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notsure , in West Virginia House passes bill allowing prosecution of librarians
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Knowledge is scary. Those perky folks down at the reference desk need to stop corrupting with fricking ideas. IDEAS!

notsure ,
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I've never quibbled, if it was ribald,
I would devour, where others merely nibbled!
As the judge remarked the day that he acquitted my Aunt Hortense,
"To be smut it must be utterly without redeeming social importance."

Everything is lewd, when correctly viewed,
I could tell you things about Peter Pan,
Or the Wizard of Oz, there's a dirty old man.....

FlyingSquid , (edited ) in West Virginia House passes bill allowing prosecution of librarians avatar

My wife is a public library administrator. We are in Indiana, not West Virginia, but I could absolutely see the same thing happening here and I'm terrified. Between this, me being Jewish and having a queer daughter, I feel like my whole family is so fucked.

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It may be time to at least start thinking about relocating.

FlyingSquid , avatar

We can't afford to. We also both have elderly mothers who are still living on their own but may not be for long. My mother is 82. Hers is in her late 70s and has lupus.

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Sounds like you guys are living with some considerable stress... Sorry. I hope it all works out okay for you all.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Thanks, I appreciate it. Aren't most of us these days though?

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For sure but we're all in this together and like my wife always likes to say when I downplay my problems and stresses, it's not a competition :)

FlyingSquid , avatar

Definitely. And I'm glad there are still enough of us that we have a chance of making a change!

PriorityMotif ,

There are plenty of affordable places to live in Illinois.

FlyingSquid , avatar

I agree, however, the further we get into Illinois, the further away we get from our mothers.

Also, the closest Illinois towns to us are Marshall, Paris and Casey and I don't know if I could take living in a town as small as any of those.

PriorityMotif ,

Effingham, Champaign/Urbana, and Bloomington/Normal are not that much further. I would personally pick blono as cost of living is cheaper with better job prospects than Champaign/Urbana. Effingham is going to be much more like Indiana.

FlyingSquid , avatar

Further enough that if there is an emergency, it would take way too long to get to our mothers. They're already a 70-minute drive in the opposite direction.

Nougat ,

There's room for you in Illinois.

RagingRobot ,

Be sure to vote I guess

FlyingSquid , avatar

No worries there. I always make sure to vote. And if my health allowed it, I'd be on the streets too.

BassTurd ,

My mother is a librarian past retirement age in Iowa. She's the director and has been running the library for probably around 30 years. The state is working on killing library boards and giving all control to local government. It would be absolutely terrible for libraries. My mom won't retire because she's standing up for the library and can't do the same in retirement, and she can't find a replacement with the same passion to fight.

Republicans are doing everything in their power to hurt people, take away freedoms, and keep the population poorly educated. They are literally the worst thing for this country. I'd say pedophiles are worse, but they're the same thing, so...

flipht ,

I'd encourage your mom to consider retiring and then running for local office.

We need the custodians of the public good to be in positions of authority. It's scary to give up control you know for a long shot, but at the same time, if enough people make the leap and give us solid options in every jurisdiction, we might be able to get out ahead of the regressives' next attack.

BassTurd ,

I think the library would die in the amount of time it would take to maybe get a local position. Further, she's pushing 68 this year which imo is too old for something like that. Lastly, it's a small Iowa town, and while it's not as conservative as Western Iowa, she's far too liberal to get mass support for a vote. That and her house is surrounded by family farm land that the city keeps trying to develop and she is fighting tool and nail against that. They wanted to build a massive horse arena right across the street some years ago, which would drastically lower her property value and qualify of life. The city keeps pushing forward trying to get things done and keeping her out of the loop like planning and land surveys for roads and shit. If I inherit some of that land when she passes, out of spite, I will ensure that the city never touches it because of how shady they've been. I'll have it converted to protected prairie land before letting them ruin the area.

asteriskeverything ,

I am so sorry this is off topic. You're not a woman? (I ask because you said wife and only specifying your daughter as part of the LGBTQA community)

Seriously was convinced you were a woman because everything I ever see you say is much more aligned with a woman's perspective than I'm used to seeing on the internet.

That said I'm sorry you don't feel secure and safe in your home state. I hope this backsliding ends soon

SkippingRelax ,

Hello? There are no women on the internet

postmateDumbass ,

So what are all my mail order brides?


VintageTech ,

I'm saving up to buy Nebraska and turn it into a third temple for all of us.

