The longer Biden enables Netanyahu, the more his presidency is at risk | Mohamad Bazzi ( )

Biden, a supposed foreign policy pragmatist, doesn’t seem bothered that the US is one of the few states that continues to wholeheartedly sustain Israel’s war on Gaza. In fact, Biden has staked his political future on his support for Netanyahu and Israel – and Biden is losing. In this year’s presidential election, where he will most likely face Donald Trump once again, Biden has already lost support among young progressives, Black and Arab American voters, who are all rightfully angry at his refusal to restrain Israel.

Biden allies are raising the alarm that he could lose Michigan, a swing state with substantial Black, Arab and Muslim American voting blocs, because of his Middle East policies. Congressman Ro Khanna, a Biden supporter and progressive Democrat from California who has tried to mediate between Biden’s campaign and Michigan Democrats, warned his team this week: “We cannot win Michigan with status quo policy.”

The Biden administration has consistently underplayed the leverage it has over Israel and Netanyahu. “I think that sometimes people pretend that the United States of America has a magic wand that it can wave to make any situation in the world roll out in exactly the way that we would want it to and that is never the case,” Matthew Miller, the state department spokesperson, said at a press conference on 12 February.

Miller’s flippant comment raises an important question: if Biden can’t use billions of dollars in military aid – and the ability to literally cut off Israel’s supply of bombs – to force Netanyahu to accept a ceasefire, what could Biden do with a magic wand?

Psiczar ,

People will punish Biden for supporting Israel in Gaza and Trump will be the result.

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

Biden can still change it around. Especially if he pushes to recognize a Palestinian state and actually find a solution to the conflict instead of hot-potato'ing it.

But the longer Biden waits to force a ceasefire, the more likely it is Trump will win.

Psiczar ,

I hope so, Palestinians deserve their own country. While the Jews have suffered so much that doesn’t give Israel a free pass to do it to others.

suction ,

If the US election 2024 was between Trump and Hitler, I'd still go vote against Trump.

Roldyclark ,

Uh… what?

suction ,

Uh huh you heard me

the_post_of_tom_joad ,

This.... This is satire. Tell me this is satire.

suction ,

Do you know what "satire" is, even?

suction ,

"Because I don't like one particular aspect of a person's politics, I'll rather enable Putin 2.0 by not voting". Americans will never be able to point to Nazi Germany and say "why did they let him into power?" again.

go_go_gadget ,

Why are you trying to shame voters into catering to the politics of a politician?

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

Do you not see the irony of your comment?

"Yes Adolf Hitler did Genocide but that was just one particular aspect of his politics. He also built a lot of railway and public infrastructure. He created a lot of jobs and really pushed for industrialization".

That one particular aspect is a red line for people with any morals

suction ,

I mean so far what Israel did is par for the course given how evil the Hamas attacks were. Whoever argues against that has Daddy issues

hannes3120 ,

So OP is a professional anti Israel poster?

How can you have so many posts and comments let day all only going about the same thing?

Kind of smells like russian troll farm sowing dissent (not saying it is)

I agree that Israel should slow down and enable more support but Hamas started this and could always stop during rockets and release the hostages they took to end it in a day.

Both parties in this war are absolutely horrible but for some reason no one tries to tell Hamas to stop being assholes

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

Can someone care about Genocide? No it must be Russian trolls!

Is this you?

hannes3120 ,

Did I say I was okay with what Isreal is doing? I just asked people to look into the source.

On average more than 1 post per day and almost 2 comments per hour and ALL of them either Anti-Israel or anti-Biden really seems as if you are having an agenda.

Not saying that this specific post is wrong - just that the amount of posts is probably inflated for one side because of people like you.

And for the admins:
how can my comment be removed for breaking rule 5 which I'd have guessed only applies to account-bans as it's about voting based on quality not agreement when I didn't even downvote OPs post or comments and only asked a simple question in well-mannered language?

