Headofthebored ,
luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar


DarkThoughts ,

It's a "you shouldn't under any circumstances re-use power cables" cable.

FluffyPotato ,

Dunno what they are actually called (and I refuse to look it up) but I always called those 6 pin and 8 pin power connectors and people seem to know what I mean.

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

Except there are several types with different pinouts, and you can destroy components with reverse polarity.

FluffyPotato ,

Hasn't really been an issue in the last 20 years for me and now those are really only used for the CPU power and AMD GPUs. Also aren't those curved pin cover things there specifically so you couldn't plug it into the wrong thing?

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

No, the manufacturers haven't standardized the pinout of physically connectible 6-pin and 8-pin connectors. Look at other comments like this one.

FluffyPotato ,

Oh yea, don't mix and match PSU cables, that's pretty common knowledge, just use the cables that come with the PSU and you're fine though. The adapter on the picture used to be pretty common and came with the PSU before modular PSUs became the norm though, not really used anymore from what I have seen.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

That is how I always called them as well, so we're good :D

ChaoticNeutralCzech , (edited )
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

GPU Molex 8 pin (6+2) PCI Express male to 2 x Dual PCIe 6 pin Female Graphics Video Card PCI-E VGA Splitter Hub Power Cable (Some of the keywords like "VGA Splitter" are misleading or duplicate but most of it is correct)

Droechai ,

That's a very catchy name :) Just rolls of the tongue

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

You can call it Greg.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Diky moc!

hemko ,


olutukko ,

Ei ole puuhöylä

hemko ,

No haista vittu sitte

olutukko ,

He he he he

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

prkl xd

nickwitha_k ,

I think I'd go with something like Tedly or Lawrence.

naticus ,

I was thinking Emilio.

SonicBlue03 ,
@SonicBlue03@sh.itjust.works avatar

Chuck for sure. Then you don't have to worry about a name.

Psythik , (edited )

You don't need it; just toss/donate/recycle it.

Any adapter you might need for a new GPU in the future will already be in the box.

caseyweederman ,

No way! I just used one today with my second-hand GPU! Now I just have to figure out why it won't boot...

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

That's what I'm planning to do, however, I needed a name for posting it xd

nyahlathotep , (edited )
@nyahlathotep@sh.itjust.works avatar

somewhat related PSA: never use old psu cables with a different model psu. As far as I understand it they aren't standardized as to which wires connect which pins, so you risk destroying components if you mix and match cables and psu

pancakesyrupyum ,


I would personally call OP’s cable “house-fire”

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

A house fire is unlikely, as you definitely have the PC under supervision on first power-on. The wire insulation can catch fire under certain circumstances but it won't burn your house down if you're quick to act.

TwanHE ,

Nah it's fine. Even if he plugs in only one of the 6 pins it's more than capable of the 150w the 8 pin output is rated for.
You'd need a really old and shitty PSU for it to actually use different gauge wires for the 6 Vs 8 pin, since the only difference is 2 extra ground wires (and a higher power rating).

glimse ,

I made full custom cables for my last build then the PSU died. RMAed it and got a replacement that was on generation newer.

If I hadn't have learned that cables weren't standardized while making the first batch, I would have fried everything in my PC.

I never wound up remaking/rerouting everything so it just looked like shit for the following 2 years. I probably won't make custom cables again for that reason, though it did look really nice

towerful ,

Its for this reason i use straight-through extensions when builing my PC. Lets me route cables where/how i want. Then they connect to the psu cables somewhere sensible and hidden.
Adds to the cost but makes the whole build (so upgrades/replacement) so much more modular.
Just have to make sure you get decent ones and not thin core cheap crap.
I almost did the same as you, and decided to beep out some of tge psu cables as i was waiting for the new PSU to arrive. Immediately bought straight extensions, and havent looked back since!

glimse ,

I just went with all black this time to skip out on all of it lol

Pretty much everything is hidden so I used to stock cables

guyrocket ,
@guyrocket@kbin.social avatar

That sucks. Glad I saw your comment. Hope I remember when it matters.

Hamartiogonic ,
@Hamartiogonic@sopuli.xyz avatar

It’s always safer to just leave random mystery cables alone.

