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IT'S TUMBLR THREAD TIME! I'll be posting about 5-10 screencaps a day from the very best of tumblr. The mob wants it. The mob will get it.

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making friends on tumblr

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    executive dysfunction

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    If you've ever found yourself missing the "good old days" of the , what is it that you miss? (Interpret "it" broadly: specific websites? types of activities? feelings? etc.) And approximately when were those good old days?

    No wrong answers — I'm working on an article and wanted to get some outside thoughts.

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    @molly0xfff being able to hang up the modem and do something that wasn't online :D

    falcon ,
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    @molly0xfff websites maintained by experts on a topic, using space provided by their ISP or institution, without any monetization or tracking. Also, the prevalence of text, and a view that any serious website would not clutter the screen with animations and autoplay video (even though unserious ones always did).

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    Are you finding Mastodon to be less vibrant/active?

    I’m worried that we are not getting as much engagement on our Ukraine war reporting as we used to.

    We’re trying to decide which social media platforms to continue posting on, given how much effort it takes to replicate across all of them.

    If you want to send a signal to us that we should keep posting here, will you sign up for our newsletter? http://Counteroffensive.substack.com

    I’m only asking Mastodon users today so we can gauge impact.

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    Continued from... https://twitter.com/KagroX/status/1596727958668210178

    Thanks, Alito.

    35,389,301 more Americans have contracted COVID, and 230,428 have died since the Supreme Court rejected the vaccine mandates.

    KagroX OP ,
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    Thanks, Alito.

    44,533,496 more Americans have reported contracting , and 309,496 have died since the Supreme Court rejected the vaccine mandates.

    KagroX OP ,
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    Thanks, Alito.

    44,860,581 more Americans have reported contracting , and 314,940 have died since the Supreme Court rejected the vaccine mandates.

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    For those who aren’t aware, Microsoft have decided to bake essentially an infostealer into base Windows OS and enable by default.

    From the Microsoft FAQ: “Note that Recall does not perform content moderation. It will not hide information such as passwords or financial account numbers."

    Info is stored locally - but rather than something like Redline stealing your local browser password vault, now they can just steal the last 3 months of everything you’ve typed and viewed in one database.


    anatoliyl ,

    @GossiTheDog Funk Microsoft

    empathicqubit ,
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    I like Windows 11 as it currently is but I hate that there's several pages of "privacy and security" checkboxes I have to turn off.

    blackfinalboi ,
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    what the fuck do we do. theyve destroyed communication in gaza. they keep bombing. we don't even know how bad it is. if it was that bad when the world was watching. Jesus.

    blackfinalboi OP ,
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    learning that telecom services have been down for five months in Sudan. they are begging for power to be restored so that they can contact their families.

    (this is one of the people who has been recommended to follow to keep up to date with news on sudan)


    blackfinalboi OP ,
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    Ten new books about Long Covid, chronic illness, and disability by The Sick Times


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    IMPORTANT. Threads stated policy is to collect and exploit Fediverse user personal data without explicit consent.

    Now is a very good time to review Threads Terms of Use (https://help.instagram.com/769983657850450) and Supplemental Privacy Policy (https://help.instagram.com/515230437301944).

    Note just by following a Threads user or replying to a post, Meta claims they are entitled to your personal data.

    And what do they say they will do with your data? Provide you with "business services (including ads)."

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  • 1dalm ,
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    Interesting. I would be surprised if that's enforceable. It's like you coming to my house and then claiming ownership of everything in it if I greet you at the door.

    Gargron ,
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    @rexum @mastodonmigration I think you misunderstood something at some point. The only people who might see ads are people who use the Threads app. There is no way for Threads to show an ad outside of Threads.

    christianselig ,
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    Well, looks like Reddit pulled the plug a little early. Apollo started crashing, but I just manually revoked my token and it looks like it fixes the crashing, but no more Reddit access haha. Those folks are fun to the very end! 😛

    GottaLaff ,
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    starts HERE.
    Please remember I don’t reply while live-posting. Plz use NFL (Not For Laffy, but no hashtag) so I can ignore those replies.

    1/… Bower:

    Trump enters the courtroom. Before arriving, he lingered for a moment in the doorway, talking to his lawyers, Emile Bove and Todd Blanche. He had a piece of paper in his hand, which he waved around as he spoke.

