reverendsteveii ,

bad angle shot: can we talk about how many people engaged in what they absolutely knew was a criminal conspiracy and specifically communicated in a way that left a paper trail. I’m wondering if they’re “I didn’t know facebook could see my posts” stupid or if at least one of them was “I might be able to use these to leverage a plea deal later” smart.

ShittyBeatlesFCPres ,

Politics aside, those are some ugly motherfuckers. It’s like they had a fire at a wax museum. If you pushed their faces in dough, you could make cookies that are stale even before you cook them.

root_beer ,

And that isn’t even the photo of Musk with his “beard” thing

HuddaBudda , avatar

32 seems like an awfully small number of texts.

Admittedly it does depend on what key words they are looking for.

But this is the kind of stuff McElon could go to prison for. So one would hope he complied.

Son_of_dad ,

But this is the kind of stuff McElon could go to prison for.

Lol in what universe would a billionaire like Musk go to prison?

mateomaui , (edited )

It’s possible.…/behind-bars-billionaires-and-ex-bill…

Could now be updated with Elizabeth Holmes and soon with SBF.

PrincessLeiasCat ,

I’m thinking we need to keep the streak alive.

sunbytes ,

Just those last two stole money from Billionaires, so that’s why their own class turned their backs.

Not sure about the others.

thesprongler ,

Holmes is a new-money huckster who cheated old money out of their money. Big difference between her and musk in the eyes of the law.

mateomaui ,

True, but that doesn’t cover the other people in the article.

TurnItOff_OnAgain ,

Having done discovery requests before, we try to only include things specifically scoped in the request.

PeleSpirit ,

🤣 🤣 🤣

The company did not want to hand over the messages because of a court order that prevented it from telling the former president about the warrant, and there were concerns that Mr Trump might try and use executive privilege to block it.

Ranvier ,

So Jack Smith slid into his DMs?

FlyingSquid , avatar

I would love to know what sort of tantrum Musk threw over this.

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