PeterPoopshit ,

Is there a gofundme page for this yet?


I live in Ohio, my husband is a librarian in a small-ish town. He's had to start looking for jobs in Columbus and out-of-state, which sucks because he really loves his community and knows most of the patrons by name. It's maddening watching people actively campaign and vote against things like library funding, then turn around and complain that programs are being cut and service quality is dropping..

FlyingSquid , avatar

It really is. My only hope is that the library board in this town really cares about the library and freedom of speech, so maybe they will help shield the employees. I hope your husband finds something that works for him and you. Good luck!


Same to you, we're gonna need it

BigMacHole , in Frozen embryos are ‘children,’ Alabama Supreme Court rules in couples’ wrongful death suits

But you CAN'T claim them on your Taxes!

CustodialTeapot , in Unaffordable rents are linked to premature death, Princeton study finds

Next we’ll need a study that proves gun rights increase death rates.

otp ,

I imagine there are already dozens.

Just because something is obvious or intuitive doesn’t mean we don’t need science for it.

stoy , in Bill Gates thinks of himself as 'very nice' compared to Elon Musk and Steve Jobs

Space Karen is a large steaming pile of shit, and while I agree with Bill that currently he is a smaller steaming pile of shit than Space Karen, that is a low bar to pass.

Rapidcreek OP , in Netanyahu says Israel will retain open-ended control of security in Gaza long after war with Hamas

That’s if he’s not in jail.

samokosik , avatar

ngl I honestly wish he will end there

dumdum666 ,

Would be a good place for many people of his government

FlyingSquid , in Several more children sickened by fruit pouches tainted with lead, FDA says avatar

The FDA said Wednesday it is investigating the source of the contamination in cooperation with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The agency previously said cinnamon imported from a manufacturer in Ecuador was the “likely source” of the lead contamination.

How does lead get into cinnamon? If it’s intentional, it seems like a pretty risky way to cut costs.

WashedOver , avatar

I’m reminded of the melamine that was added to dog food to boost protein numbers. It killed and harmed many pets in the US. Who in the world would expect melamine in dog food but here we are.

Aviandelight , avatar

The melamine was put into the pet food to falsely boost the protein content if I recall correctly. My guess with the cinnamon is that it’s a containment from processing.

RecallMadness ,

They added it to baby formula too in 2008.

Melamine, what won’t kill?

leds ,

That would need to be a lot of lead in the cinnamon with the little bit of cinnamon that is in the fruit juices

RidgeDweller ,

Heavy metals like lead accumulate in the body, so exposure over time is a concern too.

In the US, childhood lead poisoning cases are opened by public health investigators when the kid’s blood lead level is reported over 3.5 micrograms of lead per deciliter of blood. That’s not much - and if the kid’s eating contaminated food everyday for multiple sittings, I can see how it can accumulate over that threshold quickly.

For example, lead contaminated soil is considered a hazard if measured to have over 400 ppm lead. For things actually meant to be eaten, a fraction of that ppm is all it takes.

leds ,

Thanks, makes sense

flooppoolf ,

Pollution local to the cinnamon farm.

Chozo , avatar

This was my first thought, as well. Pretty much nobody is dumb enough to use lead for any machinery used in food processing, so it's likely contaminated soil where the cinnamon trees are grown.

Which is extra concerning, because these juices aren't likely the only products affected by this. The farm this cinnamon was grown from likely supplies dozens, if not hundreds, of food producers across the planet with their product. Hopefully this can be contained.

Angry_Maple , avatar

I’m almost certain that this is what it is, too.

I haven’t eaten any dark chocolate since I found out about how bad the levels of lead and cadmium are. Some dark chocolates are ok, but I don’t love it enough to remember which brands they are. I think most of the other types of chocolate were ok (by today’s standards) though.

If you’re curious:…/lead-and-cadmium-in-dark-ch……/a-third-of-chocolate-produc…

The second link is as recent as October, this year.

PainInTheAES ,

I got into a discussion on Lemmy a while back about cadmium and lead in chocolate and someone linked a study stating that some of the lead contamination can come from leaded gasoline fumes during transportation. May be a contributing factor in this case as well.

Eufalconimorph ,

Probably red lead used to disguise low-quality cinnamon.

gedaliyah Mod , in Full List of Public Figures Defending Susan Sarandon [Nov 22 2023 | Billie Schwab Dun | Newsweek] avatar

Just now hearing about this.

