

Goodhart's Law: When a measure becomes a target, it ceases to be a good measure.

MJKee9 ,

My state'a standardized test says kids are "at risk" if they aren't in the top 40% of the test. The top 50% could all be traditional "a-b" students. But because they weren't in the top 80% of a-b students they are at risk for failing academically.... It's so asinine and disheartening. The last half of the year is devoted to this idiotic test. Kids could be learning stuff that will enrich themselves... Instead they are learnig how to take a test better.

Chadus_Maximus ,
son_named_bort ,

I was skeptical of these numbers until I did the research. It's even worse than I thought. Did you know that only 20% of students test in the top quintile? Is our children learning?

UnderpantsWeevil , (edited )
@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

One could construct tests where this isn't a given. Create an exam with one really easy question and one really hard question. You'll end up with a huge spike in the center and two tiny tails. The top quintile of correct answers (<=1.6 correct answers) will be vanishingly small.

Jimmyeatsausage ,

I was born extremely smart. I always tested way at the top of the curve... far superior to all my peers.

asif ,
@asif@lemmy.ml avatar

Do you statistics? This guy clearly statistics.

Aceticon ,

News at 11: "Half of people are below average!"

myusernameis ,

Not in Lake Wobegon!!

FlyingSquid ,
@FlyingSquid@lemmy.world avatar

Only all the children in Lake Wobegon are above average. It's balanced out by them all turning into idiots when they become adults.

setsneedtofeed ,
@setsneedtofeed@lemmy.world avatar
bitflag ,

Ashktually half people below the median.

d2k1 ,

Same thing in a normal distribution, no?

Karyoplasma ,

Yes. In a normal, or Gaussian, distribution, the data is symmetrically distributed around the mean and thus mean (average value), mode (most frequent value) and median (middle value) all fall on the same point, which is the highest point of the curve.

UnderpantsWeevil ,
@UnderpantsWeevil@lemmy.world avatar

Consider an exam in which there are two questions: one very easy and one very hard. You'll get a supermajority of people who answer the first question and two tiny tails - zero correct, two correct - such that the mode is very high and the outlayer groups are very small.

Then well over half the people are in the median and mean.

Aceticon ,

True, but those who know what "median" means probably also know what a "quartile" means, so if I used "median" it would've made my comment less of an "obvious, duh!" thing and spoil the unstated point I'm making as well as the joke.

Best leave the mathematical incorrectness there to preserve the feeling of obviousness.

Deebster ,
@Deebster@lemmy.ml avatar

Ackchyually, they never said which average they meant, you just assumed mean.

lightnsfw ,

Yeah but the average is pretty fucking dumb.

niktemadur ,

I can almost see a facebook post along the lines of:
One doesn't have to be a rocket scientist to understand how terrible things are, when fully 25% of the population are in the bottom quartile.

IvanOverdrive ,

25%!? That's nothing. Half of people are below average. That's twice of what you quoted!

BilboBargains ,

Tide goes in, tide goes out. Can't explain that.

Karyoplasma ,

The gravitational pull of the moon.

But you're right, I cannot explain why gravity even exists.

Pretzilla ,

Oh FSS please don't cede a smart introspection to that billowing buffoon

(nice followup though)

craigers ,
@craigers@lemmy.world avatar

60% of the time, it works every time

Bookmeat ,

Fucking genius.

finkrat ,

What's sad is people are taking this seriously because someone believing this at face value as a bad thing isn't entirely farfetched lol

postmateDumbass ,

I wonder which quartile they reside in.

MeaanBeaan ,

Ironically, him being a fucking idiot actually proves his point.

SoleInvictus ,

Wait, this isn't satire?

Edit: I commented too soon. It's satire.

MeaanBeaan ,

Yeah, and me being a fucking idiot proves it more.

ThatWeirdGuy1001 ,
@ThatWeirdGuy1001@lemmy.world avatar

I commend you for at least acknowledging it.

Jackcooper ,

Lmaooooo I love this save

randon31415 ,

We need to get kids up to the Lake Woebegone standard!

MiltownClowns ,

I notice there is a 25% in the top as well... Coincidence or conspiracy...

doingthestuff ,

Everyone should be in the top! Everyone should have unlimited resources from disabled addicts to military bioweapons developers - it should be a flat line, a plateau!

CaptnNMorgan ,

Bioweapon developers should be shot in the street. Disabled addicts should be provided the proper help they need; and the education should be changed so there are less disabled addicts and bioweapon developers alike.

CluckN ,

Nice try everyone knows that the soyjack is on one end and the chad is at the other.

Nobody ,

I'm surprised it's only 25%. These days, I'd figure at least 40% would be in the lowest quartile. Has anyone checked the math on this?

BustlingChungus ,

Check the math? What do I look like, a numbertician??

Passerby6497 ,

Damn, I was really hoping to find a mathmagician!

mPony ,


helpImTrappedOnline ,

Let me try.

I've got 4 quarters in a row, and each quarter represents 25% of people.
I take the right most quarter and place it on the left-most quarter.

40% is not right, there's 50% in lowest quartile, 25% in the second, 25% in the third and 0% in the top.

answersplease77 ,

I take the right most quarter and place it on the left-most quarter.

they were not ready for these world-class 220-IQ moves

Veedem ,
@Veedem@lemmy.world avatar

Was he being facetious or serious? Because that’s scary if he was being serious.

mPony ,


uh, I think it's pronounced Febreeze?

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