The ‘faith-based’ leader for Philly’s Moms for Liberty chapter is a registered sex offender

Phillip Fisher Jr. is a pastor and Republican ward leader who coordinates faith-based outreach for Philadelphia’s Moms for Liberty chapter.

He’s also a registered sex offender, due to a 2012 felony conviction for aggravated sexual abuse of a 14-year-old boy when Fisher was 25.

inclementimmigrant ,

Gosh, it’s almost like pedophilia and sexual abuse is a solid Republican value at this point.

frezik ,

Fisher said he took the plea bargain to get out of the county jail, where he said he experienced violence from other prisoners.

So he used his position as a pastor in the African American community to advocate for prison reform, right? That seems like it’d be a pretty popular position in that community.

You say he instead decided to demonize trans kids? Well, ok, then.

ohlaph ,

At this point, I think I’m more surprised when the Republicans have an upstanding patron that isn’t a pedophile, rapist, or crazy religious figure.

You seriously can’t make this up any more.

Bashnagdul ,

It’s usually all three at once

WashedOver , avatar

The call is coming from inside the house…

some_guy ,

It’s ok, everybody. He said that he was “railroaded.” Everything’s fine. /s

These stories still make me laugh, but I’ve stopped being the least bit surprised.

“I hate queers!” Oh, you’re gay. Or attracted to trans women. Or whatever the fuck else makes you afraid.

zzx ,

Hearing this kind of thing is becoming less and less surprising

funkless_eck ,

you can’t spell Republican without one of them being outed as a pedo because that’s how often it happens

PrincessLeiasCat ,

The national Moms for Liberty organization held a summit in Philadelphia this past summer, where denying transgender identity for children and removing books from school libraries were major themes.

Meanwhile, back at his church:

Fisher has supported Trump’s campaigns; a 2020 report by WHYY included a mural in support of Trump that Fisher said was painted on an exterior wall of his church by children he worked with in his congregation.

The charging documents allege that Fisher had oral and anal sex with the 14-year-old boy in January 2011

Fisher said he took the plea bargain to get out of the county jail, where he said he experienced violence from other prisoners.

Wew. That was a wild ride.

rebelsimile ,

Yeah that’s enough internet for the day…

jayrodtheoldbod ,

I gotta hand it to ya, Philly, you don’t act predictable. This Mom for Liberty is a black man Republican, checkmate, atheists.

AutistoMephisto , avatar

I was about to say, how is a black Republican man leading a women’s group? Does he have godlike rizz? Is it possible to learn this power?

BigMacHole ,

ANOTHER Drag Queen!

spaceghoti OP , avatar

Except not.

superduperenigma ,


Rapidcreek ,

Moms For Liberty, more like Assholes with Casseroles.

Tronn4 ,

Karens with Time

Vant , (edited )

If you have this kind of skeleton in your closet why the hell would you go into politics? Even local politics. You WILL piss someone off and they WILL dig up your past. Idiot.

Also, not buying his excuses. He could have gotten into any number of political roles at different levels but he went for the one that oversees teenagers. Gross.

Edit: Also look at this guy. Based on the info in the article he is at least 35 but he’s wearing the graffitti shirt and the DJ hat to try and look hip and cool to young people. I’m not saying politicians need to wear a uniform, the suit with the red tie, but this is pretty creepy knowing his past.

SoylentBlake ,

Eh I agree with your first few points but his attire looks as 2023 as 2013 or 2003.

If dude just wants to be his dude self, I don’t think that’s a knock y’know. Then again, I was laughing when I read about Fetterman in his hoodie and ball shorts in the Senate, where I think your Sundays best is appropriate. So take my opinion for what may. I’m 42 and I still own ripped up jeans and flannels that I’ve worn since the mid 90s. I don’t wear them all the time but that’s still just me being me. More often than not you’d find me in a plain color or white T, prob with the sleeves rolled up over my shoulder and shorts on. Doesn’t matter what time of year. In the winter id prob be in mud boots and in the summer I wear water socks almost exclusively.

You dress how you feel. My body still feels like I’m 25, just with numb hands in the morning and more scars, well, and in better shape. I haven’t slowed down at all. If anything I’ve sped up.

superduperenigma ,

If you have this kind of skeleton in your closet why the hell would you go into politics? Even local politics. You WILL piss someone off and they WILL dig up your past. Idiot.

Just put an “R” next to your name; problem solved!

June ,

I agree with everything but your edit. He’s a millennial, this is how a lot of us dress.

JustZ ,

He’s almost a 40 year old man. There’s something seriously wrong with this guy.

June ,

Obviously, he sexually abused children.

But let’s not pretend that the way he dresses has anything to do with it.

JustZ ,


The way he dresses isn’t wrong, but it demonstrates the dude in stunted and immature. At least that’s how I see it. Grown adult wearing a baseball hat and hoodie.

h3mlocke , avatar

Hey fuck you, buddy.

cupcakezealot , avatar

i like how moms for liberty’s whole thing is that trans women are taking away opportunities from cis women and yet the leader of moms for liberty is a cis man.

Gork ,

I would never cease to point out to them how liberal it is that they don’t discriminate by gender for the leader of Mom’s for Liberty.

GreenMario ,


Treczoks ,

Anybody really surprised by such a relevation?

spaceghoti OP , avatar

I’m sure some are, but they shouldn’t be. Meanwhile, the MFL assholes are probably claiming it’s all just a smear campaign.

ericisshort ,

Yeah, those pesky lefties and their time machines going back in time to frame good people years before they joined MFL. When will they learn that neo-cons are smarter than them and will quickly figure out their conspiracy while failing to provide any evidence every single time.

JunkMilesDavis ,

Definitely seems like a pattern with these things. So many of these people who are into some stuff, but rather than accept it as a personal battle, they channel everything into finding some external "evil" to help them rationalize the existence they're struggling with. It's too bad they can't see how many others they're hurting.

Kalkaline , avatar

I love how there’s one pissed off pedo/Republican down voting everyone in here.

TrickDacy ,

If Republicans had an ounce of good faith I might wag a finger at conflating then with pedos. However they do not so I find this fucking hilarious

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