So she basically said antisemitism is okay because Islamophobia exists. Like, “well, if we can’t stop racism, let’s at least be racist against everyone.” Maybe the worst take in the past 2 months of incredibly bad takes.

This is coming from a white, cisgender person who is neither Jewish nor Muslim, and is worth $60 million ($10 million she made since the start of the pandemic)

rifugee ,

Is that what she is saying or is she saying that Muslims in the US normally get a lot of hate and since many people are upset by Israel’s actions Jewish people are now getting a taste of that?

Maybe I’m missing some additional context but it doesn’t read to me like she’s condoning the hate towards any specific group, but simply pointing out that it exists.

Maybe she’s full of crap or maybe she’s highly educated on the topic, I don’t know. I do know that it appears to me that people are putting words into her mouth. Again, maybe I’m missing something in the story?

hitmyspot ,

My interpretation is your interpretation too.

However, getting a taste of their own medicine, as a phrase, normally means it is justified and/or deserved. So, it could be interpreted as being gleeful in Jewish people being targets. I don’t think it is. I think she’s just pointing out that the use of terrorist actions by Israel affects ordinary Jews with nothing to do with the conflict, just like ordinary muslims have been affected for the last 20+ years.

I think the fact that multiple people are getting cancelled over their support for Palestine is worrying. Especially as it doesn’t seem related to a public backlash, but comes from those with power. Maybe heavy handed PR protection. Maybe using influence they have to support Israel.

As I type it, I realize that this is how conspiracy theories about Jewish secret influence starts. That’s not what I mean. I hope I keep my agent.

Zorque ,

Is that what the phrase normally means? Or is that just the most commonly held opinion by those offended by it?

The basis of the phrase only seems to mean that something is happening to someone who would normally be doing it to others. It offers no justification at all. Except perhaps poetically.

Omegamanthethird , avatar

There’s also a difference between saying “getting a taste” and “getting a taste of your own…”.

One is just saying that you are experiencing what others have experienced, which is what she said.

The other is putting forward an accusation which she is obviously not doing in that statement.

hitmyspot ,

Yes, but they are quite close phrases, so it’s not a huge leap for someone to make, in earnest. I assume an easier leap for concern trolls.

gedaliyah Mod , avatar

Sounds more like she is justifying the frightening rise in antisemitism because Islamophobia already existed:

“There are a lot of people afraid of being Jewish at this time, and are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country,”

I don’t think that she knows that Jews targeted by antisemitism is nothing new.

Zorque ,

Or she's saying both are bad, and sticking your head in the sand for one because you don't like them but getting outraged by the other is hypocritical.

ultranaut ,

What did she say? The few quotes I’ve found so far don’t seem to line up with what you are suggesting.

Blackbeard Mod , avatar

This reeks of a well-funded and orchestrated PR campaign to neuter Israel criticism at all cost. They’re really grasping at straws here, and I get the feeling that if the outrage doesn’t stick they’ll suddenly stop talking about her at all and start stockpiling their money/energy for the next semi-tone deaf comment they can twist into a chest-thumping crusade against “antisemitism”.

hitmyspot ,

In this case, it looks more like it’s Streisand effecting. (Affecting?)

TheActualDevil ,

The way I remember that Affect is active. You affect things. Effect is passive, and is the result of something. Affect is a verb (and I think sometimes can be a descriptor). Effect is always a noun. So you can have the resulting effect of an experiment, but if you mess with some variables, you have affected the effect.

Though, in this case, you’re turning the noun into a verb, so you could make the case for either use I think. If you hyphenate it though you can leave it as is without thought. "Streisand-effecting.

Years ago I had a CEO of the company I worked at make a similar comment; “affect/effect. No one really knows which one to use.” So my contrarian, anti-authority ass just looked it up right then and decided to always know.

gedaliyah Mod , avatar

According to what I’ve read just now, she said that amid the vile attacks against Jews in America “people that are afraid of being Jewish at this time are getting a taste of what it feels like to be a Muslim in this country.”