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

You think it's possible someone doesn't condone Genocide and tries to stop it?

hannes3120 ,

I think it's right to try and stop the war and also right to try and replace the Israel government so Netanyahu can finally face the justice he's running from for years.

Hopefully there will be a good solution including a Palestinian state in the end - but with both Hamas and some of the far-right ministers in Netanyahus cabinet both claiming all of Israel for them that's not happening.

At least inside Israel it seems unlikely people will vote for him again and democratic change there is possible - as for Hamas I really don't see how they will ever give up bombing Israel and doing monstrosities as the one that started this whole mess.

It's horrible how the Palestinian people have to suffer both from Hamas and from Israel but painting Israel as the absolute evil is not helping anyone

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

I recommend you do some reading on history. What israel has been doing now is what they have been doing since their founding. They believe they are an Ubermensch that needs to expand their Lebensraum.

The Nakba was very similar to this current Genocide. Israel is a Nazi ethnostate. Was Nazi Germany not absolute evil either?

Ensign_Crab ,

I think it’s right to try and stop the war

Genocide. The word for what Netanyahu is doing is genocide.

hannes3120 ,

@admins I think @Linkerbaan might have downvoted my comment because he disagreed with me and not because the comment was necessary bad quality which would break the same rule that resulted in my comment being deleted before

Draedron ,

Who started it is a discussion we really shouldnt start. Its a 3000 year old conflict. What is important is that currently israel is commiting a genocide.

Daft_ish , (edited )

In what world does Biden lose the primary? Please let it happen.

Except don't. You'll only sow division.

"Bernie can still win!"

Every. Fucking. Time.

Tinidril ,

Nobody thinks Biden will lose the primary. That's what rightfully has people scared. If Trump gets elected again, I wonder if you'll have the insight to regret that Bernie lost in 2020. Probably not I'd guess.

iquanyin , avatar

because trump would be such a friend to palestine

Wogi ,

Criticism of one is not implicit endorsement of the other.

Daft_ish , (edited )

Someone's not paying attention. It was fun in 2016 when the "I didn't get Bernie people so now I'll vote Trump" people started showing up. Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. No one who believed Bernies message would ever flip to trump.

Wogi ,

It's precisely because I'm paying attention that I'm critical.

If the only argument for Joe is how bad Trump is, then Joe's a pretty shitty candidate, and deserves to be criticized.

Daft_ish ,

You're not paying attention. Anyone can be critical of Biden, it's fucking easy, I've been doing it for 4 years. What you're missing is continuing this narrative results in a Trump win. Half the people who are "being critical of Biden" will suddenly fully support Trump than dissappear. Either you're dense, or you know this better than I do.

archomrade ,

Half the people who are "being critical of Biden" will suddenly fully support Trump than dissappear.


Daft_ish ,

Same shit that happend with the "feel the bern" crowd.

go_go_gadget ,

We didn't disappear. But moderates stopped engaging in discussion once the election was over and didn't bother listening in the 2020 primaries.

Daft_ish ,

The ones who "switch to trump" disappeared.

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

Nobody is voting Trump. They vote third party or stay home.

If Biden ignores this he can't win. Like Hillary in 2016. Make him stop supporting Genocide.

Daft_ish ,

Lol. So you do not give a shit about Genocide. Got it.

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

So you do not give a shit about Genocide. Got it.

Daft_ish ,

You're vendetta against Biden is going to cost everyone. Good job.

go_go_gadget ,

You should've paid attention during the 2020 primaries then.

Daft_ish ,

You mean when I voted for Bernie?

archomrade ,


"Sure, Biden is complicit in genocide, but threatening to withhold support over it hurts his chances to keep doing it, so you must not really give a shit about it."

Daft_ish ,

... passing the torch to Trump who will escalate the situation. I swear you people are so myopic.

go_go_gadget ,

We cautioned against Biden all the way back in the 2020 primaries. We had the long term view in mind. The people who voted for him anyway are myopic. They saw the candidate they wanted and didn't care what anybody else had to say about it.

