Ghostalmedia , avatar

Why is the head of this mom’s group a guy named Phil?

madcaesar ,

Why do women vote for Republicans? Assholes that see them as second class citizens and have taken away their bodily autonomy? The answer is that just like men, women can be incredibly, incredibly stupid.

rivermonster ,

Aren’t most of the loudest republicans?

modifier ,

It would be so much easier if all the sex offenders did dress in drag, as the Republicans fantasize, and yet…

dugmeup ,

Liberty to do whhAaa?!!

Spacemanspliff ,

They always are.

Resonanz , avatar

ba dum tss

Rapidcreek ,

Moms for Libertines

LEDZeppelin ,

“But he is our convicted sex offender” - Cunts of Liberty, probably

Norgur ,

Aren't moms for liberty all about "thinking of the children"? I bet he does that a lot... So... Yeah...

dmtalon ,

“Plead Guilty” … If it was a railroad, as he states in the article, I think I’d have gone with an innocent plea.

Yawnder ,

Or even a no contest (if allowed by the judge on a serious case like that.)

meco03211 ,

Not defending him, but that kind of deal is made all the time for that reason. You’ve been in jail for 2 years and get told if you just say you’re guilty you can go free. If you maintain your innocence, you’ll still have to wait out the trial and face a longer sentence than the plea deal if found guilty.

Though admittedly, I might be willing to spend more time in jail if I was truly innocent of kiddy diddling. As this article is evidence, that shit will come back to bite you.

dmtalon ,

I’m leaning towards “he’s lying, and is guilty”. But who knows the world is crazy anymore.

Concave1142 ,

Glass houses much? Fucking ridiculous that I have zero sense of surprise here.

ShaggySnacks ,

No one should be surprised. It’s all projection with conservatives.

stopthatgirl7 , avatar

Yup. Every accusation is a confession.

SnotFlickerman ,

Memories of that one right wing Christian woman absolutely losing her shit on her state capitol steps, calling herself a murderer for a previous abortion she had. However, pretty clear she isn’t planning on prosecuting herself for murder. She just wants that for other people.…

“You’re a murderer,” she said multiple times while pointing at various protesters. Then she called herself a murderer.

“I’m a murderer! I murdered my own baby,” she shouted.

Sometimes, the accusation is coupled with an actual confession.

Anyway, she’s just another “the only moral abortion is my abortion” people because conservatives decide who is good and bad based on teams. “I’m a Republican and Christian, so that means I am Good and everything I do is Good. They are not Christian or Republican, so everything they do must be Bad and do Bad Things.” It’s fucking dumbshit stuff that most people grow the fuck out of but apparently a consistent third of humans are too blind fucking stupid to grow out of it.

clayh ,


Ragdoll_X , (edited ) avatar
doppelgangmember ,

Enlightening but sadly unsurprising.

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