This: a. Minimizes the violence against Jews and Jewish Gathering places right now b. Makes Jewish suffering secondary to the “real” suffering of Muslims c. Denies the tragic history of antisemitism in America d. Pits Jews and Muslims as two parties somehow against each other, when in reality, both groups suffer whenever racism in America goes unchecked e. Portrays antisemitism as a means to an end - that cold, unfeeling Jews could not possibly understand the suffering of Muslims

Your suggestion that anyone offended by this is paid by some secretive corrupt cabal of globalist to do so…

Blackbeard Mod , avatar
  1. If doesn’t do any of that, and you clearly missed the point she was making. By a lot.
  2. I didn’t say you, or anyone is being paid to be offended. Is this your first day learning English? A PR campaign doesn’t normally send checks to the people it targets, dumb ass.
gedaliyah Mod , avatar

Please educate me; who’s sending the checks? Who’s receiving them?

Blackbeard Mod , avatar

Do you know how marketing works? THEY’RE NOT SENDING PEOPLE CHECKS.

gedaliyah Mod , (edited ) avatar

Do you not know how money works? What do you think well-funded means?

Blackbeard Mod , avatar

Holy shit dude. You’re not smart.

gedaliyah Mod , avatar

Just say you don’t know. It’s fine. You said something that you thought sounded cool, but you didn’t think about what it meant and then you had to save face by resorting to repeated ad hominem jabs. You’ll be much happier in life if you just admit it.

Blackbeard Mod , avatar

My wife works in marketing, idiot. I know exactly how PR campaigns work. It seems you just don’t know how to read, or have never had an actual job. Or both.

gedaliyah Mod , avatar

You’ve replied to my comment saying that this is a “well funded PR campaign.” Yet you’re flailing about and sputtering insults trying to explain how something can be “well-funded” but also no one is getting paid and no one is doing the paying. It doesn’t make sense and you know it. So just admit it.

You know what, just put your wife on. At least I can talk to someone capable of making sense.

Blackbeard Mod , (edited ) avatar

I’m going to explain this very slowly because it’s increasingly clear that you’re a complete numbskull:

A firm is hired by someone who wants to sell a product or promote a message. That firm’s money comes from who-the-fuck-knows. They pay an agency to develop marketing material that’s designed to amplify and intensify a message, all in an effort to sway consumers or interest groups. BP pays to make commercials that make them sound “green”. The oil company does the paying, and the marketing firms get paid. Target pays to put out billboards that make them sound friendly and like they have the best deals. The retailer does the paying, and the marketing firms get paid. A university pays to encourage enrollment. University pays marketing firm or ad agency. Political figures pay ad agencies to put out campaign ads. PACs pay ad agencies to put out emotional pleas to “stop socialist Biden” or “save Democracy”. Fox News pays talking heads to sell messages and influence voters. The Koch Brothers fund campy TV shows to sell messages and influence voters. Right-wing activists pay literally tens of millions of dollars to YouTube content creators to sell messages and influence voters. Pro-Israel groups spend literally hundreds of millions of dollars to ad agencies and marketing firms to sell messages and influence voters.

Whoever-the-fuck has something they want to promote, they pay someone to put out material at a cadence that will grab people’s attention, elicit strong reactions, and hopefully go “viral” and start being amplified by the rest of the media ecosystem so that John Q. Public hears a coordinated cacophony of self-reinforcing messages. The consumers don’t get paid to be outraged or flattered. Consumers don’t get paid to do literally anything. No one is paying you. You’ve literally been talking about Susan fucking Sarandon for days because you’re so fucking bent out of shape you can’t even sleep at night. And that might very well be because someone paid to put this outrage bait in front of your nose, because they knew you’d cream your fucking pants over it.

Now shut the actual fuck up and go away. I can’t fucking believe I had to explain how a goddamned commercial works to a dipshit on the internet today. Gods help us all.

Edit: Well look what we have here. I’m not surprised you’re weak in the knees about some dumb shit Susan fucking Sarandon said at a rally. You’re literally the target audience for this kind of outrage bait.

Newsflash - You are being played like a fiddle.

gedaliyah Mod , (edited ) avatar

I can’t believe how far you’ve missed the point. You are accusing Jews of being upset over a comment that minimizes antisemitism because some nefarious scheming cabal has paid to make people feel that way. You still don’t realize how antisemitic that is. You still don’t realize that you are the one being targeted and manipulated.

I have challenged you to pause and actually think critically about the wildly unfounded accusation you made. You responded with repeated insults and weird stalking, staunchly falling short of the task. You still haven’t come up with any plausible firm or individual paid to “generate outrage,” nor an organization paying, nor a smoking gun ad, paid social media campaign, nor commercial, nor any mechanism that this supposed money was used to supposedly influence people.