Daft_ish ,

Yeah, they were fucking brain dead cock suckers. This is where we are at.

monkeyslikebananas2 ,

Yes it is when people are saying they won’t vote for Biden when the alternative is Trump.

hannes3120 ,

Yeah he basically put fire to the conflict with the embassy decision basically confirming that he sees the two state solution as dead while playing in netanyahus hands...

suction ,

I think the idea by these nitwits is not to vote for Trump, but rather not vote at all. Which will of course help Trump because his hellspawn will make sure to vote, at least once.

Linkerbaan OP , avatar

[Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • suction ,

    Whoever applies the G word to this situation is not a serious person. Blocked.

    Linkerbaan OP , avatar

    This Genocide by Nazi israel you mean?

    jordanlund Mod , avatar

    I don't know how many times I have to explain this to you.

    Biden is NOT the one committing genocide.

    Bibi is. Blame Bibi, not Biden. Take a 3 day time out.

    LemonLord , avatar

    Dudes, what is with Bernie Sanders? He can make it?

    Linkerbaan OP , avatar
    blazeknave ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the moderator]

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  • Linkerbaan OP , avatar

    The more you keep pretending people will vote for Biden while he is complicit in Genocide, the longer it will take for Biden to notice that he needs to cut that shit out.

    You are actively helping Trump by trying to ignore this. It is a breaking point and if it does not go away Biden won't win.

    vikingqueef , avatar

    More on this: Bidens disapproval percentage was 55% before Oct 7th. It is not a wild speculation to think that he would not have the support to defeat Trump. However, I assert that if he secures a permanent ceasefire he will see his approval rating rebound and be better than before Oct 7th and actually have the support needed to defeat Trump. All it takes is one phone call.

    Linkerbaan OP , avatar

    If he can manage to implement a real solution and recognize a Palestinian state I'd wager he can actually win many people back.

    Mastengwe ,

    No, you’re actively helping Trump with this campaign of misinformation and propaganda of yours. Biden is not committing genocide. It’s nonsense misinformation. You’ve been warned about it time and again

    The modlogs show how much of what you have been saying has been removed due to lies and propaganda. I’d urge everyone to look into that.

    HuntressHimbo ,

    I posted this in another thread but I think this topic is closer to what I was thinking. Every day that Biden doesn't end support for Israel we are building up more and more records of communication with Israel on this matter. Considering Biden repeated out loud the decapitated babies lies and other propaganda there is virtually no chance those communications don't look absolutely awful for Biden.

    There is another 8 months to the election, how much do you want to bet on those communications staying private? Do you want to bet your democracy on it? Thats what we are currently doing.

    Someonelol ,

    So this is how democracy in the US can end. A Democratic president who's resisting the overwhelming cry of the people to stop supporting a genocidal fascist who will then lose the presidency to our own domestic fascist out of their protest. When the government's been deliberately unresponsive to the will of its people for so long I guess this is its inevitable conclusion.

    GladiusB , avatar

    I believe it has more to do with your last sentence than anything else

    in4aPenny ,

    It's been the plan since the West rescued top Nazi officials after WW2.

    Faresh ,

    So this is how democracy in the US can end

    One would think that if it gets that far, that it wasn't a democracy to begin with.

    Fedizen ,

    This is nation that started with mass slaughter of natives and importation and racialization of slaves.

    The current moment is a brief moment of clarity in a long history of bloodshed, racism and greed.

    chemicalprophet ,

    Biden and the rest of the libruls are fucking idiots who gave away everything they lost and continue to do so. What they lack in malice they make up for in stupidity, goddamn centrist blue-maga lames that pander to corporations and Israel over representing their constituent's needs and desires. Free Palestine and start working for the proles. Fuck...

