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Google pulls Binance, other global crypto apps from India store

FIU, an Indian government agency that scrutinizes financial transactions, late last month issued show cause notices to nine crypto firms and alleged that they weren’t compliant with India’s anti-money laundering rules. Apple pulled the apps earlier this week and various telecom networks and internet service providers began blocking the URLs of the crypto exchange websites Thursday evening.

library_napper , avatar

I support this. Honestly its foolish to install closed-source apps that have access to your finances. Better to install from f-droid anyway.

Google should ban all finance apps from Google Play

labbbb ,

India going to dictatorship like RuSSia when it comes to financial services, Forex brokers, cryptocurrency exchanges, payment systems, P2P's etc., "nice".

There is many services that have license in offshores, so I think Indians will be fine.

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FISA Section 702 Reauthorization: House GOP leadership pulls dueling FISA bills amid backlash!

Instead, a four-month extension is attached to the NDAA -- unless it gets removed. Dozens of civil rights and racial justice groups oppose extending FISA in the NDAA.

If you agree, call your Senators TODAY and with a simple ask: "DO NOT put 702 in the NDAA."


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@drwho Not necessarily. In the short term, the huge split in the Republican party means that the NDAA's already not a slam-dunk, so throwing gasoline on the fire with FISA activism could potentially have an impact. It also adds to pressure on Speaker Johnson, who's under a lot of fire from Republicans for how badly he's handled this mess.

And even if they do the short-term reauth (which I agree is more likely than not), it's still very much an open question as to what happens next -- it could be anything from GSRA or PLEWSA (with significant reforms) to a straightforward longer-term reauth with minimal reforms as a "compromise" to the odious FFRA (which broadens the scope). So pressure now is also a preparation for the next battle.

stolid_agnostic ,

Empathy, as always, is the real problem with the GOP. They are perfectly fine when it’s immigrants, liberals, gays, brown people, etc that suffer these laws. When angry white people get affected, then they are suddenly sad about it and suddenly were the whole time.

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House Judiciary Committee advances FISA Section 702 bill with warrant requirements, 35-2

Sen. Ron Wyden says "This is great news for anyone who cares about protecting their privacy from government overreach."

So far the only coverage is @tonya_riley's paywalled Bloomberg News article

The bill is H.R. 6570, the Protect Liberty and End Warrantless Surveillance Act, sponsored by Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ). It has a lot of similarities to the bipartisan Government Surveillance Reform Act (where Wyden and Sen. Mike Lee are the Senate sponsors). But there are other bills potentially moving forward as well.... (1/3)


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We can’t be naming things what they actually do. Imagine the chaos!!

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The worlds on a role at this point

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I saw today the infamous pop-up of YouTube again that they will block the video player after 2 more videos if I keep using uBlock Origin. ** Google.

nobloat ,

Is this a global thing? I never saw that popup and was thinking maybe they are directing this only at the US and Europe. I am in north Africa and YouTube premium isn’t even available (not that I’d pay for that overpriced bullshit).

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@melroy This is stupid YouTube... Anyway, if you're on the legs, try Grayjay for Android. 😉👍

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Ecosia, is it really so private?

A article about if Ecosia is really a private search engine.
I did spend a lot a time to analyze and investigate Ecosia, I hope this article helps people to better understand how private is Ecosia really and which are the downsides of it. Is the first article I ever written, so it isn't perfect. I'm open for feedback!


shreddy_scientist , avatar

The fact you linked Disroots Cryptpad tells me you should also be using too, no? From my digging around, SearX is as private as it gets plus the Disroot team is more transparent and trustworthy than Ecosia in my book. But solid job with your first article!

Manu , avatar

@voxel @privacy very informative, thanks!

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