You’re grasping at straws now with vague handwaving at everyone’s favorite boogeyman, AIPAC, which spends about 1/1000th as much as each of Saudi Arabia or Qatar.. Israel doesn’t even crack the top 10.

I’m finished trying to lead you by the hand to the conclusion that you made an unfounded claim, based in part on antisemitic messaging you have been unknowingly exposed to.

Jews are scared and under physical attack. around. the world. It’s not something that started in the past six weeks. It is harmful when millionaire public figures minimize or justify antisemitism.

You clearly don’t get it, won’t get it, and have no interest in getting it. Here’s a list of charities helping Israelis and Palestinians. Stop wasting your breath insulting a vulnerable minority and go do some good.

Hand In Hand Schools


Doctors without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF)


Save the Children

twistypencil ,

I don’t get it, how is it antisemitic to say that jews are being treated like shit? Nowhere does she say she thinks that is a good thing or that she wants that. Honestly do not get how that is any where close to what I would call antisemitism. She isn’t even criticizing jews, which if she was I would call reductionist, like saying all Germans are anal retentive or Italians are noisy, or Americans are dumb. Which by the way, I’m a little annoyed I have to point out I’m not saying any of those things my self, they are just examples

gedaliyah Mod , avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • twistypencil ,

    But you would say that she is justifying a rise in anti semitism because she is being patronizing, dismissive and infantalizing?

    gedaliyah Mod , avatar

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • twistypencil ,

    Not everything offensive is antisemetic, although antisemitism is offensive. Conflating the two is where you are confused.

    The second paragraph in your response shows you making assumptions that you cannot justify. You do not know me, or my history, so presume not that you do so you do not appear foolhardy.

    Blackbeard Mod , avatar

    Blah blah, shut the fuck up. Susan Sarandon was right, apparently. You are a hypocrite.

    Bonesince1997 ,


    twistypencil ,

    I don’t see that in the quotes, what are you referring to?

    gedaliyah Mod , avatar

    Here is a response from Muslim American journalist Asra Nomani: (Sorry for the X Link) It includes the quote and Asra’s response to it.

    twistypencil ,

    For every one Muslim who has a wonderful and positive experience in the USA, I can give you ten who are treated like shit, dehumanized and ridiculed on a daily basis. You cannot paper over Islamophobia with one nice anecdote just like you cannot do the opposite with anti semitism.

    gedaliyah Mod , avatar

    Yet Sarandon’s comment does exactly that with antisemitism. She portrays it as something that may (should?) be measured in relation to Islamophobia, and she characterizes it as “getting a taste.” Does that mean antisemitism is less than? It accounts for 60% of US religion-based hate crimes, despite Jews being about 2% of the population. It’s been that way for some time.

    twistypencil ,

    I don’t get it, she can’t do that, but you can? Nobody here is saying anti semitism is ok, or doesn’t exist, nor is she from an honest read.

    Stanley_Pain , avatar

    That entire Twitter comments reads like some freedumber wrote it.

    Stanley_Pain , avatar

    Imagine being as dumb as this comment.

    gedaliyah Mod , avatar

    Imagine defending a white person speaking over two minorities and telling them how they should feel about one another.

    AngryHumanoid ,

    When you have to take Olympic sized leaps to make your argument sound better you have to know you done fucked up.

    gedaliyah Mod , avatar

    When you have to ignore minorities telling you how they’re affected by something them you are probably just a-OK and you should keep doing what you’re doing and not think about it too hard.

    AngryHumanoid ,

    The only minority I’m ignoring is you if you are one because you’re a fucking idiot.

    dangblingus ,

    No. That’s not what she said at all. You’ve misinterpreted her very clear words.

    kaffiene ,

    Apparantly words mean different things for you

    deegeese , in More than 100 guns stolen in Michigan after store manager is forced to reveal alarm code avatar

    More guns make us safer, right?

    That guy was so safe, he had to share some safety with underprivileged robbers. Now everyone’s safe!

    Caradoc879 ,

    Hahaha it sounds like they would have gotten away with it, but one of the morons tried to cashapp himself money from the victims phone.

    MossyFeathers , in Dogs are coming down with an unusual respiratory illness in several US states

    I wonder if they’ve tested the dogs for COVID. I know there were some concerns early on about whether or not dogs could get COVID; but now I’m wondering if it’s possible COVID has made the jump to dogs.

    someguy3 ,

    I think it was confirmed near the start that dogs could get it.

    agent_flounder , avatar

    I don’t remember when but I remember stories about dogs and cats getting covid.