    Hello_there ,

    This is Bidens Vietnam and it will cost him the election.
    Vote for someone else in the primary please.

    lennybird , avatar

    Not a good thing to be propping up an ultra right-wing nationalist government. Bibi has been in power for as long (maybe longer?) as Putin and has a lot of the same propaganda methods.

    tocopherol , avatar

    More than prop up, US police have trained in Israel for years and we also train and advise the IDF. There would be no Israel or genocide being committed by the IDF if it weren't for the support of the US.

    Narauko ,

    So you are saying that without US support the surrounding Muslim nations multiple attempts at the genocide and destruction of Israel would have been successful, and that this is preferable to the current failed Two State solution.

    PoliticallyIncorrect , avatar

    Biden it's a Zionist, he said it..

    vikingqueef , avatar

    Multiple times

    kaffiene ,

    Supporting the existence of Israel is not an issue. Supporting genocide is

    PoliticallyIncorrect , (edited ) avatar

    Zionists are genocides, then if you are a Zionist or support Zionism what you are?

    absentbird ,

    [Thread, post or comment was deleted by the author]

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  • Daft_ish ,

    I asked Isreal, they said no. You can disagree but I'm inclined to believe them. They are the experts.

    kaffiene ,

    For fucks sake those are different terms.
    Zionists want the state of Israel to exist as a homeland for Jews. They don't all support the genocide of Gaza.
    There's plenty to criticise about Israel but criticise things they actually do rather than making up your own lies to get upset about

    PoliticallyIncorrect , avatar

    How it's supposed an Israel state to exist if isn't killing the people who it's already there?

    They don't want a two state solution they want the whole land for them.

    "The promised land"

    kaffiene ,

    Plenty Zionists want a two state solution. Even if they didn't - what they were doing previously - effectively making Gaza an open air prison was a (sick) non genocidal status quo.
    I don't doubt that some Zionists are also happy with Genocide, but plenty aren't.

    PoliticallyIncorrect , avatar

    They just want another tiny piece of the promised cake, the question here would be, when it will be enough cake?

    kaffiene ,

    Yeah and those are valid questions to ask but painting all Zionists as genocidaires is not a constructive nor truthful way of starting the conversation.
    My 2c: it has to involve the international community. Israel had shown they are not interested in Palestinian rights and the US needs to get out of the way. If they won't fix the situation stop blocking the international community from trying

    archomrade ,

    I understand where you're coming from, but this is the same as when people claim "from the river to the sea" is a genocidal rallying cry.

    Zionism can certainly lead to a justification of extreme violence (in much the same way 'manifest destiny' did) , it's not the same as being about genocide.

    Suavevillain , avatar

    It is wild how net positive doing the right thing is. But yet people want to "But Trump" for active genocide, like the current present lives don't matter. You don't have to throw people under the bus because of the fear of Trump.

    kava ,

    Trump has been such a gift to establishment democrats. They can do literally whatever they want, ignoring their base, and use the "but Trump" to guilt people into voting for them regardless.

    It's not gonna work this year. People are sick and tired.

    njm1314 ,

    Hope you like being sick and tired considering one of Trump's platforms is getting rid of Medicare.

    MiDaBa ,

    People are already dying because of the broken medical care system in the US. Continuously voting for the lesser of two evils hasn't made things any better and I doubt it's going to be any different this round. The threat of 'worse' is no longer motivation enough for me. In fact, instead of trying to delay our inevitable crash maybe we should just steer this mother right into the frickin wall. Either way, I just don't care anymore.

    LordR ,

    Do you honestly think that Trump is the better outcome for Palestinians? He would probably like to participate in the killing of Muslims himself.

    Don't get me wrong, put pressure on Biden because it is the right thing. Just remember to vote fir him in the end because Trump is way worse for Palestine.

    Suavevillain , avatar

    Trump is worse. Is he the current President now? We should be focused on the people still suffering now, which many Dems are fine discarding due to fear of Trump. The fact Biden is struggling to a man who did an insurrection and is less popular than before says more about him than anything.

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