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@lemonde "Autre signe inquiétant : lorsque la SNCF a ouvert son guichet pour les achats de billets de train, le pic de réservations qu’attendaient les professionnels du voyage n’a pas eu lieu."

Inquiétant pour qui ?!

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pancake ,
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harrysintonen ,
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@pancake Oh yes, the design of that this is damned cool. I spent some time to look into those descrypt hashes, but the RTX4090 didn't even spin up as the password was in the rockyou.txt direct: https://infosec.exchange/@harrysintonen/112503048791291974

jerry ,
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Memorial Day weekend Florida style


chillybot ,
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OSHA approved

catsalad ,
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@jerry The boat driver filming also yeets a White Claw to the cook every 10 mins, as per protocol... 🐊

7soulshine7 ,
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Goodnight, sweet girl. 💔 Forever in our hearts.

It is with a heavy heart that I share that we had to say goodbye to Azrael today.

Despite all the treatment options we explored, her ongoing ailments significantly worsened this weekend. We are heartbroken and will miss her more than we can even fathom.

The house feels so empty 😿😭💔

Kjl ,
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@7soulshine7 I'm so sorry 😞💔

bicripple ,
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@7soulshine7 My condolences 😞

countcol ,
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I don't know how to act my age.
I've never been this old before.

StarkRG ,
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@countcol I'm pretty sure the phrase "act your age" actually means "pretend to be the person you think everyone else expects you to be" and, honestly, fuck that with a titanium spork.

tagesschau , German
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Nahost-Liveblog: ++ Borrell fordert Stopp der Angriffe auf Rafah ++

Der EU-Außenbeauftragte Borrell hat Israel aufgefordert, die Angriffe auf Rafah zu stoppen. Spanien will dafür werben, dass alle EU-Staaten sich hinter das Urteil des UN-Gerichts in Den Haag zur Rafah-Offensive stellen. Alle Entwicklungen im Liveblog.

➡️ https://www.tagesschau.de/newsticker/liveblog-nahost-montag-142.html?at_medium=mastodon&at_campaign=tagesschau.de

N3r0 ,

@tagesschau aus Rafah wurden gestern Raketen abgefeuert Richtung tel Aviv .
Wo bleibt das Selbstverteidigungsrecht?

trwnh ,
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smallcircles ,
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"YouTube. For Everything Digital"

JuanWild ,
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‘Rafah Massacre’ the moment an Israeli air strike targeted a displacement camp in Rafah(video)...... https://youtu.be/lJSKXZ-JceM?si=V8sBBA00orkYZoFM

realestninja ,
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I showed my parents the TV show (starting with s2) and they just binged the whole of s2 in one night. I'm kinda proud 😂

I'll have them watch s1 next 🤓

selea ,
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It is a good show!

fdroidorg ,
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This week in was published again.

We would be happy, when some more users install 1.20 of our client for more testing before we mark it as suggested for all users.


  • aFreeRDP, LibreOffice & OpenOffice document reader and Green were updated again
  • Frigoligo is a new wallabag app
  • Principia is a new sandbox building game
  • Tailscale was completely rebuilt
  • Conversations and Quicksy were updated
  • ente Photos with self hosted support


bobjonkman ,
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the100rabh ,
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@fdroidorg Why not ask X% of users to update to latest via a notification or be the beta user for the app. I for one would have never guessed it without seeing your previous post.

statisticsworld ,
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A reminder of which celebrities support Israel and should be unfollowed, a MUCH needed thread 🧵

  1. Kylie Jenner


statisticsworld OP ,
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  1. Gal Gadot


paninid ,
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@statisticsworld @kotaro
Hamas is controlling bases and settlements in Israel? 🤨

@palestine @israel

ewolff , German
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Warum werden agile Projekte manchmal nicht ?
Mehr dazu: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=23eYToc8Bxg


oli ,
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@ewolff Ich verspreche, dein ganzes Video anzusehen, nachdem ich mir das spontane Statement rausnehme 🙂

Eine meiner persönlichen Erklärungen ist, dass sich insbesondere große Unternehmen gerne als agil präsentieren, am Ende aber der Wunsch nach Taylorismus größer ist. Man wird nervös, wenn keine verlässliche Planbarkeit gegeben ist. Weil man sich einredet, mit Wasserfall hätte damals alles funktioniert, hegt man Agil dann mit sowas wie SAFe ein.

joannechocolat ,
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And this morning the Shed is the elaborate coiffure of a fine lady of the Court; a wig from Paris, powdered blue, and adorned with the semblance of a shed; a confection known to those of the Ton as "la Cabane."

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