    Chetzemoka , avatar

    I’ve only seen reports of animals testing positive for Covid, but not reports of any symptoms. Although there was a recent case of a woman who was believed to have caught c-diff from her cat.

    Woht24 ,

    Do you remember when the Chinese were killing their pets in the thousands to stop them passing on COVID?

    alternative_factor , avatar

    I'm very concerned that it could be a new strain of avian flu which has already shown up in European fox farms as well as domestic cats.

    frogfruit ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • rhythmisaprancer , avatar

    It says it does not respond to antibiotics.

    Rusticus ,

    Good point. I’m sure the medical professionals didn’t think of - what did you call it? Covid? - during their medical evaluation of respiratory disease.

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Confused_Emus ,

    Bit of a dick today, aren’t we?

    snekerpimp , in Target CEO says shoppers are pulling back, even on groceries

    So they had their CEO come on and complain that the reason “line go down” is “people no buy” so investors won’t think it’s management’s fault?

    catboss ,

    Yes. Either that or everyone involved from shareholders to board is dumb as a rock. Knowing rich people are not special, but just got lucky, I am not ruling out either option.

    kubica , avatar

    Something something no one wants to eat anymore.

    BraveSirZaphod , avatar

    I mean, do you think there are obvious actions that management has done that have caused it? Target's margins are about 3%, so they're not exactly extorting consumers for their own profit. It's a grocery store. It's not a particularly complicated business. Consumer grocery spending probably is more related to the general consumer economic environment than anything that Target does or doesn't do.

    snekerpimp ,

    I mean, I think anyone making decisions at a multi billion dollar corporation that they themselves are pocketing millions of that money instead of letting it be reinvested in the business and workers, should be fully to blame for their companies tanking profits.

    BraveSirZaphod , avatar

    Executive salaries are a pretty small portion of business expenses. As per Target's 2022 data, their selling, general, and admin expenses were about 19.76 billion dollars. Of that, the CEO's pay was $17.7 million, or 0.09%, and actually decreased from the year before. Sure, it's a lot of money, but it's pretty average for Fortune 500 CEOs, and nullifying his pay would make essentially no difference. If you were to slash his pay to 0, you could give everyone else an annual raise of $40, representing an hourly raise of about two cents.

    snekerpimp ,

    They are still in charge of the company. If I am in charge of the fruit stand and all the fruit goes rotten, I’m responsible. I don’t say “people just aren’t hungry”, I mismanaged something, and should suffer the consequences. They were steering the ship, it’s their fault the business is tanking. Earn the golden parachute you have and take the damn blame.

    BraveSirZaphod , avatar

    Okay, but we're talking about lower consumer spending, not fruit rotting on shelves.

    And again, his pay has actually decreased in recent years, even more so when you account for inflation, so you might even say that he's suffering some consequences. I'm not saying that Target is perfect or anything, but sometimes the business environment simply changes despite what leadership does. No amount of good management would have made it be a good time to be a candlemaker or horse carriage operator in the 1930s. Consumer disposable income obviously isn't exactly the same thing as technological obsolescence, but regardless, Target isn't Walmart and isn't trying to be Walmart, nor is it capable of being a better cheap grocer than Walmart is. They're fundamentally aiming at a slightly different target market, and sometimes the economic wind simply isn't blowing your way.

    snekerpimp ,

    And you are missing the point of my comments, idgaf about money, they are skirting RESPONSIBILITY. They were driving, they are responsible for the decisions that are making it hard for target to weather the current economic times. Poor management, and this interview was done to deflect that responsibility.

    zeppo , avatar

    Target is not at all primarily a grocery store. They chiefly sell home goods and clothing, which they were known for long before they added the somewhat limited grocery section.

    BraveSirZaphod , avatar

    Sure, I'll admit that's bad wording on my part. I don't think it really changes my point though. If anything, since a lot of the things Target sells aren't strictly necessities like groceries, you'd expect a greater decline in those kinds of non-essential purchases when consumers are in tighter financial environment.

    zeppo , avatar

    I’m not sure of the changes in their sales categories. You’re right about their overall margins being 3-4%, according to their 2022 financial statement. Here’s how their sales break down by category… about 20% food. I suppose ‘beauty and household essentials’ would be things a grocery store also sells such as cleaning supplies.

    snorkbubs , in Tuberville Laments, ‘Our Military’s Struggling to Actually Put a Group Together’ as He’s Blocking Hundreds of Military Nominees
    snorkbubs avatar

    That burning anger you feel when reading about stuff like this, is partly the point. Your outrage is funny to them, and they can't wait to unleash more contradiction and hypocrisy, just to watch you squirm.