    Wait for it….

    GottaLaff OP ,
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    6/ Newsmax Guy, of course!!

    Pagliery has the deets:

    Newsmax TV host Greg Kelly just got ordered to sit down by courtroom security because the sycophant got up when Trump walked in to make sure the former president could see him in the crowd.

    The obsequious TV performer waved at him and bowed his head in reverence.

    GottaLaff OP ,
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    121/ McB:

    She sends the FedEx, she receives the FedEx. The checks go to DC unsigned, and come back to New York signed.

    Easy come, easy go.

    There, I saved you from reading dozens of transcript pages.

    Around Sept 2017, Manochio's point of contact changed to John McEntee (personal aide to the president). In an email he asked Rhona Graff to put him in touch with "Rebecca that works for Mr. Weisleberg [sic]," bc he "will need the bosses personal checks mailed to me."

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    For the last year I've been semi-daily posting "What I'm Listening To Today" links in this thread:


    The thread is now so long it is increasingly breaking Mastodon, so I am making a new thread, starting here.

    To recap, here's the entirety of the year-one thread in the most impractical possible format: A YouTube playlist containing 246 songs and running for just over 47 hours:


    mcc OP ,
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    What I'm listening to today: "Theme of Broadway", Einosuke Nagao (?)

    "Compile" is/was a scrappy Japanese game company that accidentally hit it huge with "Puyo Puyo". For years they ran a "magazine" called "Disc Station", a monthly-published floppy full of demos and small prototype games. This song is from a PC-98 Disc Station cut: "Broadway Legend Ellena", a "PaRappa"-like very early rhythm game about the legend that a girl who wanna get a chance with her DANCE be cool.


    mcc OP ,
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    What I'm listening to today: "Precision", Spinscott

    I've heard it said that Drum & Bass, as a genre, couldn't have happened without Cubase. That's not strictly accurate, but… you get the sense of D&B/Jungle as something made "offline". A person at a computer pondering a grid.

    But then this dude just loads an Amen break into an MPC 1000 and fingerdrums some jungle. Triggers each sample live by hand. It's like watching someone fly without an airplane.


    gee8sh ,
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    Given 's unwavering support for and its genocidal apparatus, I am thinking of starting to transition out of its ecosystem.

    It's gonna be challenging, primarily because I use an Android smartphone, and because I have been using a Gmail account for ages.

    I welcome your tips!

    ganjajukes ,
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    @Threeeye @Karuna @ThinkIsrael @Mary625 @tzafrir @hanscees @DropBear @sentient_water @PeterLG @gee8sh @palestine @israel I can show you some X links you won't be able to open if you like hahahahaha
    It seems your media has been trying to deny the capture of soliders because the videos are hidden in your media

    ganjajukes ,
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    @ThinkIsrael @Mary625 @tzafrir @hanscees @DropBear @sentient_water @PeterLG @gee8sh @palestine @israel Did you forget to get on your alt account? You are replying to yourself.

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    You don't need to use the official Mastodon apps, they're not the best way to use Mastodon. The official apps only arrived last year, and they were intended as "Fisher Price My First Mastodon" things with a restricted set of features.

    Third party apps have been around longer than official ones, and include way more features. You can sign in with the same account on all apps.

    :android: On Android try Tusky, Fedilab, Megalodon, Tooot

    :apple_inc: On iPhone/iPad, try Toot!, Ice Cubes, Ivory, Mona

    jerry ,
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    I just read another news article about why mastodon didn’t make it and is dying. It’s very sad to hear and probably explains why I have to keep adding more server capacity to handle all the people quitting mastodon.

    GottaLaff ,
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    started earlier than I did today. Grabbing coffee, starting THREAD HERE🧵1/…

    Here’s the list of Trump’s allies attending his trial today:

    AG Alan Wilson
    Rep. Eric Burlison
    Rep. Andrew Clyde
    Rep. Mary Miller
    Rep. Keith Self
    John Coale
    Alan Dershowitz
    Will Scharf
    Steve Witkoff
    Bernie Kerik
    Kash Patel
    Vernon Jones
    Jerry Kassar
    Chuck Zito

    SherBeareth ,
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    tdwllms1 ,
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    I'm not even there and it's making me glazed over... and I'm caffeinated.

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