Do it! Discover more bullshit that your own party did and bury yourselves; PLEASE!!!

iBaz ,

Just think, this is the stuff they do when they have limited power, imagine how bad it’ll be if they regain control of the Senate and Trump gets elected? Fuck.

Rottcodd , avatar

Of course they did - that's the point.

And it doesn't matter in the slightest that there's no substance to any of their allegations, because the entire purpose is just to get the idea that there's something there to investigate out into the world.

And it'll likely work, no matter what, because Republican voters are angry morons, so all they're going to get no matter what is "investigate the Jan. 6 investigators because [words]," so it really doesn't matter if those words make sense or not.

PeleSpirit ,

As another Lemmy said, they’re trying to release the footage so traitors and non-ally countries can know the secret areas.

ShaggySnacks ,

“We have investigated ourselves and no wrong doing was found.”

eran_morad ,

They are worthless traitor filth and should be treated as such.

FuglyDuck , avatar

“And here we have a broom closet in the fifth sub-level parking garage. as you can see. there are no insurrectionists here. they LIED! LIED we say. Where are the insurrectionists, huh?”

[Answer: they were outside the chamber doors trying to hang pence and pelosi.]

argo_yamato ,

Sounds right, Republicans hate America and there are no moderate ones. Some just don’t appear Maga but they all are.

ptz , (edited ) avatar

Surprised Pikachu

I don’t mean to be low-effort, it’s just all I’ve got at this point. It’s like watching cartoon villains run amok in a universe with the least effective superheros ever.

PeepinGoodArgs ,

Like Captain Planet.

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