    I'm not saying to ignore them, or to become apathetic. People should just be aware of that aspect, so they're not as easily toyed with by vile little men, like Tuberville. Ignore the trolls, look for the helpers, and cheer them on.

    Apologies for the light digression, and rant. I typed that out as a reminder for myself, more than anything else. So tired of these clowns gumming up the works of every single thing they touch.

    Bonesince1997 ,

    No, it’s good you mentioned, and not just for yourself but also for those of us easily annoyed! So, thank you. And even though after hearing it it’s not as if I didn’t understand it beforehand. But, I’ll probably still be easily annoyed moving forward, just the same. 🤷‍♂️

    Zomg ,

    Thanks for this perspective. An old Navy Chief I worked with would give me the advice “don’t let them know what bothers you” I guess to avoid intentional ribbing from his shipmates or others, but it applies here too.

    Regardless, it’s tough because it has consequences and is just one dumb issue to contend with out of the large stack.

    theneverfox , avatar

    I don’t think you’re wrong, but you’re missing the core issue.

    He’s saying this because he has no morals, and it’s advantageous to him. He gets to sabotage the government and blame it on wokeness, he gets points with his base for both calling out the Dems and blocking access to reproductive control of the lower class, and he gets points with his faction for strengthening their position.

    And forget hypocrisy, by doing something and accusing the Dems before they get a chance to react, he frames the truth as copium.

    These people are inhuman. Republicans will embrace hypocrisy and do mental gymnastics to “own the libs”, and they’re laughing… But the far right politicians aren’t doing this for fun.

    They’re doing it because if you position yourself correctly, destruction is extremely profitable. All but a fraction of the worth of a thing is destroyed, but a small group gets the value because they knew it was coming first (because they did it).

    That’s what this is… Destroying our society bit by bit. And although it means things will be worse for everyone (including them), comparatively they can get a bigger slice of a smaller pie

    PrincessLeiasCat , in FDA warns consumers against using 26 eye drop products because of infection risk

    The eye drops may contain bacteria that could cause eye infections, potentially blinding them, the agency said.

    Yeah that would definitely make me stop putting those things in my eyes.

    The eye drops seem to be store brand drops from CVS, Rite Aid, and Target.

    SpaceNoodle , (edited )

    Well there’s also a complete list in the article

    PrincessLeiasCat ,

    Yeah, I did a TLDR version hoping it would be helpful for folks who didn’t read the article.

    SpaceNoodle ,

    A better tl;dr would just be a list of the recalled drops.

    PrincessLeiasCat ,

    Go ahead, if you’re on PC or something where formatting isn’t a nightmare. Not really the case on mobile.

    SpaceNoodle , (edited )

    I’m almost never on Lemmy on a PC.

    Edit: you disagree? Do your downvotes turn my phone into a PC?

    downpunxx , in Hamas blocks foreign nationals from leaving Gaza avatar

    "Palestinians" never met a human shield they wouldn't call their own

    TinyPizza , avatar

    Fun fact! ^He puts Palestinians in quotation marks because he doesn't believe they have any right to the land, can't claim it as a real country and because he thinks none of them are civilians and are actually all terrorists. The more you know!

    snek , avatar

    Imagine if we put “Israelis” or “Jews” between quotes like that. What would be their reaction?

    Limitless_screaming , avatar

    No one is an "Israeli". They're either a Jewish citizen of Palestine, an outsider in Palestine, or a disgusting settler living in someone else's house (not even human).

    snek , avatar

    Of course they are human. Humans take other people’s homes, too.

    And while I agree with your overall point, I don’t think it’s helpful to deny anyone their identity. Israelis are citizens of Israel and they and their government have a chance to set this all right and not be a goddamn apartheid ethnostate.

    Cosmonauticus , in Nottingham: New mums report racism in hospitals, says maternity lead

    I've bounced around Europe A LOT and they all constantly deny that racism exists there and it's more of an American thing. Yet they'll spit on a Romani and make monkey noises at soccer matches towards black players.

    Europe is just as racist (in some cases worse) as America and if you say otherwise you're full of shit

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