However, if you have a multimeter and some patience, they can still be used safely. You just need to know what you’re doing, look up the pinout and measure the voltages before plugging anything into any sensitive components.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Not planning to plug anything :D Just want to get rid of some stuff and I need to somehow label it.
Thanks for the info though!

LunchEnjoyer ,
@LunchEnjoyer@lemmy.world avatar

Wow, never new about this, rather important to know about this actually.

naticus ,

I've absolutely fried a brand new HDD in my server because of this. I thought it was a cable for that PSU, but it was a different brand.

ChaoticNeutralCzech , (edited )
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

Most likely, the motor and head circuitry survived. The burnt PCB can probably be cheaply replaced without cracking open the sealed internals of the drive mechanism, and the drive should work as normal after a test and calibration. Of course, wrong polarity will destroy SSDs and most other PC parts beyond the point of repair.

ChaoticNeutralCzech , (edited )
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

No, don't throw them away. You can definitely replace one with another if all the wire colors match and the wires are thick enough and by a reputable brand (so that it's actual copper). But yes, 4-, 6- and 8-pin Molex connectors have at least 2 different possible pinouts, the 24-pin one should be standard.


But if you're naïve and think they're plug-and-play, you'll be playing with a plug-and-fire setup. Most of such swaps will cause a short circuit, in which case fuses or electronic protection will probably trip before the cable insulation starts burning (if the copper is thick enough to sustain 100 A for a second and not heat up by 200 °C). However, pretty much no PC components have polarity protection so you will need to go shopping for an entirely new build.

SteveTech ,

I'm not one the throw things away, but please don't reuse them if you don't know what your doing.

The PSU end of PSU cables are usually different from brand to brand, sometimes model to model (thanks Corsair), so yeah as long as the pinout matches you should be fine, but I usually wouldn't risk it. Oh the cables are usually all black too, so good luck toneing it out with a multimeter.

For example Corsair vs Seasonic, pay attention to the PSU side:

Corsair Type 4 Pinout

Seasonic Pinout

ChaoticNeutralCzech ,
@ChaoticNeutralCzech@feddit.de avatar

Yeah, check any documentation available and even check which pins are connected to the same voltage rails. In this case, common sense says that the GPU most likely be fine as long as it uses less than 2/3 the rated power of the cable but any drives will pop.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Thanks for the info, everyone!

Cooljimy84 ,


topinambour_rex ,
@topinambour_rex@lemmy.world avatar

I thought it was Bob.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

I used to call it Pepe

Luccajan ,

It looks like a power connector used inside of an PC. I think they're called (number)+ pin power connector.
Have a look at this

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Thank you!

april ,

It's a power adapter cable for inside a PC. It's an 8 pin to dual 6 pin PCI power adapter. You probably don't need it, it likely came with a PSU and wasn't needed for the build.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

I definitely don't need it, just want to label it somehow, thanks for the info!

slazer2au , (edited )

Dual 6 pin to 8 pin adaptor.

Generally used for high end video cards.

fuckwit_mcbumcrumble ,

Older higher end video cards. Back in the day when a single 8 pin pcie cable wasn’t a given on your PSU so manufacturers just shipped that adapter.

Now we have the abomination that’s the 4x 8 pin to 12vhpwr and takes up 10 feet of space.

Sibbo ,
MyDearWatson616 ,

Can it run Crysis?

BloodSlut ,

still no

Senshi ,

It's an adapter for the power to a graphics card.

Most modern cards need the combined power of the two input cables, while many power supply units for compatibility's sake still only offer the two small cables and not a single big one.

So this adapter now usually comes with every graphics card you buy, and sometimes PSUs too, and they end up lying around.

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Yeah, this definitely ended up lying around, thanks for the info!

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Do I need to place the picture either in the title or in the post? Sorry, I'm noob here lmao

glimse ,

The way you posted it was fine

luca_mancini_drummer OP ,
@luca_mancini_drummer@lemmy.world avatar

Thanks xd

DarkThoughts ,

You did both and the one in the text area was obsolete since you don't have to decide between a media and a text post, like on certain other platforms.

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